Cha Cha Changes

BuhBye LA

I’m moving to Washington DC. In about 45 days (give or take) I will no longer be a Southern California girl, though I’m sure I will bring a little So Cal with me to lovely Chocolate City.  This decision was made a while ago and it’s just taken some time to put it into motion as all the many pieces fell into place. I will miss Los Angeles but its time for me to move on to bigger and much better things. I’m excited and terrified all in one but the excitement outweighs the fear of the unknown ten fold. This is a really big deal for me as I’ve never really lived anywhere but in Los Angeles (6 months in NYC right after college doesn’t really count) and I’m ready to live the dream. Yes, it feels like a dream to me in some ways. Do people really get what they want when then chips are down? I can say with some confidence,  its possible. If you work hard enough, are patient enough and want it bad enough. I did all three and I’m very happy I did as you will never get what you want if you don’t ask for it . Hard work is in my nature but patience is not really my virtue.

Those of you that know me well know WHY I’m moving and have known this move has been in the works for months. I love you all and thank you for your support, good thoughts and caring ears, while I cried, bitched and rambled on endlessly about this move. Those of you that are not in the inner Jenny circle and don’t know why I’m moving my entire life across the country, umm well… its cuz i want to and i do what i want 😉

If you’re in LA and you’ve ever wanted to book me now is the time . If you are a regular friend then id jump on that train cuz the closer I get to my move date, the less likely it will be I’ll be taking appointments. I’m not retiring from sex work, just relocating to Washington DC. So lets just quash that rumor right here and right now.

As Aristotle said “Change in all things is sweet” and this is sweet for me, it’s very sweet. It’s the cherry on the cake of my life.

The bigger the better

it glows!

Its always a surprise when I get my monthly package for the folks over at Eden Fantasys. This time when I tore open the plan brown wrapper I found the Jelly Royales Dong. Now this is a big sex toy and i just happen to be the kinda girl who likes her toys sizable. I suppose that qualifies me as a size queen.. so be it!

My preference is always that fake cocks look fake, even the “realistic” ones. I  want to make sure i remember its not a real boner i’m playing with! I like them in weird colors and  this one did not disappoint. Its a strange bluish color even though its supposed to be clear it almost seems to glow a little. Like i said its big, 9 inches and thick. oh my lucky lady parts. Its also made out of a flexible jelly like material so its bendable but keeps its hard thickness when you go to town on yourself or in my case when you let a partner abuse you with a giant 9 inch dildo that glows as it disappears inside you. Good times!  Being as big as it is, id hold off on any back door action…yanno unless you’re a greedy glutton for large cock in your ass.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely

time time time

Stop adding time wasters to shared safety blacklists for dangerous clients! Yes, that’s right you heard me, knock that shit off. A blacklist is for serious issues. Not because some one’s a dumb fuck or annoying obnoxious gnat in email. That’s what your PERSONAL blacklist is for. Shared safety blacklists are for SAFETY ISSUES and and your not helping buy putting  people who are just stupid fucks on blacklists.  If you don’t know the difference between a safety issue and some jerk off fucking with your time, then my god its time to talk stock in your business practices and do some self reflection.

We all have annoying time wasters up in our in boxes. In fact there’s  this hilarious time waster dedicate website was just shown to me via the twitter the other day. Check it out, its funny and it illustrates what a time waster is if your not sure.  I also think anonymously starting a website detailing time wasters is appropriate way to vent on the subject but adding some annoying fuck bag to a list of dangerous clients, is well not appropriate and belittles the very serious issue of dangerous clients and deludes the importance of sharing safety information. Don’t turn a safety issue into your own personal bitch fest about annoying time wasting dirt bags… we all get them and i do understand the need to vent about it, that’s what your girlfriends are for, bitch to them they care about you.. I dont.