Enough about me, what do you think about me?

Mini reviews being hijacked i see it more and more…

A mini review is a short blurb a “hobbyist” ie client writes about a “providers” ie escort. It’s usually because a formal review takes a while and the dude wants to get the word out. She was great or she sucked. Almost all mini reviews are positive in nature.

What I’ve been observing lately is escorts who are not the escort being reviewed jumping on the mini review thread in a very thinly veiled attempt to steal the girls who are being written about thunder. To bring all the attention to herself. In many cases they don’t even give the subject of the mini review time to thank her client for the acknowledgment. I find this kind of behavior classless and opportunistic. Are times that tough that you have to try to step on someone elses praise in hopes that you can get everyone to “look at me, look at me, look at me”? or is it a narcissistic need to always be the center of attention and not letting another girl have her moment and shine…. On her own goddamed mini review.

It reeks of desperation to me, peppered with little nuggets of a personality disorder to act in such a way over and over. Sure we all want attention, and in this biz attention can often equal money. However there is enough room for all of us to eat. Let someone else have their moment in the sun, especially on their own review. They were the one in the room making the client feel special not some opportunistic, insecure escort who must have all eyes on her no matter the situation.

Some girls just don’t get it and will never be comfortable letting another female bask in the glow of her own accomplishments and sadly they just never will.

One of us! Gooble Gobble!

I forgot what it was like to have a paid out out there i haven’t had one for a few months. It sure helps with biz. I’m getting plenty of work and its a good month so its so worth the expense. However there is also the little draw back of being more visible to not just the clients you want but the freaks!

here’s some examples:

The blow smoke in my face guy… Yeah i told him to find a more experienced smoker, i couldn’t smoke for an hour no matter how hard i tried, Id probably toss my cookies all over him. HOT huh?

The gently fuck me with a strap on guy… Ummm nope ain’t gonna happen. i get the heeby jeebies just thinking about the creepy way he described what he wanted me to do to his “puckering ass flower”

The 19 year old professional fighter and full time student! okay if he had screening info i might have gone to see him but being as he was 19 he couldn’t pass. I told him if he looked under 25 i was going to card him, that didn’t chase him off, i told him it was an increased fee sine he was in Orange County, he was still interested… when i asked for references he couldn’t provide them and really how am i going to verify someones occupation when hes a “professional fighter” besides those meat heads scare me. Ive seen the UFC. no thanks!

so that’s a small smattering … i gotten many requests from incall from gents who haven’t read that they need to book that in advance and my phone did ring at 6am this morning (yeah they got sent to voice mail) and I’ve gotten a strange amount of guys who just don’t do any research at all. I always direct them to how to find me online so they know what they are getting themselves into. I like an informed client, if they want a giggly hair flipping barbie doll, it aint gonna happen, if they want a real, breathing, thinking, alive, lusty women who will rock their body and their mind.. well hot damn they hit the gold mine.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

Last week i received my first media inquiry from a major magazine. They Had seen my blog and wanted me to contribute my thoughts for an article they are writing about “call girls” for an upcoming issue. After talking to my point of contact and being made to feel comfortable that this wasn’t a derogatory slant on escorts, i decided that i would love to participate and agreed.

I had forgotten what it was like to work under a deadline. In my old life in advertising i lived under deadline, this took me back to that hustle and bustle even for just one evening of burning the midnight oil. I had to have my thoughts in writing, waiting in my contacts email box first thing in the morning NY time today. Last night i feverishly worked writing paragraph after paragraph and doing my best to be honest, speak my truth and pepper it with my signature Jenny flair. Even though i was dog ass tired i had fun and i think i gave them some really good stuff to use.

The issue is slated for a May release which means it’s out mid April. I have yet to learn if it will be on their online version of the magazine or just the print. I hope its both we will see. I’m excited to see it and i know its going to be a killer story.

I cant say who its for yet because obviously i don’t wanna jump the gun for the magazine but its big and i couldn’t be more happy working with them. I feel like a toddler who took their first baby step… one foot in front of the other… soon i will be walking out the door.


Here’s a little tidbit from my shoot the other day. I was lucky enough to have been chosen to shoot the lovely and adorable Jazmine for her first professional phtoshoot. It was a real treat to work with such a fresh, sweet and professional young woman.

Jazz was eager to do some good work, took direction very well, was professional and was just plain old pleasant to be around. Both my make up girl (little blondie) and myself had a great afternoon with Jazz and her little furry companion. (woof!)

Okay back to work for me on Jazz’s pictures!