About Jenny DeMilo

My name is Jenny DeMilo

Art Deco Jenny DeMilo

I’m a Washington DC Dominatrix, erotic recording artist, former escort, notorious Hollywood party girl, founding member of Fairy Whore Mother and all around dirty girl. I spend my time making men crawl to worship all that is me. I’ve been called a muse, a provocateur, and a malcontent among other things. I specialize in femdom hypnosis and erotic hypnosis recordings. I create provocative, mind blowing mp3 hypnosis sessions that will knock your socks off. Because that’s just how I roll. I can’t help it, I’m a Trance Mistress.

If you want to read about my former life as an escort in Hollywood and Washington DC just click my blog and scroll though the passage of time. A book may be forthcoming I haven’t decided. I’ve been retired from that element of sex work for over a decade now but the stories about that part of my life still hold up today. I will always advocate for the decriminalization of full service sex work and have immense respect for the women that work in that field today. Some are my best friends.