"Can you tell which thing is not like the others"

When I first wrote a blog entry warning people not to believe everything on they saw on the Internets and that fake hookers walked among us, I didn’t mean to start a firestorm. But that’s just what happened. Who knew that so many legit, well reviewed, long time activists and respected members of the escort community also thought that the emperor wore no clothes, I know i didn’t.

Soon after my article went up I was contacted and interviewed by Monica Shores for a story she was writing for Carnal Nation about sex workers who write about their lives and work and the accountability of bloggers. What happened after that, has taken on a life of its own.

I never mentioned who I thought the most egregious of the impostors was (there are a few) leaving the reader to think about reality versus fantasy, fact verses fiction. The whole point of the blog post was to encourage people to question and think for themselves. Giving away who the usurper was, would be counterproductive to my goal of trying to get people to use their noggins and THINK!

but to my surprise.. just like a terrorist bomber, she claimed responsibility.

My blog, twitter and brochure site were linked to her site, along with all kinds of nutty convoluted, backasswords babble, coupled with her responding to the quotes of mine that were published in the Carnal Nation story. Oh goody… web hits! Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I welcomed my new twitter followers and crossed my fingers that the click-overs would bookmark me and come back and read again another day. Though I was pretty disappointed in the numbers. Having heard “Princess Cariboo” brag for so long about how many hits she was getting to her blog and how popular she was, I really had hoped for more traffic then I got. It was rather paltry compared to say the people linking my story about the bust in Houston (thanks fellas!)

I did however get a flurry of emails from people sharing their personal experiences of interactions with “Dr Charlotte Bach” and how they thought she was a fraud, man, cop, reporter, failed screen writer. It was pretty entertaining as these people never would have found me had Zelig not linked me and created an online scene. As I said before, I never said who I believe to be the biggest faker in the land, just that there was one.

Some have even tried to devise schemes like Mistress Matisse, she suggests that miss-fake-alot call in to Dan Savage – to what, umm prove shes got a female voice I suppose. Well hot damn! I wanna call into Dan Savage too, I’ve always been a huge fan of him and his work and If he hears my voice he will have to show the world that I am really Cinderella. We all know that Cinderella was female. Besides it’s not like there any record of my previous work as a sexy voice over artist or podcaster to compare my voice or anyone who will recognise me as someone other than who I say I am. What a wonderful Idea. Where’s his number!

Then I started getting the links… ahhh the links, truly golden. This story had legs and it was taking a walk. Let me share them with you now.

Kat Stories: This faux ho’s life as a stripper doesn’t ring true to real live working strippers.

There’s a whole stripper forum discussion about her fake-a-bility

Seattle writer/professional dominatrix Mistress Matisse has her own take on why someone would pretend to be a sex worker… “for the attention.”

Tasty Trixie: who brings up the most compelling argument pointing out Fakey McFakerson’s position as a blatant unrepentant content thief. Acting much like a trick who thinks he’s entitled to a freebie.

Male bloggers have even written about it calling this “David Hampton” wannabe “the worst kept secret” and writes about how on private message boards she was whispered about and laughed at.

Amber Rhea re-posted a quote from the Carnal Nation story to her tumbler

The first person to publicly question her and the most damaging accusation, bringing up her self proclaimed inappropriate behavior with minors

there are tweets too
Amberlily, Kat Stories Adora Cash Zoeynym Melissa Gira Vivian DaSilva Vivian Again Furrygirl Bubbles

***My favorite tweets (added 12/23) are from BluEyedCass, model and webcam girl *** ( it’s her pictures fake-o-holic was stealing and passing off as her own)

It just keeps going and i’d be surprised if this was the end of it. People have been discussing this Pierre Plantard in their private circles for a while and its just bubbling to the surface now. Is this the only fake hooker out there running around the innertubes screaming “look at me, look at me”? Naw, but she is the one that got the furthest in the charade in a long time.

Writing the truth of sex work is hard. It’s not all fun and games until someone loses an eye. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, it’s complex and challenging. It’s not a flat one trick pony of nymphomaniac fantasies… no matter what some wanna be Michael Sabo would lead you to believe.

Meet and Greets- the new place to get arrested!

There was a meet and greet busted in Houston recently. (Yeah Houston was busted again). Meet and greets are like cocktail parties where potential clients and working escorts can get together and meet and mingle. There are all different kinds of parties Many are very tame like your typical office cocktail party all the way to a full on orgy, though those are pretty rare these days and usually very hard to get an invite too.

The typical meet and greet is much like any other business networking get together. People of like minds meet at a public restaurant, bar, banquet hall and have a few cocktails and exchange contact info for get togethers on later dates. I understand why these are popular with the men. They get to see the girls in person, no need to interpret the photos on her site. Often girls who blur their face show up. The girls are there to gain new business. They will flirt with you and try to charm you into committing to book a session with them. So yeah they guys love them, especially the guys who never or rarely book with girls. Why book when you can go to a meet and greet play a little grab ass have the girl cater to you , flirt with you and charm you. You get all you need by going to the party. Meet and Greets are always full of lookie loos.

These parties can often have a theme, I for instance host a meet and greet with a toys4tots theme most holiday years. I didn’t this year and I’m glad I didn’t after hearing about what happened in Houston last week.

