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I’ve been remiss with my blog postings because I’m obsessed with the upcoming presidential election and focusing on that. I hope many of you out there in the blogesphere are too and are prepared to vote your conscious on Nov 4th. To not do so, makes you a very bad American. Couple my political obsession with the fact that It’s fall and my escort business is heating up (as it always does this time of year) and the fact that I’m shooting like made for my day job and well, i know , i know excuses, excuses but there ya have it…

So in light of my neglect here are some things i thought i would bring to your attention:

Swop Chicago did a great little video about Knowing your rights as a sex worker. Its aimed Chicago providers but its got info that all sex workers should check out as well as some awesome role-play reenactments and rad cop glasses…poor bubbles

h/t Vixen of the Spread Blog

Sex workers in TJ are getting charged more for STD and HIV testing. its being called “immoral and scandalous” by Victor Clark Alfaro, director of Tijuana’s Binational Human Rights Center. It also could increase the risk of spreading STDs, as many girls may try to forgo testing to save on expenses. Think about that next time you wanna hop the boarder for a super cheap piece of ass

Both Brad Pitt and Google Step up in support of NO ON 8! the California proposition trying to overturn the the rights of gay couple to marry in California. If Google and Brad can do it so can you, NO ON 8!

Planned Parenthood says its received $802,678 in donations in Sarah Palin’s name. The Viral email campaign started a couple weeks ago when emails started to circulate on how to make a donation to Planned Parenthood in the Name of the conservative VP candidate who doesn’t believe in a woman right to choose.

You can make a donation at this link
Have them send the card in Sarah Palin’s honor to:

McCain for President
235 S. Clark Street 1st Floor
Arlington , VA 22202

On the subject of the GOP MaCain says “horseshit” during the debates which makes him the first candidate in a televised debate to use profanity.

On Bob Cescas Goddamn Awesome blog there is a particularly great comment by a deaf lip reader “FrictionSoul ” who breaks it all down for you. Im all for cursing but not during a presidential debate. Does that mean when McCain disagrees with some head of state he’s gonna go ape-shit lose his cool and curse at him? Yeah that’s great diplomacy.

I prefer to leave my cursing for this blog and for when I’m getting fucked really, really good…usually from behind 😉

So you wanna be a hooker?

Every time there’s a big mainstream media article about Hookers i get contacted by young hopefuls asking for advice on how to get into the game of pay for play companionship. With Radars recent debacle (hipster hookers my ass) the amount of mail I’m getting asking for advice is off the hook. So to save myself from having to repeat myself over and over to inquiring minds i thought id share some of my words of wisdom, advice, warnings, ramblings or what ever you wanna call it.

My first bit of advice is: DON’T DO IT.
There are girls who have stellar reviews and long standing reputations who are not making ends meat right now. Wanting to get into the escort business at this time is like wanting to get into the employment game after 911, there is little work. The economy is bad and its an election year which always causes work to cease.

If you still want to brave the bad economy and heavy competition here are some things to think about.

Get a professional website: Make sure you have a stats package so you can see where your referring hits are coming from. This will be really helpful, you can see where you advertising efforts ie dollars are paying off and converting to clicks to your site. You want to work smarter not harder.

Get professional pictures: Makes all the difference in the world. Classy pictures attract, classy clients. Skanky pictures … well you get the picture.

What will you do for money: Don’t let anyone talk you out of your comfort zone … ever.

Screen Clients: You need a way to be sure someone is who he says he is so you don’t get into trouble and you need to make sure someone isn’t scary to see. This is VERY important, always screen potentials. You need to become a JR private eye. You must be 100% sure of who you are seeing, if they don’t screen, then don’t see them. Never drop your guard no matter how broke you are. Don’t get greedy.

Watch the competition: look at the ads for the girls in your area, see what they charge how they present themselves. Who do you want to be?

Treat it like a business: Be professional in your dealings with others. Investments of time and money are necessary to be successful, as with any business.

Keep your personal information PERSONAL: Be careful who you trust, its an isolating business, it can get tough, you often feel like you live in a bubble and will want to reach out to others in the subculture. Chose your friends wisely. This is a cut throat business and there are lots of people who are nuts attracted to it. You are who your friends are to some degree, someone else’s rep can spill over to you. Someone with your personal information can really hurt you. I was outed, its not fun, it can be devastating.

Don’t quit your day job: Living off the grid is difficult, you want to appear as normal as possible. Its tiring to be an escort and have a day job but in the long run you will have more to show for it.

Besides all that, i go back to my first bit of advice… I don’t recommend ANYONE do this.

It’s not easy money, you work HARD for it and it takes a toll on you physically and emotionally. It makes real interpersonal relationships hard… for most, impossible. You have to lie to the people you love and care about on a daily basis and that is a very hard thing to do, it gets much harder over time, living a double life is not easy. Its a risky business (emotionally, physically) if you insist on being an escort you need to work smart and minimize your risk. Not everyone is cut out to do this, you have to be able to compartmentalize your emotions, you have to be able to reject societies stigma, its not glamour and glitz, it has its moments but this is job and a job with real risks.

Escorts are risk managers, we have to be its how we survive.

Help me, Help Me!

I went to the Opera last night to see “The Fly”. Its a new Opera based on the movie The Fly. The opera was directed by David Cronenberg (naked lunch, crash, the dead zone) who was also responsible for the 1982 film of the same name. Composed Howard Shore acclaimed film scorer (Lord of the rings trilogy, the aviator, ed wood, the cell)

I love The Opera. I know insert Pretty Woman joke here, but I’m Italian, very Italian… as a child Opera was often played in my home as i sat on the floor and built my Barbie Dream House©. I grew up with it and it resonates with me. I go to the opera whenever i can, but it’s expensive and I’m spoiled. I like good seats, I like to dress to the nines and sip champagne, i go to the lectures before hand. That means i don’t go as often as id like to, so when an old friend called me up to see if i was interested in being his date i jumped at the chance.

