Here’s a little tidbit from my shoot the other day. I was lucky enough to have been chosen to shoot the lovely and adorable Jazmine for her first professional phtoshoot. It was a real treat to work with such a fresh, sweet and professional young woman.

Jazz was eager to do some good work, took direction very well, was professional and was just plain old pleasant to be around. Both my make up girl (little blondie) and myself had a great afternoon with Jazz and her little furry companion. (woof!)

Okay back to work for me on Jazz’s pictures!

3 thoughts on “Jazmine

  • Juan

    You are a beautiful women. Are you a 7 Diamond Girl?

    Then you need the t-shirt:

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Hey thanks Val! Jazz made it easy not only is she beautiful but shes a sweetheart to work with.

    Juan..umm thanks but thats not me! im Jenny thats Jazz! 7 Diamonds. hell shes 10!


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