Very High Heels

Very High Heels, originally uploaded by Jenny Demilo.

Got hired for a photo-shoot and i took this “shoe shot” specifically for my blog. i love these shoes, they are my favorite shoes to photograph. more importantly i love to shoot pictures of other girls wearing my hot fuck me shoes. call it a weird fetish of you like but these shoes seem to take on a life of their own. go figure.

They are not much for walking in, more like wobbling but they look good on your feet and they look even better flung over the shoulder of your gentleman caller.

oh how i do love a good pair of fuck me pumps.

The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.

I was checking my web stats and I noticed my blog was being linked to the small local message board I recently wrote about taking a break from. To my surprise (not really) a few of the stupider troglodytes were all up in arms about my blog entry where I was talking about how even though I wasn’t participating on that board, they just couldn’t stop talking about me

To prove how wrong I was, they linked my blog and talked, talked, talked, talked about me. Once again I am the main topic of their conversation.

Another whole thread dedicated to yours truly. This time they are stomping their little feet and holding their breath swearing up and down they don’t care one little bit about me or anything I have to say by posting about me over and over and over…. Oh the irony!

It did get me thinking though about one of my favorite things. The first amendment of the constitution

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The most basic component of freedom of expression is the right of freedom of speech. The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without interference or constraint by the government. Freedom of the press guaranteed by the first amendment is not very different from the right to freedom of speech. It allows an individual to express themselves through publication and dissemination. It is part of the constitutional protection of freedom of expression.

I don’t know if I would call my blog “the press” but it sure falls under the heading of ‘expressing myself though dissemination” and I really don’t care who doesn’t like the fact that I not only have the right to express myself but that I take the initiative and I actually do express myself and I will continue to whenever I feel like it. I am a patriot and those rights apply to me as well as those same troglodytes (and one nasty troglodyte-ette) only they choose to express themselves by grunting and scratching their crotches instead of by forming an original thought and putting pen to paper.

Yes it’s true, the first amendment is my favorite amendment to the constitution…. though I do have a little crush on the 4th.

Big kiss,

In the future everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes

I used to be very involved in a small local provider and hobbyist message board in L.A. I recently decided to take a break. Not only because I have knowledge that it’s being watched closely by law enforcement but because its slant has became increasing anti female. I mean who needs to participate on a message board where at every turn you have to defend who you are and what you chose to do to a bunch of small minded woman hating troglodytes. It used to be a nice community of like-minded folks but without moderation and a lack of control and interest by the site owners it has degenerated into a microcosm of misogynistic slime and ooze. Who needs that? I know I don’t. I walked away.

It wasn’t worth the effort any longer, so once day I just stopped posting. I stopped pointing out the obvious, adding my humor, perspective and thoughts to a hooker message board i had been involved with for years.

It took about a week before people noticed I wasn’t contributing. Threads where started about my absence about two weeks into my departure. Little You Tube videos (amateurishly made) were created to discuss “where was Jenny” I was more the talk of the cyber town when I wasn’t there, then when I was there helping new people get acclimated, pointing new providers in the direction of safety information, posting my availability and sharing my unique point of view on being a online message board hooker.

I would occasionally read this local board and when I got an email from friends alerting me to yet another topic about ….me, Jenny. I would read and laugh. They didn’t have anything to talk about without me. They had theories as to what I was doing, where did I go, what happened to me. I wouldn’t have been surprised of there was a betting pool all about me.

Just this morning I was once again alerted to another topic about, you guessed it, ME. Too funny, it’s like im their god, their ruler they have nothing to talk about if im not there good, bad or indifferent… they are speechless, directionless and lost with out me. How sad is that.

Its like im Elvis, im legendary. Soon there will be Jenny sightings all over Kalamazoo Michigan. Apparently I made quite the impression that even after weeks and weeks if removing myself from participation that the main topic if conversation on this small local message board about sex for money is still… JENNY DEMILO.

The funny thing is that I have a pretty high profile. I am a regular participant on a national and well-known review board. I have this blog, which I just took mainstream, and my other blog that is directed at an escort audience. I have ads on national escort mall sights and I participate on other small local boards in other cities. I just stopped posting on THAT board. The one where they have contempt for women, where every other thread’s theme is ”bad whores, bad, bad whores” I really thought no once would notice my absence, I didn’t think I had that big of an influence on the people of that local board. I couldn’t have been more wrong. By removing myself and deciding to not participate I have elevated myself to a much higher status in those small minds and become quite the legend. More talked about, more thought about and more posted about then when I was active and involved… I really am a legendary on this nothing little board… and not only in my own mind!

Time to go buy a bedazzled jumpsuit!

What’s In A Name

Lot lizard
Lady of the evening
Working girl
Lady in red
Painted lady
Midnight cowboy
Pink pants

Yeah, i’m all those things and more. Did i leave any out? Does the name we slap on it make it any different? I’m partial to “hooker” however i more closely resemble “courtesan”

Thank Goodness!

Things to be thankful for by Jenny DeMilo

I do this every year, sit down with pen and paper and quickly make a list of things I’m thankful for. Some years its more frivolous then others but its always honest and true.

1. 7 year olds with amazing reading skills
2. A man who loves me, no matter what i do for a living
3. Four walls and a roof
4. Cable!
5. Friends who text me at midnight to make sure i will have a place to eat dinner
6. Furry friends who chew up all my stuff
8. Miss Amy Gee
9. Vodka surprise
10. Diet Coke