But, but, but .. you’re a whore!

So I’ve been reading the hooker message boards and zeroing in on this months latest trend. Men upset that the “whores” wont service them. But you’re a whore you HAVE to see anyone who will pay you. You don’t have choices because you’re a whore. You cant refuse me for being a entitled ass hat because you’re a WHORE

whore whore whore whore!

I’m quite sure i know what it is a do for a living, i mean i am the one fucking strangers in hotels for greenbacks but thanks for the reminder. The real question is, what is up with these guys? Have they been refused by the “whores” a lot? doubtful, my guess is they are the guys who when they were young men maybe in high-school maybe when thy were a little older who’s greatest fear with women was/is… rejection.

They feel powerless, they are not comfortable engaging women in a real way and have eventually found themselves in the pay for play game. Because they feel that when they pay they have the power and the fact that a WHORE could reject them is one of their greatest fears. To get rejected by a women who gets paid to be there is so scary to them that they go on a rampage on message boards to try to get though to these whores and their supporters they they whores shouldn’t have a choice so that they will never be in the position to be rejected by one. So they act out anonymously on message boards because if they used their real”handles” they whores might not see them so they have to do it from behind a mask and berate the whores, incite them men who generally like the whores and stomp their little feet and gnash their little teeth.

if it didn’t get so tiresome or wasn’t so pathetic, I’d find it funny.

it can be hurtful no matter how thick your skin is to be denigrated by a segment of a community who really should be more supportive since they engage in the same activities be it on the other side of the fence. Sex workers are often terribly put down by society we are not accepted and its disheartening when we are not accepted by our own. it can grate on you and often does.

I’m sure I’m just being an uppity whore.

I once had a friend

I once had a friend, who’s a “hobbyist” we hung out, i liked him, he portrayed himself to be although at times a little immature for his advanced, age a nice guy who’s intentions and heart was in the right place. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It often takes a crisis to really see what someone is made of. You learn more about people about how they act when they are confronted with an emergency then you do sitting at dinner after dinner with them. Call it the stress reflex if you like.

This friend had a personal crisis and i saw a side of him i never thought i would. Mean, unethical, lying, lashing out. It made me sad, but it also made it impossible for me to continue to be active friends with him. I cant be around that kind of toxic poison. I was also a little upset with myself for being taken in but his outward facade.

In this business we often want to connect with people who understand and except what we do for a living. Its hard lying to the people around you all the time so we seek out like minded people, this is more often then not a HUGE mistake. It has been with me on several occasions. I am not immune to wanting to connect with people who share my experiences and my free spirited attitude.

In this case this “friend”has passively aggressively made attempts to make me feel bad, hurt my feelings, bait me into arguing with him on various message boards and even backhandedly threaten my business model – wtf.

I will continue to ignore him as best i can. its not always easy but i will try. Maybe he will buy himself a young pretty girlfriend soon and he wont have time to bother me anymore.

or get run over by a bus… oh a girl can dream.

Clients 1-8. Im hitting Albany 22-26th

I’m going back out on the road.

I’m trying to arrange my life so i don’t have to work here at my home base and by work i mean dirty, nasty, fuck and suck work. I’d like to do that just on the road and keep my time here at home in beautiful Los Angeles just me working on my photo career and then if escort work comes my way, so be it but i don’t want to have to chase escort work on my home turf anymore. Those are lofty aspirations i know especially in these economic times but they are my aspirations none the less.

I’m heading out to Albany NY, that’s right Spitzer country to see clients 1-8 and maybe 10-100 who knows… i could get lucky. I have never been to NY’s state capital before as the last time i was planning on going i had to last minute cancel for family reasons. I’m excited about the trip but not about the air travel. Seems unless you own your own jet air travel from LA to Albany SUCKS ASS. Yep layovers, bad airlines, long travel times. So i will travel at night, try to sleep with the aid of magic sleep inducing pills and hope for the best.

A friend of mine Heather should be close to the area during a couple days of my trip June 22nd-26th so i get to hang out with her, that should be fun as shes a rad chick. I’m also hoping for another friend to come visit though i think that ones a long shot because getting to me all the way in NY when hes no where near it will take much effort. So as much as id like to play a little on this trip i will be working most of the time. Its also supposed to rain the whole time i there. Just as it gets to look like summer here in LA i go to NY where is rainy and gloomy. it figures.

I’m planning some other new and exciting summer destinations, since those aren’t set in stone and will take a little funding and planning I’m not ready to announce it yet. But i will soon….

Lick My Face

Lick, originally uploaded by Jenny Demilo.

I was lucky enough to photograph the wickedly beautiful and super cool Ms Justine over the weekend along with her little pet “K” we had a lot of fun running K though her paces and me documenting it all for Ms Justine’s website

All i do is point and shoot when the girls are this pretty. Okay maybe i do just a little more, but not much… i swear!

I shoot myself

Chicago2, originally uploaded by Jenny Demilo.

When i have down time on tour, i try to take a few snaps to keep my portfolio fresh. This was taken in a hotel in Chicago last week between bookings.

For those of you who last minute cancelled… see what you missed motherfuckers 😉