suffering until sufferage

Today is the last day to register to vote in California, the lovely state where i live. Its important to participate in this democratic process of ours in this great nation… for more then a few reasons.

1. its your responsibility as an American to vote
2. you don’t get to complain about election results if you don’t vote
3. wont be eligible for the ” i have voted” Jenny Special to be announced soon

Voting is Patriotic, its not just a right its a damn responsibility. Your vote can change the world and your voice needs to be heard. Your vote is the representation that this taxation gives you. So take the time today to go to the post office, libriary and fill out the little one page form or do it online if you cant get out an and register to vote. Then make sure you take the time to get off your lazy ass out on November 4th and vote your conscious.

The 19th amendment is one of my favorites because it gave women the right to vote. We’ve only had that right since 1920 when it was ratified on August 18 and that’s not even 100 years. Women such as Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and Dora Lewis fought long and hard and it was a tough battle to give me the right to vote these years later and to not do so is to dishonor those women. So keep that in mind if you decide to let this Nov 4th pass and not perform your civic duty.

let your voice be heard, register to vote and on November 4th get your ass to the polls!

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

I’m heading to Sin City the middle of next week with two of the best girls i know. Vanessa Monet and Miss Audrey Trouble. We are going there celebrate Miss Troubles birthday. Yeah so i know a birthday is but one day a year but this year Trouble is having 5 fun filled days of birthday madness. Others are meeting us out for the “official” weekend fun but us girls, or “the family” as Trouble likes to call it who will be heading out early to whoop it up fear and loathing style on the strip.

I being the pragmatic of the bunch will be attempting to work while i am there, hey i don’t wanna disappoint my Vegas guys and not be available and besides i can party like a rock-star with the girls and get down and dirty with some new friends, i know how to multitask. Plus who knows, if its in the cards i might be able to convince one of the girls to join in on the dirty naked fun. ohhh now there’s an idea.

I know the birthday festivities will include an evening of “Thunder From Down Under” Okay so my ex was a male stripper and fitness model so i have a certain …ummmm… “view” about them having lived with one of those narcissistic freaks for a few years, but this actually sounds like fun because i will be with the most fun girls i know and we will all be looking to tear it up. Watch out big buff greased up men in little tiny itty bitty G-Strings the Hoe Patrol is on the prowl and we have you in our sites…

Wish Us Luck!

“Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas … with the music at top volume and at least a pint of ether.” – HST

Put A Rubber On Your Willy

I had a conversation with a male friend about his latest relationship going south. In the course of this conversation he mentioned how they had a pregnancy scare. So i asked “did the condom break or something” i then found out that birth control wasn’t something he generally used. I was taken back a bit. I thought in this day and age everyone wrapped it up.

Skip ahead to a conversation with one of my best civvie girlfriends, she’s been traumatic relationship free for about 5/6 months now and has been casually hooking up with many hot boys (a necessary part of getting over the old guy) she then tells me a rather torrid tale of her screwing some hot guy on her front porch after being out watching a band….. SANS CONDOM. I was pretty fucking pissed off at her. I reminded her that if she were to get “The Herps” all that casual fucking would come to a screeching halt, not to mention the likelihood of catching something more serious. She was generally sheepish about it but her rational … its not easy to have condoms on you, or how expensive they are. excuses, excuses, excuses.

The other day i saw a client who tried to convince me to fuck him bareback. I refused, he was rather persistent, i still refused. It totally ruined the session, I couldn’t get into it, i kept checking to make sure he didn’t slip off the condom and try to trick me. I mean like every fucking 2 mins i was checking, I wont ever, ever, ever, be seeing him again. I told my best escort pal all about him, she was as pissed as i was about his bullshit and sympathised with my situation. We’ve all come across some nasty pig in a work situation who thinks they are so special that we will forgo our well thought out rules and screw them bare. As fucking if.

Are escorts the only sexually responsible people out there? I am very careful and sexually responsible not only for my own health but because i want to protect the health of the man in my life. But even before i was involved with him i would never think of NOT wrapping that shit up. Maybe its because i fuck for a living that I’m responsible about it, because ive been confronted with what i do and I’ve examined the risks. I’ve thought about them, I’ve thought about ways to to minimize them. I don’t personally know any escorts that don’t take precautions about their health, that don’t get tested on a regular basis, that don’t bitch and moan about how much they HAVE to spend on condoms, std testing, etc. It seems that my real world non sex worker friends are pretty damn casual about their sexual health, they are sleeping around (a lot!) and taking amazing risks.

Hey I’m all for sleeping around, I’m just for doing it responsibly. I mean how hard is it in this day and age to have a rubber on you and to fucking use it, i mean good god you don’t know where that dick has been!