Today page 32, tomorrow … the world!

So it came out today, i had no advance copy and i wasn’t sure how much i would be quoted. I found out because i got an email from The Ethical Slut (I just love her) telling me i was on page 32. I Jenny DeMilo have been quoted for the first time in a national publication. It’s the first step in my goal of conquering the media and sharing my expertise on the hooker and john… errr provider and hobbyist subculture i have found myself involved in for the last several years.

They used some good quotes from me and gave me the prestigious first spot…Upper left baby! I’d also like to say that i am the priciest girl in the mix and i also used the word “Pussy” in my first nationally published quote. Oh hell yeah why not start it off right and with a bang!

This is just the first thing I’ve been working on to come to fruition, I have many things in the cooker ready to burst out! I’ll keep you all posted as they trickle down the proverbial pike. This one hit the newsstands today April 25 2008.

Today page 32 in Radar Magizine… Tomorrow the world!

Americas Next Top Hooker

Who doesn’t love Hookers and who doesn’t love reality TV! I know i do.

welcome to my new show….. America’s Next Top Hooker

The Pitch: a cross between Top Chef and Americas Next Top Model. 10 Ho’s from all different parts of the biz, track walkers, Craig’s List girls, highly reviewed escorts, high end very expensive courtesans live in a house together and compete in “Ho events” to gain the title “America’s Next Top Hooker” oh and some kinda outlandish prize like money (hookers love money)… TBD 😉

The challenge events could get pretty outrageous… but for TV they might have to be toned down. Boo!

Catch Phrase: Every reality based lifestyle career game show needs a catch phrase these days. “you’re fired” entered the popular vernacular and will forever be associated with Mr Trump, others maybe haven’t fared so well. “this is your last cut” “please pack your knives and go” “you are NOT America’s next top model” so a good catch phrase can carry a show. For Americas next top Hooker i suggest these catch phrases… (other suggestions welcome)

1. Take your envelope and go
2. leave the money on the night stand and get out
3. that was your last blow job

Networks: So of course Playboy TV is on the pitch list as well as HBO and Showtime (Showtime is the new HBO anyways) but maybe Comedy Central would have balls big enough to take a risk with this new reality based prostitution game show… even though their budgets are well known for being ridiculously low. The comedy gold possibilities are endless!

I think it could work, its got everything. Sex, sexy girls who will probably hate each other and do nasty shit to each other behind each other backs oh and sex.. of course you will need a crack legal team because anytime there is prostitution in the mix you gotta make sure all bases are covered and no one goes to the clink for a another dumb reality show …. I think the public is ready and with the success of celebrity rehab i think they will eat this new show up… hey America loves dug addicts why not hookers!

I’m pitching it i swear i am… steal my idea and die 🙂

Here Comes Trouble… Audrey Trouble!

I was lucky enough to get to photograph the adorable and quite spunky “Miss Audrey Trouble” She’s great to work with, fun, sassy and just damn cute. This is a sample of the afternoons work, though working with Audrey is hardly work at all, shes a joy to aim my lens at. There sure are worse ways to spend an afternoon!

Yeah i know life’s rough 😉

My blog is a dictatorship not a democracy

I welcome comments disagreeing with my point of view or taking exception to my thoughts, ideas, whatever. However if you trolls think i will approve comments where you call me a cunt or any other debasing name you can forget it. MAYBE i would have approved your little”anonymous” tirade if you had bothered to string a cohesive thought together and still called me names…. nawww, no i wouldn’t have.

So you tweaked out, never was, waste of silicone, why don’t you come back when you’re not smoking crack and try to put together comment stating your opposing views that doesn’t include flaming the blog owner (don’t be such a dumb bitch) and MAYBE I’ll approved your chicken shit, scared to post under your name, skeezed out, old hag, bony ass.


Availble for comment!

Sometimes its not easy being your own press agent, okay its never easy but it’s usually fun. So today i finish off my first press release. I’m in the process of putting together my mailing list; email, snail and fax. It’s an exciting time for me, i hope that my 100th press release will be as much fun putting together as this first one has been.

With the article i worked on for a major magazine (a well kept secret until it hits the news stands in a week or so) This is the perfect time to be “available for comment” well that and the whole sex for sale scandal all over the news (thanks NY Governor Spitzer for your love of whores!) the media is primed and ready to go. I’m taking the financial analyst approach to being available for comment… so maybe it will work and maybe it wont. ahhh who am i kidding of course it will work. Advertising and marketing was what i really excelled in before Blow Jobs and i did that almost as well 😉

I heard some people are quaking in their chicken shit boots at the thought of Jenny DeMilo as a go to girl for the media in regards to escort world. Maybe those same people should have thought better of calling me a cunt over and over and passing around my private info. It’s not my problem if they are all scared now that my platform is on the verge of being much broader and they didn’t have the forethought to not be the worst kinda escort world sludge. Oh well sucks to be them. People who have bothered to take the time to speak to me or who know me aren’t in the least bit scared. Why should they be… they have no reason to be.

I’m not afraid of anything.. My names Jenny DeMilo, I’m fearless and… I’m available for comment!