You dont know

I have 100's of reviews

I know, you fucked some hookers. You’re an expert at finding some top notch pay for play pussy and you’ve minimized your risk to almost nil. You’re a message board regular, new dudes look up to you because they think you have the inside track on whore screwing and where to find the “diamonds in the rough” Why wouldn’t they, look at the plethora of reviews you have, hell you even go to those hooker/trick parties where everyone’s supposed to play nice (but rarely do) your a big swinging dick, a big man on campus, a master whore fucker.

yeah yeah yeah ….I get it.

But lets not kid ourselves you fuck whores you don’t have the inside track on whore business. Fucking escorts and knowing the intimate details of their business isn’t the same thing and i for one am getting pretty tired of seeing some dude who’s poked a few women act and spew like hes is all knowing about the back end of  whoredom. You only hear what they want to tell you and face it, were master liars. We tell tall tales, its our job to make you feel special and weave a portrait. So if we drop a few personal nuggets of the back end of the escort biz to you during pillow talk its likely not accurate or wholly accurate, hey we might even be seeing how much bullshit you will readily eat up for our own amusement.  I knew a girl who used to do this and then write about it on a ladies board “Omg you wont believe what crap he ate up this week”  don’t worry fellas shes retired.

This will illustrate how much i know

We will also use our intimate relationship with you to further our agendas to help steer the conversation the way we want to. Its true we will. I wish we didn’t have to but the advent of the message board made that an imperative. We cant just place ads, see clients and go on our way because there’s always some egomaniacal ass hat trying to stir up the shit with some girl or another to draw attention to himself, (the powerless always act like this) so we have to back-channel and do tons of reputation management. Some are more overt then others but we all do it to some degree.

I know not YOU, you have “friends” that are escorts, they confide in you so you are sure you know the ebb and flow of the business. Where its busy, where its dead, who’s busy who’s not where are the secret money spots are how many appointments a day, week, month, year specific girls take… i got news for ya, you don’t know shit.

I saw it again a little while ago, another whore screw-er on another board announcing because he had “friends” who were escorts and hundreds of reviews and board posts that he know more about the business than the actual working escort he was debating on the subject. Of course he knew more he was the fucker.. she was just a whore and as all the big swinging dicks on the messages boards know whores are stupid. I mean if they weren’t then they wouldn’t be making several 100 dollars an  hour, running their own business and living an antonymous life of their choosing… cuz only stupid people do that.

No one likes this guy

Hobbyist need to get back to what they do best, paying to see girls and in the process they need to get their noses and out of the business end of escorting. Unless they are pimps or agency owners in which case they need to get a quick case of the fuck offs and dies  cuz that kinda scum isn’t welcome. So which is it whore fucker or whore know-it-all you cant be both and unless you wanna jump in the game and start sucking some dick for cash, i would suggest you chose the first.

Custom photos, I do them

A very nice man who calls me on the regular and who i very much enjoy the dirty talking with ordered a custom set of photos from me. It was a lot of fun to do but also a lot of work because I’m a a little ummm… obsessive when it comes to photos, especially photos of myself. 30 excellent shots are a lot to produce from a shoot too. So here’s a little tease from my custom shoot for my dirty talking phone friend.

Miss Jenny

The end of prostitution

pressured to do something they didn't want to, why does that sound familiar

Craigslist adult services as of last night at 9pm PST is offline. The link is replaced with a black bar with the word censored. Adult gigs where people posted looking for content models is also gone.  It was only a matter of time. Craigslist has been under attack by headline seekers for a while and have been be targeted and painted as as the promoters of of child prostitution for a couple of years now. It heated up a year ago and Craigslist blinked and gave the inch the moralist and misguided do-gooders were looking for and they were on the case to get their mile. Craigslist started charging for advertising, required credit cards and collected information on its advertisers with the intent of passing it along to law enforcement in an effort to comply with the squeaky wheel. Recently 17 Attorneys General fulled by upcoming elections again took up the torch to vilify a website and blame them for the woes of underage prostitution and human trafficking.  Craigslist even though they had federal law on their side appears to have caved.

I say appears because there has been no statement from Craigslist as of yet. There are reports that for two days advertisers were getting their ads denied of renewal. Still other reports are of cards being charged up until the section disappeared.  That doesn’t come to a surprise as there has been very little “customer service” for the millions of dollars Craigslist has made off the backs of hard working sex workers.

Craigslist was never pro prostitution, they worked with law enforcement on a regular basis. They never came out in support of sex workers rights, they often treated sex workers with disdain and regarded them as a “necessary evil” often citing that they needed the Adult Services section to keep them off other parts of the site, they essentially ghettoised  in an intellectual way the sex workers they made so much money off of. I always resented them for this attitude.  Their position was one of who is responsible for the content of an ad. The publishing vehicle or the advertiser. According to federal law its the advertiser no ifs ands or buts about it. Craigslist had a stringent TOU, they manually checked ads to make sure people complied with it, but that wasn’t enough for some. They blamed Craigslist for prostitution and often acted as if they could only get Craiglist adult services offline that prostitution would come to an end.

Well its off line so those individuals can rejoice that now we have the end of prostitution. Huzzah! Unless you look at any number of the the other websites where sex workers take out ads. Like Backpage which is rumored to be owned by the Village Voice, which in turn is owned by Murdock. Yeah that Murdock, of FOX news.

Wanna bet this crusade doesn’t switch focus to the right wing mogul. He’s Australian and their views of prostitution differ from the uptight US but more then that, hes a money hungry, soul crushing, megalomaniac bazillionaire and escort money is jut as green as everyone else’s and hes about to get a multi million dollar bump to his pocket book when the business that was done on Craigslist migrates to Backpage.

This will be interesting to watch play out… I’ve got my popcorn.