Hooker 101

The basics - Dont be stupid

I get asked a lot by girls newly in the business or trying to get in the business how to get started. If they are not in yet, i always try to persuade them not to get into it. If they are already in the biz but just new, have turned a few tricks maybe worked for an agency who did everything for them and are trying to go indie i will sometimes try to help them. By that i mean point them in the right direction to find the info they need to make smart decisions and to stay away from bad info. There is a TON if bad info out there. You have to be smart, use your critical thinking skill and often your real world business skills will come into play in ways you  never expected. Unlike what some dumb ass men say this is not an easy job. Its not just laying down on a bed spreading your legs and walking  away with pots of gold. Its hard money to earn, it will be some of the hardest money you will earn.

I don't screen for socks with sandals

If you dont believe me go to your local mall and check out the hen-pecked dudes holding their wives purses and wearing socks with sandals, could you have sex with that guy? Not just spread your legs for him close your eyes and think of your happy place  but could you be intimate with him, be engaged with him, be present and make him feel special and like you were there just for him and really wanted to be there? Oh and it cant be a acting job, you have to find a way to make it real. Yeah like i said its not easy. However the money is fast and you can make a good solid living being a provider of sexual services.

Somethings to keep in mind if you are considering getting into the sex business. Which again i don’t recommend.

1. Being a hooker is the WORST way to ‘explore” your sexuality. The number one wrong reason to get involved in the pay for play world. Hookers don’t love sex so much we are compelled to sell it  (though may of us are wired hotter then the average bear) we love MONEY. This is a job, work, a business, where we use our emotional labor. If you want to explore your sexuality put an ad on the Internet and just be a slut like normal people who want to experience new sexual adventures. Being a hooker isn’t the justification you need, for whoreish behavior or a good place for you to attempt to confirm your fuck-ability.

2. Websites, photos, ad copy all matter. Make yours professional and reflective of your personality

3. Don’t be shady, keep your nose clean. Don’t do drugs, stay in school (you get the picture)

4. Never let any one use your computer. This is really important if you are a provider who is going the review route. Never let another girl use your computer, never share your password, and never, never never let a client use YOUR computer to write you a review.  Oh and don’t self review like a dumb ass, you will get caught.

4. Do network with other girls, but pick them carefully. You will be associated/linked with those girls you become friendly with. So chose smart so you don’t become collateral damage in some other girls drama.

5. Don’t let a “hobbyist” become your guidance counselor. Though some dudes have been around the block enough to know a thing or two they don’t know what its like to be a hooker, they only THINK they do because they pay for them. You will get most of your bad info from well meaning and not so well meaning hobbyists. Oh and they are always angling for a freebie. They are not helping you out of the kindness of their hearts, they are waiting for it to pay off.

acting dumb is okay, being dumb... Isnt!

Be smart, attack this like any other job. Learn all you can read all you can, use your critical thinking skills, put together a business model. If you insist on being a hooker then so be it but use your brain, trust your instincts, listen to your inner voice what the world doesn’t need any more of is another dumb Ho.

The personal DNS list

Getting on the road and getting naked

I was recently called a “veteran provider” I never really thought of myself like that but i supposed that’s an accurate description as I’ve been an working escort for a number of years, (think 5+) I live in Los Angeles and I’ve toured across the country to both large and small cities, selling a tasty bite of Jenny D. Even if you don’t live in LA there have been opportunities to see me in other parts of the country. Also I travel by request, the men with means have flown me to their city at their schedule when the mood has struck them.

I’m very careful about who I get naked with and have often been told I’m a tough screener. I’m all about the minimized risk and the feedback I’ve gotten from my upscale and in some cases high profile clients have all been positive, as it makes them more comfortable knowing that I’m careful. Being careful means there is less of an opportunity that I will get in to trouble and they feel that that’s good for them as well as me. Which can be comforting as prostitution is still illegal and every one’s got something to lose. No matter who you are.

Who's moderating this forum?

If you’ve been involved in the escort subculture for any number of years and by involved i mean INVOLVED, you post on message boards, you are member of several boards, you’re a reviewer with many reviews of the hookers you fucked under your belt, then you’ve probably heard of me. I either toured to your city and posted an ad you might have seen, or you saw some media I did about being an escort or maybe even you’ve seen a post or two from this blog posted on your men’s only site, or local hobbyist message board. I’m a little hard to ignore and I’m a pretty good marketer. There is also a good chance you’ve had an opportunity to meet me in person, to book an appointment, to do the do in a hotel room until you couldn’t see straight. If you haven’t seized upon that opportunity already for whatever your personal reasons are…. Not your type, out of your price range, you think I’m a big meanie, your intimidated, to short, or I’m too tall.. whatever it may be, then you’re probably never going to book me. Hey not everyone is every one’s cup of tea. That’s the beauty of it. We all have our personal preferences, I know I have mine.

When  people who have had opportunity after opportunity to see a provider and never do, then choose to run their fat mouths on a message board about hookers, talking about how that escort is now on their personal DNS list (do not see) when its obvious they never had any intention of seeing her, it kinda lays flat. Sure they might whip up their message board cyberlocker room “bros” a little but everyone can see how transparent that is. And really why are grown men making declarations on message boards about which hookers they don’t wanna bang. Is that really information people care about?

I don’t think it is. I don’t think who another dude doesn’t want to screw influences someone on who THEY do wanna bang. Its an exercise in self importance  to make proclamations on which hookers you don’t wanna screw and why. Especially when everyone knows its a rouse because you never had any intention of seeing them in the first place. Are the “hobbyists” who act out in such a way doing it because they really think that other dudes will follow their lead in hopes of detouring business from a provider they don’t care for? As if other dudes are the thing that influence their cocks and not the hot sexy bitches who provide play for pay companionship. Or is it because they think they have control over a hookers business as if they, a well known hobbyist could have any bearing on that business because their wield such influence that their dicks decide for everyone!

It not large or in charge

Men screw who they want to screw and some other dudes opinion of a women isn’t going to influence a man when he wants to fuck a woman. It especially isn’t going to influence some guy on who he want to pay for some pussy. So whenever i catch wind (and i always catch wind) of some loud mouth on a message board trying to use his “position” as a hobbyist to try to influence to a detriment a hooker who they don’t like and never would see but then has the audacity to think their position as a hobbyist could influence another mans cock, it leads me to fits of laughter. It comes clearly into focus that those guys, who try to go the “she’s now on my DNS list” route, not only have no understanding of the escort business but are so unaware if their own sexuality and sexual power (or lack there of) that he doesn’t even know how a mans dick works… when he owns one.

Griffith Park Shoot

I love the Griffith Park Observatory. It’s pretty much my favorite place in all of Los Angeles. It was supposed to be a cloudy gloomy day and i had planned to shoot a girlfriend there id been waiting to get my lens on for a while. I had a shot all thought out in my head, how i expected it to be lit, the composition and the model. The weather however did not agree with me. It was bright sunny and hot. Not the gloomy overcast day i had expected. So i re-thought the shoot on the fly.

This is what I came up with. The model is a girlfriend who shall remain nameless (but hot!). She has a professional career and is not an escort. So don’t email me asking how you can book her… you cant!

Roof Top

Awsome doorway

Awesome Doorway