The hustle mentality

... get my feet back on the ground

No good deed goes unpunished is a mantra for the escort world when dealing with other women. I genuinely care about other people. I’ve been called big hearted but I’ve been called a bitch. So maybe I’m a big hearted bitch, I dunno. I’ve gone out of my way to help other girls, answer questions to those less experienced, point them in the direction of good information and help to steer them clear of the bad info that could literally ruin their lives. I do my best. Maybe I have a need to be appreciated or maybe I just don’t wanna see one more dead hooker in a hotel room off the track. Maybe a combo of both.

For this interest in helping out ladies I have been repaid with copious amounts of bullshit. Some of that is to be expected. This business attracts crazy girls (who are often really fun) and can push girls on the edge of crazy clear over to the other side. Its hard to be grounded and an escort.  Plus there’s no shortage of “hobbyists” who love nothing better then to instigate and fan the flames of bad feelings between women. There’s a certain breed of hobbyist that not only loves to interfere in the business of female interaction, they excel at it. That’s not to say that all the ladies I’ve come across are nutso, not the case at all. I’ve met and maintained friendships with many ladies throughout the years and those women I hold close to my heart and would do just about anything for (y’all know who you are)… However I think the scales are tipped in the crazy bullshit direction most of the time.

I have shot photos of girls for free, referred clients, lawyers, driven girls around, bought dinners, sent money for a plane tickets, designed web banners and even had a show down with a pimp in a Costco parking lot. I shit you not. But when I have asked… “who will help me bake this bread” ala “The Little Red Hen” working girls I have gone out of my way for pretty much never even think of busting out the rolling pin to help me bake.

Is it professional jealousy? A testament to tough times and no one wanting to go out of of their way? Or is it something else, the hustle mentality maybe. Lades are so used to hustling clients for just a little more, that they carry this prevailing attitude into their personal interactions with other women and attempt to hustle the hustler. Nothing pisses me off more then when a colleague treats me like a trick and it happens more often then it should.

It was Madeleine Albright who said … “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” I know what she is saying. We are still the second sex, we still make 73 cents on the male dollar and I don’t personally know a women alive who hasn’t been sexually harassed on at least one of her jobs though her life. We need each other like rich white boys need their frat brothers, like Latinos need the LULAC and African Americans need the NAACP. You need someone to watch your back and when they can, give you a leg up. Not because you are entitled but because that leg up brings you to just even on the playing field.

Girl Power?

That’s the real reason and after all this time and all the punished good deeds  I have endured, I still go out of my way to help other women. Especially other escorts because not only are they at a detriment because of what they do and how it’s shamed by mainstream society but because  of the disadvantage of their gender at birth.

They, we, me… need a leg up just to get even.

If you cant bribe your friends

lose lips... ruin lives

I have celebrity clients. I live in LA its almost a requirement to fuck famous dudes for cash here. I keep my mouth shut about who they are, why blow a good thing and besides I’m not here to ruin lives only to make them occasionally a little more exciting buy giving my famous clients a small bite of the forbidden fruit which is Jenny DeMilo. The first  famous guy i ever saw was a bit of a surprise as he used a pseudonym with me. So when he opened the door i was a little giddy because…

I had always been a fan.

I was amused at how by a strange turn of events i was naked on the floor being plowed rather expertly by someone who i admired. I did admire him all the more after he pounded me to high heaven but that’s neither here nor there. What i found interesting was that as i was leaving he stuffed wads of cash into my hand. I told him it wasn’t necessary, That he was too generous ( yeah i know, I’m a ho were all supposed to be money grubbing whores) he made me take the cash, looked me right in the eye and said and i quote…

“If you cant bribe your friends? Who can you bribe”

Bribery for all my friends!

He was right, that was my hush money. It made him feel better to know he sufficiently paid me to keep my trap shut about him having his way with me 12 ways to Sunday on his library floor, dinning table and hallway. And i was okay with that. The funny thing is we did become friendly after that. In fact he was the first to encourage me to start writing. So not only did i get paid, and expertly fucked by someone i was a fan of but i got encouraged to do the thing that as it turns out gives me a lot of pleasure.

it was by far one of the best appointments i had ever gone on and.. strangely i will always be grateful he picked me over the plethora of other dirty girls at his disposal. He did me a good turn and for that my lips will always be sealed.

On Call Cock Whore

"what are you wearing"

I was encouraged by my girlfriend Adora Cash and decided to join Niteflirt. What is Niteflirt? I had always heard of it but never really explored it. Its a phone sex, sex chat, webcam show service. The oldest, most reliable and most used by ladies in the sex business, I came to find out.  You can have different levels of participation which works for me since I’m not really a cam kinda girl. Unless its Chatroulette, oh how I love Chatroulette! but that a post for another day.

I set up my Niteflirt account with several different ads. You can have them in different categories (sex toys, sex, anal, oral sex, fetish, anything goes, etc)  and decided I would do the whole phone sex thing, sell some exclusive content (yeah that’s right exclusive content: pics, audio, video, other dirty things I’m still working out)  and feel the whole place out see what I was comfortable with. Turns out I can phone fuck like a champ. Who knew? I didn’t. I never really participated in a lot of phone sex in my life. I was way to busy fucking for real. So I was nervous… turns out there was no reason for that.

