Bondage for Beginners

To Domme or not to Domme

I love t when new sex toys arrive in my mail! I do, i really really do!

Its called a beginners Dominatrix kit but I’d call it a micro Dominatrix starter kit. It contains 3 items, stockings in the fishnet style, a mask that’s more like a cat woman mask and a  little black slapper for inflicting the discipline on your willing  submissive. So the stockings are always useful, these are not super awesome for wearing on your legs but they will make excellent items to tie someone up with. And if you cant untie them it wont break your heart to have to cut them off and ruin them for any kinda fun leg time wearing. The mask is adjustable and if you want to role play batman and cat women then you’re ready to make your first step in that direction. ( i like the Adam West and Eartha Kitt combo myself) The slapper is the most useful item in this bondage kit, its small and does pack a impact punch but remember this is a starter kit so go slow and work your way up to your new found sub taking the pain… Oh and remember to use a safe word… mine for this starter kit experiment was “Its only 15.99”

Kimberly Kupps Needs Your Help

Kimberly Kupps

You thought making porn was legal, I know you’re under the impression that its free speech to make porn, that it’s protected. Well think again. Kimberly Kupps a resident of Polk County FLA was arrested recently for making adult content and producing her own porn for profit. The reports were first that she was arrested for making clips for the popular do it yourself clip site Clips4Sale, of which i myself have a fetish clip studio and have now come around to say she was making porn for her own self run website. Miss Kupps and her husband are both facing obscenity charges. Seems Polk county FLA (it’s always FLA now isn’t it) has a hyper-religious law enforcement team who have decided to go after consenting adults making a living in private way and have declared a war on porn.


Miss Kupps isn’t the only one being arrested and prosecuted for obscenity. Here in LA (Pasadena) Ira Isaacs  a producer of very non mainstream fetish porn is in the middle of a long federal battle about sending some of his materials out in the mail. Then of course there’s Max Hardcore currently in prison serving a 46 month sentence. Now both Ira Isaacs and Max hardcore make a more extreme kind of adult material, so one might conclude that by the nature of the kind of work they produce that they are easy targets for religious zealots and porn abolitionist but miss Kupps? She’s just a MILF who fucks with big giant tits. Nothing extreme about that, nothing even slightly questionable about that kinda porn. Unless of course you live in Polk County.

Obscenity is an interesting angle because from my understanding that standard is set by “the community” and Polk county is alleging she violated “state law” but Internet porn is, well the community of the Internet. Which is everywhere. Not to forget that Reality Kings is based in FLA as well. There is plenty of porn in FLA being produced by large and small companies a like, why target a very small fish? Oh I remember why….Polk County.  I’m not sure how this case is going to twist and turn but I sure hope its twists to a big fuck you to Polk County and their over zealous crew of right wing political nut bags who seem to hate porn or anything adult oriented but are likely the types sit in dark rooms full of shame, hoping their apple pie wives, who hate sex cuz Jesus wouldn’t like it, don’t walk in on them tiny dick in hand and jerking off to it.

I urge everyone to support Miss Kupps in this her obvious time of need. Anyone who makes adult content on their own knows for most its a lot of work for just enough pay off to get by. I’m sure and have been told that Miss Kupps is not rolling in dough and now must fight a unjust case against her. I’m pretty sure she wont be making porn in uptight over zealous stupid Polk county while this is going on so how exactly is she supposed to earn a living and pay a lawyer.

I don’t personally know Miss Kupps at all, never met her, never talked to her online, never exchanged emails with her but she needs all of our help. There is a legal defense fund and I would hope that everyone reading this would give a few bucks to help Miss Kupps fight the good fight and beat this case. Seriously if you have 5 bucks, that’s 5 bucks she didn’t have before to help fight a case that could be stetting a standard and make the abolitionists and Jesus freaks bolder in other backwoods small towns. Who’s next?.. could be anyone.

Kimberly Kupps Defense Fund:


Southwest Companions Compromised


Another escort review/message board went down in flames yesterday. This time southwest companions. Though the site is still up and apparently live. The owner of the small board was arrested in New Mexico on 40 counts of promoting prostitution. The media is having a frenzy as always and calling it a “prostitution ring” Which of course the site isn’t. Its a review board and message board like so many across the nation.Southwest Companions was a private board, the general public wasn’t welcome. You had to be referenced in to get access to the message board, reviews etc. Just like so many smaller boards. Make no mistake about it southwest companions is a very small message board in the grand scheme of escort message boards.It serviced a small and targeted area.

