Taken down HARD

You have the right.. oh fuck your rights

A well known agency was busted. Miami Companions. They went down hard. 5 people arrested so far. From the looks if it they got the owners, the office manager, the bookkeeper and what looks like may be the recruiter. Many government agencies are involved including immigration and the IRS. This is bad news.

I’m a well known independent sex worker and i have very little love for agencies in general for several reasons.

A. Most tend to be shady operations that are thinly veiled pimps where greedy men (and sometimes women) are making large bucks on the backs of hard working sex workers. They overwork them and take most of the money (in Vegas the girls  work on tips, the agencies take all of the show up fee)

B. Agencies are the big fish to law enforcement agencies. When an agency goes down they are charged with all kinds of felonies and in some cases RICO can be enacted. Its not a misdemeanor solicitation charge. It’s money laundering, pimping, pandering running a house of prostitution and even human trafficking. Its a big flashy score for the law and it makes a tasty news story. Not only can they get a big collar but they get to show the national media how well they are doing their jobs, earning their keep and justifying their budgets.

Even though i don’t have a lot of love for agencies Miami Companions was a reputable one. One of the more respected agencies around. I would accept a reference from them. They were often very nice about giving refs to independents, as not all agencies are. My dealings with them were always professional and above board.

Which brings me to my point, why do clients use agencies such as Miami Companions? I think there are several reasons. But i think many of those reasons are misnomers and should be reexamined.

1. The convenience factor.

They like to be able to call up and just get whoever is available. Its easy, they don’t have to do a lot of homework and research to make sure a girl isn’t a rip of. It’s the lazy mans approach to whore mongering. Plus agencies are well know for recruiting strippers and turning them out, so if you like that stripper look you can often find that style of hooker working for a big name agency.

2. They believe their personal information is safer with an agency then an independent.

This is probably where they make the biggest mistake of all. Now i cant blame a guy for being lazy but i can blame him for being shortsighted. An reputable agency will screen you like a independent will screen you. You need to tell them who you are. An agency will keep your info so they can know who you are next time you call and an independent will keep your info so she can reference you to another provider. Since the reference system is how we all play safe. Some will  tell you they don’t keep your info, but that’s a big fat lie. You know it and we know it. So a client is lulled into a false sense of security and feels comfortable giving his info to a agency IE  business because it feels more secure. “the business wont blackmail me and tell my wife” “the agency isn’t shady, its a known entity”  they feel that some indie girl is more likely to use their info against them.

The reality is that anyone who you give your info to can try to use that info to harm you, which is why you choose carefully who you share it with and do your research. With an agency you run the all to familiar risk of your name being on a client list when there’s a bust and the story hits the national media. It happened in Arizona a while back and that client list DID make it to the press. (i knew people on it) Because agencies are such a juicy target the odds are higher they will become the focus of an investigation, where the worse thing an independent can get busted for is solicitation and that is generally a misdemeanor. Not exactly what a multi agency federal investigation points their resources at. Indies who get arrested are usually caught up in a general sting operation. Smart indies who screen will have a very low risk of getting busted at all.

Risky Business

So with all that taken into account why would anyone use an agency. This is a risky business and the risk isn’t just for the escorts, the clients all have risk and need to take steps to minimize it. EVERYONE has something to lose, and that is often forgotten when you get all caught up in your little subculture and its easy to lose sight that this isn’t legal what we do. That people can and do go to jail, lives can get destroyed because it’s found out that someone is an escort, or that someone frequents them

No one knows how the whole Miami Companions bust will affect the business. Will it scare off clients, will it bring a flood of new indies on the market who were agency girls and the pie will get smaller? Only time will tell. So be smart, use your critical thinking skills, don’t be lazy, do your homework and you can have a lot of fun nailing the hot sexy girl of you choice for a little pay for play action. When a client does this its a win/win when he doesn’t… well ask the guys in Arizona how well that went when their names were released to the media as whore mongers

I’m sure it didn’t go over real well at home.

That bitch stole my pictures

Dont tread on me

It happens to most of us one time or another. Some whore steals our photos and uses them as their own. I never really did understand that. Oh i understand someone not wanting to use their own pictures and using a close representation but to steal another well know escorts photos? Dumb move, inevitably she will find out and in many cases she will fuck you up. Our photos are a big part of our branding and for someone to ride in and steal them, it makes even the calmest among us blood boil.

Its been on the upswing and i don’t really know why, i just know I’ve been giving out lots of advice recently on how to get your photos off a site when they’ve been stolen. As a photographer I’m familiar with the official practice of a DMCA take down notice. Being the copyright holder on photos I’ve had to send out these take downs from time to time when someone uses my work without permission. So here it is, a quick break down of how to get a picture stealing Ho to stop using and take down photos that are of you.

Only the copyright holder or someone authorized to act on behalf of the owner can do these so you might have to get your photographer involved. I do them for the girls i shoot and if your photographer wont help you or doesn’t know how to do these then, find a NEW one for the future. All pros should know about and do these.Period!

A DMCA fling is a pain in the ass however think about it, these companies are doing the right thing by requiring you to officially notify them of an copyright infringement. They need to cover their asses and really, do you want anyone to be able to ring up a website and say “hey those photos are mine” and the website removes them? You’d have all kinds of people doing that just to fuck with other people. A  take down notice is an official notice and you swear under penalty of perjury.

1. Email or call her

This can be hard because you are pissed off  and you want to tear the bitches head off but you need to first try the “more flies with honey “ approach and see if you can reason with her and sweet talk her into just removing them. Point out everyone in the industry knows you, that it will be obvious that shes using photos not of herself, that she could get branded a rip off,  point her in the direction of a local photographer if you have to. If that doest work move on.