The Music was just amazingly beautiful and the story is a good one, mans struggle with humanity with a big healthy helping of love triangle on the side to round it all out.

This particular opera is significant because its something new, its based on a film, its macabre, its got sex scenes and best of all nudity! full frontal male nudity i might add. I think its a direction opera needs to head if its to invite new and younger people into its fold. This isn’t a re-staging of the same old opera you’ve seen 100 times. It is a fresh take on Opera, a collaborative effort by ultra creative people from different mediums coming together to make something new.

Now the bad news, it falls flat and for two reasons. Its fatal flaw is the libretto written by Henry David Hwang. Is meandering and slow, it cops out going for a cheap laugh time and time again, really there’s very little melody and rhythm in the libretto (in the words of Big audio Dynamite “all the matters these days is rhythm and melody”). To a lesser degree its doesn’t push the envelope enough its as if they were afraid to offend the blue hairs with really going for a dangerous and macabre look into a mans horrifying transformation into a fly. Insect politics was especially disappointing as that could have been the crown jewel of the whole piece but again its as if the jockey was on the horse but refused to give its head so it choked before the finish line.

Oh well, i applaud the effort and hope this trend in opera continues. Plus i always enjoy spending time with old friends who know me for who i really am. I didn’t have to be “Jenny” last night, i only had to be me. Add to that a little opera, a little champagne, a charming companion and I’m one a happy, happy girl.

Do Your Homework!

Escorts get researched. Experienced clients spend a little time and effort and there are resources available to them to research a potential escort. Message boards, review sites, websites, blogs. Often he can contact her previous clients and get the real lowdown. Is she’s really what he’s looking for? Is she legit, does she have a reputation, is it good or bad, is she flaky, outspoken, fun or crazy. Is she independent, work for an agency, does she up sell, is she a GFE, a Pump and dump, or a high dollar hottie. He can view pictures, read accounts of trysts with other clients, etc, etc. Goggle can really be your friend on this one, there is a wealth of information to be had out there when you do you homework.

Escorts are a big ticket item, clients are laying down a pretty penny on the table, so you have to do your homework. It’s is a common recurring theme, especially in this failing economy when you want to get the most bang for your buck. You hear it repeated over and over… DO YOUR HOMEWORK…. Some might call it a vetting process.

All of that got me to thinking about McCain and the GOP’s selection of Sarah Palin, Gov. of Alaska as his Vice Presidential running mate. When the announcement was made the nation and the media was taken by surprise. Sure she was on the list but way, way down on it and the idea of a little know extremely inexperienced small town mayor and current Gov of a low population state was never taken seriously by any one with critical thinking skills. The general consensus was she was a far right wing fundamental Christen and that her inclusion on the list at all was to appease the fundie Republican base. “See we care about you, we included this far right fundie” so when the announcement was made, it made the Medias head explode (mine too i might add) no one knew anything about this person. So the press did what the press does.. They vetted her on their own.

Websters defines vetting as: “to evaluate for possible approval or acceptance”

I saw Tim Kaine Gov of Virgina on the Daily Show make a passing remark about the Dem’s vetting him for possible inclusion on the Obama Ticket. He said they wanted to know everything about him, even to the point of the middle name of his first girlfriend. It sounded like a grueling but necessary part of the political process. It makes since though, much like how you want to minimize your risk when hiring an escort to make sure you make the correct choice, a political party wants to do the same thing in a VP pick. Only it’s turned up to eleven!

So the Mainstream Media and the not to main stream began to Vet Gov Palin. One would think that McCain and the GOP would have already picked apart Gov Palin, from her personal life and her family life, to her record as a politician and previous work history. That they would leave no stone unturned, that they knew everything there was to know about Gov Sarah Palin. That they would be strongly prepared for her critics on any number of subjects because they already KNEW about any hiccups in her career or personal life. That they would already know about any possible weakness and be able to counter questions and reassure the nation that they knew she was the right choice.

No one lives a a perfect life and when the stakes are this high, when the future of the nation is at stake you would think that the McCain camp and the GOP would have done their due diligence on such an important matter. So that when the Media went to town to find out all could find out about this virtual unknown, that they were prepared to answer to their selection.

one would think…. that’s not what happened.

It appears as if the GOP didn’t vet Gov Palin at all. Sure maybe they “did a Google” but she’s got a much more checkered political record then anyone would have thought. She’s got family issues most notably with her unwed pregnant teen aged daughter, an ongoing ethics investigation into abuse of power allegations as Alaska Gov, she’s connected to a Pentecostal (ain’t they they snake handlers?) almost radical church that believes in the Rapture and advocates converting gays into heterosexuals though the power of prayer, shes NOT highly educated (5 colleges in 6 years) and is very inexperienced when it comes to politics. The GOP seems to be unprepared to answer to any of these inquiries. In fact in a 60 day campaign McCain spokes people have said she will not be speaking to the press for at least 2 weeks (they are spending this time to teach her the basics of foreign policy, OMG)

It seems as if McCain didn’t “do his homework” he didn’t vet his running mate and it’s biting him on the ass on a daily basis. What scandal will come out today, about Gov Palin that the McCain camp wont know how to answer to because they are finding out just as you and i are.

A curious potential client would do more research on finding the right hooker then McCain did in selecting the person to be a mere heartbeat away from the presidency.

You gotta love the GOP

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