One of us! Gooble Gobble!

I forgot what it was like to have a paid out out there i haven’t had one for a few months. It sure helps with biz. I’m getting plenty of work and its a good month so its so worth the expense. However there is also the little draw back of being more visible to not just the clients you want but the freaks!

here’s some examples:

The blow smoke in my face guy… Yeah i told him to find a more experienced smoker, i couldn’t smoke for an hour no matter how hard i tried, Id probably toss my cookies all over him. HOT huh?

The gently fuck me with a strap on guy… Ummm nope ain’t gonna happen. i get the heeby jeebies just thinking about the creepy way he described what he wanted me to do to his “puckering ass flower”

The 19 year old professional fighter and full time student! okay if he had screening info i might have gone to see him but being as he was 19 he couldn’t pass. I told him if he looked under 25 i was going to card him, that didn’t chase him off, i told him it was an increased fee sine he was in Orange County, he was still interested… when i asked for references he couldn’t provide them and really how am i going to verify someones occupation when hes a “professional fighter” besides those meat heads scare me. Ive seen the UFC. no thanks!

so that’s a small smattering … i gotten many requests from incall from gents who haven’t read that they need to book that in advance and my phone did ring at 6am this morning (yeah they got sent to voice mail) and I’ve gotten a strange amount of guys who just don’t do any research at all. I always direct them to how to find me online so they know what they are getting themselves into. I like an informed client, if they want a giggly hair flipping barbie doll, it aint gonna happen, if they want a real, breathing, thinking, alive, lusty women who will rock their body and their mind.. well hot damn they hit the gold mine.

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    “Puckering Ass Flower” made me crack up. I may have to remember this one for my next “Quotes Around Blogdom” entry….LOL.

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