Operators are standing by...Naked

Being a former Pro Domme I also have ads up for domination, foot fetish, sissy training, etc.. I will make more of those as time goes by and figure out what niche in that world I’m most comfortable with, as I did leave that profession for a reason. I’ve also added some pretty dirty ideas to the submissive women section (just waiting on approval) I know when you think of “submissive” Jenny DeMilo isn’t what comes to mind. However I thought it would be a fun thing to give a go, I love to try new things, plus I know there are people out there just dying to have me in a “bottom” position and if that’s what they want… Then why the fuck shouldn’t I try to provide it… for a price.

I’m enjoying Niteflirt more then I thought I would, I seriously am. I love being surprised by phone calls and having to drop whatever I’m doing to service phone cock. Trying to find new ways to be creative, bouncing off my partners ideas to guide them to a mind blowing phone climax. You have to be creative, thoughtful, intuitive and a fucking filthy whore.  Sounds like me in a nutshell.

Waiting around to phone bone

Maybe I will graduate sometime to cam shows, I’m a little to shy for that plus being an escort who doesn’t show her face it could be problematic. I currently do “one way” cam shows, you show I tell ( err boss you around sissy boys) and I rather enjoy that. I can be bossy … shhh. Ive added the make a call button to this website and ive been letting people know via Twitter when I’m available and such. Adding new things every day to may ads. Trying to make them look professional but reflect my thoughts. Like I said I’ve been having fun. I’ve been tackling Niteflirt like I do everything else in my life systematically and by the horns.

Who knew being an on-call phone cock whore could be so much fun!

BTW, my direct phone bone line: 1-800-TO-FLIRT 94-37-015

Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated

The duce you say

A recent comment on my blog about the last meet and greet I attended got me thinking.

The commenter basically said that if it wasn’t for “bad” hobbyists that hookers like me would go broke. More then insinuating that escorts have to see not so stellar clients to get by. It’s an old argument that I believe is rooted in the age old “you cant say no, you’re a hooker” argument that comes up time and time again. I could argue the point until I’m blue in the face that escorts actually do have a choice on who they see and some guys would never accept it. I’m sure I probably will at some point bring it up again (can you say reoccurring theme) But that’s not what this comment got me thinking about.

Youre so bad on the Internet you should be punished

He seemed to imply,  actually it wasn’t an implication at all that there are more “bad” guys then good guys who see escorts. In fact the scales are so greatly tipped in the bad guy direction that he made the bold statement that escorts like me would “go broke” if we refused to see bad guys and only held out for good ones. Inferring that the majority, dare I say super majority pool of men who seek companionship are bad guys. That’s quite a statement and quite a damning commentary on his fellow hobbyists. Now to be fair he was reacting to a rather unflattering portrait I painted of my last hobby party so maybe he doesn’t truly believe most hobbyists are “bad” I would give him the benefit of the doubt on that if it wasn’t for the “zinger” her tried to get in at the end telling me I was “mean spirited” in my approach and wishing me “good luck with that” rut roh, was I being an uppity whore again and made someone mad on the Internet? Apparently so.

Now, I expected to piss some people off with my entry about my last meet and greet however I expected I would piss off the people who could see themselves reflected in the behaviors I wrote about. Maybe I was being naive but I didn’t expect to see such a blanket statement made by a man, a hobbyist, a john about his “bros” Sure I expected ladies who have shared experiences to chime in with their thoughts about similar situations but for a hobbyist to so flatly state that hobbyists are bad? What a surprise.

So the question is do hobbyists really think all other hobbyists are bad guys? Do they think of themselves that way or when they talk about how hookers would go broke if it weren’t for bad guys, do they mean all the other guys ..yanno all the other guys but them.

A hero not a zero

I know from the female prospective that lots of escorts struggle with the morality of what they do, the good and bad of it all. A lot of stigma is put on the “whore” even from within the community there is still stigma put on the ladies and there is still a heavy shame factor. There is  stigma put on men who frequent prostitutes too but in the “hobby and message board subculture” its not so prevalent. The men are regaled who see many hookers, they write glowing reviews of their encounters, they are commended for writing not so glowing reviews of their encounters under the guise of looking out for each other. The women of course are often still just “whores” and many times discounted for it but them men… heroes among mongers.

Why do wrong when you can Do-Right

So is that all just so much bullshit? Do they really think their fellow punter is a “bad guy” the guy they cyber high five for his detailed review of the hooker hes just fucked is really in their own eyes  “bad.” Is that self loathing? Or an inability to come to terms with the reasoning  of seeking out intimate encounters with paid ladies in the first place? Or worse is is derived from the observation that many hobbyists don’t treat the ladies they see with respect …. outside of the bedroom.

Is this really what hobbyists think of each other? I sure hope not because that is sad indeed. I know I don’t think poorly of the other ladies who choose to do this. Everyone has their reasons and everyone has their own demons and to generalize and put down an entire group for their choice, a choice I might add that I have in fact made for myself would be down right “mean spirited.”

I like to think I’m more self realized then that… at least I try hard to be.

“Human beings will line up for miles to buy a bucket of catastrophes, but don’t try selling sunshine and light – you’ll go broke.” ~Chuck Jones