The Porn Star Experience

Apparently i can provide a porn star experience. Now i know i usually tout myself as a GFE. I get personal and intimate with my clients. I’m responsive and present. Its what i do and I’m pretty damn good at it. Oh my last trip to Albany i was booked by a new client who was giving me to himself for his birthday. I wouldn’t call him a “hobbyist” just a young guy looking to treat himself to some hassle free Jenny lovin’. The appointment almost feel though when when he saw on my FAQ’s that i was a former Pro Domme as being dominated wasn’t what this young man had on his agenda, as i was to find out. I assured him that there was a reason i was no longer a Domme and if he would like to be the one “large and in charge” in our encounter that i was cool with that. He took the leap and booked the appointment.

He arrived at my hotel, all 6’5″ of him and i was quite pleased as its slightly unusual to have such a strapping young man cross my path, especially in Albany. I was even more pleased after the small talk was over and i was naked bent over my hotel bed getting slammed fucked by my new friend and his giant cock.

His telling me he was interested in being in charge was my cue to be the submissive fuck doll i knew he wanted. I don’t always get into that kinda of session but i did this time. It was a bang brothers video reenacted right there in my upstate NY hotel room. No pussy was left un-pounded, no cock was left un-sucked, no face was left un-fucked and no stone was left unturned. I was properly screwed buy a cute guy with a large throbbing hot cock and i liked it.

The best part was that this young man was such a sweet guy, cute, and oh so tall. I just adore it when a sweet, respectful, NICE guy can tun you into a well fucked tart… in no time flat.

Wet, Naked And Knocked Up

Shot naked pictures of Little Blondie over the weekend (i know shes not very blonde right now). My make up artist assistant and favorite girl is gonna have a baby. I’m excited that any day new a new member of my extended family will be born!

oh and I swear shes a virgin, you can tell from this picture!