A Houston toys4tots meet and greet was busted and raided by the cops. A local Houston message and review board was infiltrated by law enforcement for 4 months prior and they busted the party. Peoples faces were splashed all over the news, girls and guys were handcuffed and put in paddy wagons (which are not fun like pussy wagons) and hauled away for attending a cocktail party. Now its not illegal to go to a party, its not illegal to say i like hookers and go to a party, its not illegal to say I’m an escort and go to a party. But the Houston cops had spent 4 months building a case against these people. Likely collecting salacious messages on the message board, reviews, naughty incriminating comments and the like.

My guess is there was some kinda raffle in place to raise money for toys for tots. I’ve seen this done on the small boards before when they are trying to raise cash for an event, person who is sick and needs helps, etc. Girls donate services, guys buy tickets, proceeds go to the cause. If you did that at a meet and greet to raise money for say Toys4tots…. will THAT would be prostitution and THAT is illegal.

I’m sure the bulk of those cases wont stick, especially of people keep their fat mouths shut and don’t make deals to roll over or freak out. Its a publicity gag, it makes for a good story. How did the TV cameras get there to splash those peoples faces on the news? Why the police called them and told them to get ready for some good footage and a good story. It makes it look like the police in Houston are doing their jobs if they bust a bunch of consenting adults attending a cocktail party and bringing toys for needy kids! Way to go spending all those tax payer dollars Houston PD!

The concern is this though, its not hard to infiltrate any online community if you have a small amount of savvy and a lot of patience. I’ve been expecting it to happen and it finally did. If it happened in Houston, it can happen anywhere. Lookie loos have been doing it for years, of they can do it anyone can. As prostitution becomes more and more online focused that’s where the police will go to make their busts and to keep their numbers up. Do you want your face on the local news because you wanted to play a little grab ass with a hooker or because you wanted to try to book one more hour appointment that week? is it worth the risk.

Not for me and i wont be going to any meet and greets for a very long time… I don’t need to be on the news… nope not me.

How to never get a reference from Jenny DeMilo

Part of being an escort that cares about other escorts safety is being reference friendly. What that means is an escort will ask a potential client for another lady he’s visited to vouch for him. The potential client gives the new lady the contact info of the lady vouching him and then she emails her asking for the reference.

I’ve been reference friendly since I began as an escort, I’m always happy to help a lady and a client out by doing my part to keep everyone safe. I rarely have an issue, the ladies I’ve dealt with when I requested a reference have pretty much been polite, responsive and friendly. Of course I know that they are doing me a personal favor by giving me the reference and I make sure when contacting them that I show my appreciation, making sure to give them all the info they will need, including my own so they can verify my legitimacy. Making it as easily as possible for them. They are not required to do me this favor and taking that approach has worked like a charm. I pretty much never have issue getting references from other escorts.

When giving out a reference I have on a few occasions had to ask ladies for additional information but not very often. Usually its from a new girl. I just ask for more info, she gets to me then I’m able to help her out. I never give a reference if I’m not 100% sure of who shes asking about. Which brings me to today’s issue. I finally had my first problem trying to help another girl out with a reference. Yeah i said in giving another girl a reference I had an issue trying to help her out.

Some escort emailed me asking for a reference, I was not at home where I could access the info she needed but I wrote her back right away from my iPhone telling her I wasn’t near the info and that id get it to her as soon as I was able to get back home. When I got home I was able to verify the info and give her the reference. So I got back to her with the thumbs up on the client in less then 5 hours.

Next I hear from my client that he had used me as a reference but the girl was saying I never got back to her and was there an issue with me vouching for him? Since i had responded to the only reference i got for him, I asked him to tell her to send in the request again. I was the same girl she sent in another request and this time I cc’d the client with my vouch so he would know I got back to her. This time I was able to get her the reference within the hour.

Today a week later, I heard from her a third time asking her if it was my policy not to give references, as “a few potential clients” had given me as a reference and I hadn’t gotten back to her. I wrote her back AGAIN and told her I had given her the references. I thought maybe her email wasn’t working correctly because she had never responded to any of my return emails to say thanks (like most girls do) and i had cc’d the only client she asked me about and he responded so he know I vouched for him. I went to her website, filled out her contact form and told her I had sent in the refs and for her to check her hosting and spam folder.

I never heard back from her regarding the web form email, so i gave her a call to let her know there was an email issue. Not being anywhere near a work phone I had to call from a blocked number and figured if I got voice mail I would leave a message. To my surprise she answered the blocked call. it went like this….

ring ring…
Me: I cant this is Jenny DeMilo you asked me for a reference
Her: click

Yup she hung up on me. She asked me to do her a favor, then she hung up on me. I called back and left her a not so nice voice mail telling her to stop telling clients I didn’t reference them that I had and her email was fucked up.

This whole incident really got under my skin so I waited a bit figuring she would get the voice mail realize the blocked caller was another escort she wanted a reference from and I gave her another call. She yelled again upon answering the blocked call and before I could say “do you want the reference or not” she hung up on me. So i called a third time left her a voice mail telling her she had a lot of nerve and to not ask me for any favors in the future.

Then the emails began from her. I swear this bitch is crazy, she sent me several chastising emails. Really? You ask me for a favor, I do that favor and you email me and scold me? So my response was short and sweet something to the affect of don’t contact me again and ask for any favors, you crazy bitch, I might have suggested she get off the pipe too.

I don’t know where some people get the nerve. I know a lot of cracked out crazy whores are attracted to this business but I usually am able to steer clear of them, at least I try to. This crazy ho took the cake. I thought clients had entitlement issues, this twat was worse then any client who thought I owed them something for nothing.

umm well you dumb cunt, I don’t owe you shit your emails are now banished to the cornfieldfuck you and happy holidays 🙂