2. Find the hosting company

If the stolen photos are on her personal website, do a whois and a whoshostingthis search.

3. How to send the filing

Look though the hosting company’s legal they will have a section with how contact them if you feel your copyright is being infringed. They will lay out how they accept DMCA filings. Read it carefully, bookmark it so when you do your filing you can make sure you include ALL the info they want. All of this is required…

  1. A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive copyright that is allegedly infringed.
  2. Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed, or, if multiple copyrighted works at a single online site are covered by a single notification, a representative list of such works at that site.
  3. Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to locate the material.
  4. Information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to contact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number, and, if available, an electronic mail address at which the complaining party may be contacted.
  5. A statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
  6. A statement that the information in the notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

Present it to them how they want it.  In some cases you need to snail mail them, in others you can fax them, some people take it via email.  They make it difficult because they don’t want to deal with you or the issue. So give them what they want and make it easy for them to do what  you want them to do. If you do not give them all the required elements they will not remove the infringed photos.

If the photos are on an ad site such as Backpage, or Eros then read their legal and see how they accept take down notices. You will often have a little more wiggle room with one of these companies because they care about their reputations. I’ve had great luck with Backpage and the folks at Eros are really helpful about this kinda stuff. Not everyone is though so you might have to go to THEIR hosting company if they refuse to deal with you. Again give them what they need to legally remove the stolen photos.

4. Follow up stay on top of it.

Give them some time to get back to you don’t expect an instant response  but follow up. If you don’t hear back in 72 hours send another email. Give them a way to contact you for further clarification, go over their heads. If you are dealing with an Ad site and they don’t get back to you go to their hosting company. Stay on it and move up the chain of command. Be diligent but polite, eventually you will get what you want. You are in the right and your copyright is being infringed but its a process and takes time.

Its never fun when someone steals from you, we all work hard on establishing ourselves and when some skank walks in thinking she can just freely take what you not only worked hard at developing but paid good money for its infuriating which bring me to the last point…

5. Expose her as a theif

If she refuses to be reasonable and you’ve given her every opportunity to remove the stolen photos then show her to the escort world for what she is. A picture stealing ROB. If she  has reviews or is active on any boards then sign on to those boards and post in the ladies sections about what shes doing. Be careful about attacking her openly and in public you have to be clever about it. Remember you are in the right, it wont take much to get public support on your side. If she doesn’t have reviews but has a backpage ad consider taking out an ad in her city. on YOUR ad stating that youre the “REAL” person and that you would love to travel  to meet new people. If you blog, then blog about what it feels like to have someone steal your hard work, and call her what she is a bait and switch rip off. Hobbyists love to talk and this is a juicy story they will spread the word. This is where you can polish your back-channel skills. Take care not to too angry even though you’d love to rip her fucking face off,  you want public opinion to be on your side and even though shes thief shes got friends somewhere who will come to her defense ( they all do) so be smart about exposing her tactics and fake pictures because you don’t want any backlash.

Its time consuming and can be a long process but this is your business how you earn a living and put food on your table… protect your assets.


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You can go home again

Im good and being bad

I used to be a pro Domme before i was an escort. I’ve been in and out of the “lifestyle” for as long as i can remember. I’ve been a fetish model, I’ve been a hardcore foot model, I’ve even been a paid professional submissive. I’ve bottomed in my real life just as often I’ve topped. I once went in a blind date to a private dungeon. You could Say i have some experience.

You could also say i became disenchanted. I have a love hate relationship with BDSM. Which turned to hate more then love, the scales tipped so i stopped playing. well, i stopped playing for anything but the occasional paycheck. I had listed on my escort site that i was a “former” pro Domme. True but I’m also a former “lifestyler” i found that being involved in my local BDSM/fetish crowd was unsatisfying. The were not “my people” even though i enjoyed some of the same sex games they did, the power exchange… the wardrobe! I found i had very little in common with them. We didn’t read the same books, see the same movies or have the same politics. I had one thing in common with them… kinky sex. That’s not enough for me… so i would often walk away from my local scene. I once threw out all my gear/wardrobe/toys, thousands of dollars worth of stuff.. in the trash. I did go crawling back like a bitch but when i threw it all out, i meant it i was done. I had one to many un-fulfilling experiences with one more person i had only one thing in common with.

Cruel and unusual...yes please.

When i started escorting full time that somehow filled my need for the taboo – suffice it to say that my fetish friends wouldn’t approve of fucking for money. Hell most of them didn’t approve of putting hardcore fucking into a BDSM scene. So many were secret prudes, who liked to play dress up another reason i didn’t fit in with and left my local BDSM scene, i’m so not a prude.

But the urge has never fully gone away in me. So i would occasionally see the fetish client and top them though i kept it all very top shelf and light. When i started to do the phone sex and web-cam work, the Domme door was reopened to me. Lots of talk of cuckolds, humiliation, panty boys, sissification and every fetish in between. I started to think about seriously getting back to professional domination. I weighed the pros and the cons and the pros won out and i put up a local professional ad.

It’s funny to see things come full circle. I wont be crawling back to my local scene, even though over the years it has expanded to include more then just Star Trek fans in leather. I don’t have any interest in being a part of it. With my escorting, photography, writing, blogging, clip making and now pro domination i don’t have time to pursue another subculture. Id rather just humiliate/torture/tease some piece of submeat for cash. Thats what really gets my panties wet and sloppy….. cold hard fat cash. The fetish/bdsm stuff…. thats just gravy.