"Give a man (or a woman) an anonymous account, and he’ll eviscerate your self-esteem."

I ran across this article by Violet Blue and it just rings oh so true Blue. As someone who over recent times has been under siege by “anonymous trolls” and some not so anonymous, calling me any manner of terrible names in hopes of trying to make me feel bad about myself, Violets take on the phenomenon is spot on. They can can call you names, they can call you fat, and ugly and try to diminish what it i you have to say by pigeon holing you into some narrow minded view of what is beautiful, As if beauty in and of its self holds the key to everything informative or insightful but they can only try, they can not succeed if you don’t let them.

I don’t let them… my fat ass makes 4oo an hour, I’m happy with myself and very comfortable in my own skin, which makes me a dedicated and sexy fun escort well worth the price of admission, in fact I’m a goddamned bargain

One more reason why Violet Blue rocks

The Bat Phone!

I try not to put a number in my escort ads though sometimes i do. I prefer to be contacted by email if possible, gives me a chance to screen my new friends and since i was once a “phone girl” for an agency my patience is low for bullshit phone calls.

so today the Bat Phone rings….

Caller: hey baby, i saw your ad on Eros
Me: great, whats your name
Caller: so you have great curves
Me: thanks, whats your name?
Caller: how big is your ass baby
Me: ahh huh?
Caller: how big is your ass baby, ummm yeah how big is your ass
Me: ahhh I’m sorry what are you asking me
Caller: how big is your butt, your ass is fine how big is your ass
Me: its about to get much bigger i just ordered a pizza

then i hung up.

Its possible that this was a legitimate caller, (doubtful but possible) But really I’m not about to discuss the lovely dimensions of my juicy, round, spank-able ass on the phone out of the blue like that with someone who wont even tell me their name. Id like to think that i am just that exciting that you cant help but get right into the “ass” before you tell me who you are… but really i think it was just some dude jerking off on the phone.

If i wanted to get guys off on the phone, id open a phone sex service, i prefer to get them off in person!

The evil time sucker

I attempted to have a computer free weekend. I thought maybe i could kick it for 2 days, yanno like one would kick coffee or more appropriately heroin. I thought maybe by distracting myself with marathons of Law and Order, many Starbucks runs and long hours with the man in my life trying to seduce him into groping me 24/7 would do the trick.

alas it did not work, though i greatly reduced my computer time over the weekend i did not succeed in a computer free weekend. I supposed i will try again another weekend to put the evil time sucker down.. err mean my laptop!

Four be the things I am wiser to know: Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe

I learned a little bit about friendships this week…

“A good friend is a connection to life – a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world”. ~Lois Wyse

Thanks for the cupcakes 🙂

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

People celebrate Easter in all kinds of ways. Some go on colorful painted egg hunts, (eggs laid by a rabbit even!) some people go to church and celebrate the resurection of Christ in a somber and reserved way and yet others have a spring fling pagen filled may pole dance fest. I will celebrate by meeting friends for French food at a small cafe and maybe i will raise a glass to the things in life that matter. Family, a man who loves me, good friends and the ability to live a life of your own choosing even if that life is a little off the beaten path.

Happy zombie Jesus day everyone! (oh i mean Easter)