The site is compromised, and im guessing it will go down as soon as Go Daddy who hosts it gets the correct paper work to take it down. In reading all the info i can and putting my feelers out it appears that a “trusted” member was not really so trusted but a member of law enforcement who infiltrated the site by being referenced in. Likely and according to the media someone busted, worked with LE to help arrest the owner by legitimizing a cop.  I’ve been a long advocate of not going by message board sanctions of who is “trustworthy” and this is just another example of how easy those boards can be compromised. You can not let someone else do your screening and that’s what all these boards calling people “trusted” does. A local board here in LA there was a brutal rapist listed as “trusted” a man currently in jail on federal drug charges and who was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder was a high level “trusted” member long after his incarceration. Ive written before about the long time reviewer in Moco county that flipped and granted his access to law enforcement to many different kinds of boards that served the escort community and that shut down working in that area for months.

Though message boards can seem to be safe places for people of like mind to hook up you can not rely on them and must screen yourself. Be you a client or a provider. The only person you can trust is YOU. Any system can be infiltrated. In this case they spent 6 months building a case, to take down a site/board owner of a small essentially “meet up” site. My guess is that if the owner gets a good lawyer and doesn’t buckle to the pressure to plead out that he will beat this case. Its not a “ring” its a virtual meet and greet, this guy didn’t run girls (to the best of my knowledge) he provided a place for people to make their own connections. Reviews have always been problematic and here’s another reason why I dont like them. They can and will be used against you in a court of law, they can and will be used to arrest you. In this case they were used to arrest a message board owner and arrest him on 40 counts.

This is War

For Shame

What is a sex worker? Yes, that debate rages on. I have a feeling it always will. It’s not easy to get women of different fields  of sex work to self identify as sex workers. They have their own preconceived notions of what a “sex worker” is and the media and the abolitionist groups that want to use the word “prostituted woman” in place of sex worker doesn’t help. I wonder what those same groups would call a phone sex operator when she self identified as a sex worker? A intentional prostituted obscene phone caller? Thats the opposition the people who are against sex work, (hell they are usually against plain old sex too) trying to control the definition of what I am. I don’t like that, not one bit.


The simple fact is all kinds of workers who are in the sex business are sex workers. But since the media loves to focus on prostites AKA escorts that its often hung like a mantel around a escorts neck to the detriment of other kinds of sex work. Like phone sex operators or professional Dominas or say strippers. Who are all sex workers.  True all areas of sex work have different priorities and maybe that’s why its so hard to bring them together and get them to all self identify as sex workers. If you’re an escort you might be more concerned with legalities of your profession (and changing the laws to make your kind of sex work legal)  then say a porn star who’s work is already legal and who might be currently embroiled in the whole CAL-OSHA  demanding you use a rubber and dental damn in making a x-rated film debate. However because our focus might be different that doesn’t mean were not all sex workers, that we don’t all use our emotional and physical labor in the sex business to turn a buck, put food on our tables and roofs over our heads.

Nothng about us without us

At Slut Walk recently I worked the SWOP-LA table and passed out literature and tried to bring awareness to what SWOP-LA wants to do. End violence and the associated sigma against all kinds of sex workers. I talked to a lot of people and the people who were most  resistant, the most judgemental were the people who identified to me as porn stars and strippers. Not that’s not to say that’s as a group they are the most resistant. In this instance that’s what i encountered. The civvies there were way more open minded then the majority of current sex workers who spoke to me. I found that sad. To me that said the media and the abolitionist are gaining ground. If they can make current sex workers somehow ashamed about identifying as one, well then that’s going to be hard to overcome. Because that’s what it felt like to me. That they were afraid to say ” yes i am a sex worker” because the stigma came with the term and the job. I’m not a sex worker, my job is legal, I’m a porn star! I’m not a sex worker i work in a club, I’m a dancer! Im not a sex worker i’m a Domme i don’t have sex with my clients! Those others who are not as legit as me in whatever way are sex workers. Those attitudes to me says that the opposition gaining ground. That’s how i see it. Can you imagine when the civil rights movement of the 60’s was going on if people were afraid to say “I’m black and I’m proud” ala James Brown because they didn’t want to be associated with or put in the same category those other not so acceptable black people? How far would the movement have gotten then… a big fat nowhere.

Messaging War!

I don’t know what to do to solve this problem. Maybe its getting some big shot XXX media darlings to identify as sex worker real loud and splashy. Maybe its just talking to people one at a time and wearing them down. Hell i dunno. I know that when i m with a group of Dommes  and they’re are discussing work issues one always has something snotty to say about escorts/prostitutes then they look at me and try to say well not you… you’re different. I always cringe. I’m not different and when that happens i know i have to work harder to get non escorts to pick up the sex work mantle and not let the abolitionists win the messaging war they are engaging it. Because that’s what this is, make no mistake this a war and we are not as well funded or armed as our opposition. This is a fight not only for the rights of sex works but for the narrative. This is a fight we have to win or all sex workers will lose. if they delegitimize and marginalize  some of us they delegitimize and marginalize all of us. Yes, this war… and war is hell.