Jenny DeMilo’s Hater-Hotline© is now open! You can vent, rant and even rave. Unhappy with my success? Jealous spiteful and filled with rage? Now you can tell me what you think. No longer do you have to sneak around and whisper behind my back in hopes that i will catch wind of what you’re saying. You can tell me directly whats on your hate filled mind.  You can unleash the vindictive angry hater inside!

Have the balls to make the call!

Hit me with your best shot!

Don’t hold in all that hate, let it out! Arrange a Hater-Hotline© call today and to tell me what you really think about me, Jenny DeMilo … Put your money where your big fat mouth is.

Have the balls to make the call!

Hater-Hotline© Time to put your money where your mouth is!

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