Know your rights!

I came across this video today and its a good explanation of the 5th amendment and why you should NEVER talk to the police. I mean NEVER. Just shut the fuck up, politely refuse to answer ANY questions and ask for an attorney.

It’s long but worth watching. There is very insightful information in this, pay attention!

Hit The Road Jack…

I decided to start touring earlier then i previously planned. I’m going out on the road in a few days with the ever perky Audrey Trouble. I got ancy and twitchy to get started, what can i say. So first stop is Boston, MA. I’ve never been and though it will be extra cold ( i mean extra, extra cold for a Cali girl like me) i want to try to get out and do at least one Boston-ish kinda thing. I don’t want my first trip to be just seeing the 4 walls of my hotel… and a lot of cock. However I have no idea what to do. Should i see something historical, or go to a famous Boston restaurant, reenact the Boston tea party in my panties and fuck me pumps? I’m sure i will figure it out eventually. I know while I’m there I’m gonna take some snappies (that’s photos to the unaware) of Heather Jana, local Bostonian hottie for hire, so that will be fun.

After Boston … Vegas. Always a fun place for me. I’ll be there the week after Superbowl plus it’s the week of the concrete and tile conventions. That means manly men will abound and those types really do appreciate a dirty girl like myself.

After Vegas I’m home for a little bit and i get to spend some quality time with the pooch… oh and the main man before i head out once again to places unknown and destinations exotic.. okay maybe just destinations Midwestern.

I just hope i dont see a man on the wing of the plane, cuz that would be a nightmare at 20,000 feet.

Accountability breeds responsibility.

Screening is necessary in this business, its necessary for several reasons. Prostitution is illegal, yeah even in Vegas so you don’t wanna go to jail and bad people find it easy to do bad things to prostitutes. So you need to screen so you know WHO It is you are going to be spending time with. You must become a Jr Private Eye. Its not just to keep you free, its to keep you alive and safe. But screening is just a risk management tool it cant protect you from everything.

I’ve been hearing stories about girls getting ripped off lately. Its always a possibility, it happens to the best of us. Some douchebag runs out on his bill – to use a term i heard the other day he’s “stealing pussy” but usually that’s a dine and dash situation. You get a little sloppy and wham then next thing you know he’s running out the door and your still naked and cant chase him down the hallway of the 4 star hotel you rented under your real name. Calling security also not usually an option. You suck it up, curse yourself out for a bit then try to make the adjustment so that situation doesn’t happen again. Its never a happy day and you feel really bad besides now being broke. I know this from experience.

The disturbing thing i see happening more is TRUSTED clients ripping off escorts they’ve seen before, or creating elaborate rouses to scam an escort out of more time intimate and other wise. Clients with references going back years, ripping off providers they’ve seen several times and therefore have built a certain amount of trust up with and worse they are getting aggressive in the process.

Is it a sign of tough times? These same guys who when things are going well in their world and they are feeling flush would never cross the line of stealing and scamming someone, now that they are feeling the squeeze are ripping off and taking advantage of ladies they know because that’s the easy mark for them. Is That how they get the powerful feeling back that having lots of expendable income gives them? Its pathetic and sad and its happening more and more.

Screening cant save you from that kind of loser. So in the tough times ahead we need to be extra alert and aware, even with clients we’ve seen before. The only thing screening can do in that case is give you enough information that if they cross the line into stealing, scamming or abusing an escort that there will be some recourse and you have the option of holding someone accountable. You cant do that if you don’t know WHO you are seeing, which is yet another reason why screening is so important.