Cockslut Femdom Hypnosis

Femdom Hypnosis meets electronica

My latest Femdom hypnosis Mp3 collaboration with Sal DeBain is out and available. Its called “CockSlut” Yes this is a forced bi BDSM Mp3 audio file. Forcedbi it popular among my Mp3 purchasers so i do like to keep them happy by making more for them to gobble up.This a professionally produced and its really for lack of a better term “trippy” it really starts to hear up at about the 7 minute mark when the tracks divide and you get two, two, two tracks in one. Half your brain will hear one side the other half will have a completely difference experience. It really raises the bar on Erotic Femdom Hypnosis.

Listen to a sample of Cockslut

X-Posted from Is shutting down

RIP is shutting down in just a few days. Its really to bad i liked that site. I suppose we all should have seen the writing on the wall when a few months back they took all their reviews off line “for maintenance” Before that the company that owns then under went a little visit by federal authorities. Now no one really knows if they were visited because of as the company has its hands in several business from 800 numbers, to webcam sites, to adult film distribution. So really who knows but what we do know is they are shutting down end of May. was a great resource for smaller city touring, it was the resource for small town touring. Plus though it had reviews and had ads, it had NO forums. What in my humble opinion was awesome and welcome  change from message boards and mall ad sites. A way to do business, meet clients, show you were legit and not have to worry about board culture, hobbyist’s ego and and power grabs? Yeah that will be missed… a lot.  It certainly was a tool I used when i went out on the road and a gap will be left from its closure. It will be interesting to see what takes its place, and you know something will, something always does when something like this happens. I hope what ever it is, that they run their show at least close to how ran theirs.


I double dare you

pretty pretty

It was waiting for me when I returned from vacation. I love it when sex toys just show up! This one is glass. I have a long affection for glass toys. I threw out pretty much all my rubber ones a while back (my trash recyclers must have loved that) and decided to go with an all glass toy collection. Here’s the deal, glass toys last forever, they are easy to clean and keep clean.. oh and they feel great. Smooth, cool and hard. The Double Dare is no exception to the rule, plus … its pink! Its got some good girth to it and I’ve already talked about how much i like that, plus its got better then your average bear nubs on it. Lots of glass toys don’t take the nubs up a notch to 11 but this adorable glass dildo isnt shy about it, they are cranked up on high. gotta love that. When your building a collection of glass sexy toys the double dare is a good addition, It looks good and it feels better. I was alone but its the kinda toy id like to bust out with a friend. You never have to worry about your partner feeling intimidated with glass toys because as I’ve often said before.. They feel bigger then they are so a size queen like me can get away with a more normal size looking toy but still get the feeling of something larger and more … ummm…. fulfilling. I like to call that a win/win.


I’m getting outta dodge for a week. Southern road trip with the Supercrush. We’ve never spent more then an hour in a car together so this outta be a fun learning experience. Where am i going?… I’m heading to Tennesse.


“For some strange reason it had to be. It was all a dream about Tennessee”

See ya’ll next week!

…and statistics

This just in: Still not a pornstar

Though I’m pretty sure I’m going to start telling people I am and see if it will make me a lot more money. In this economy it sure couldn’t hurt to add PORNSTAR to my long list of achievements! I mean, what the hell I’ll just point them in the direction of all the blather and chatter about my “porn career” who cares if there’s no evidence to back up my porn fame claim, I don’t need any of that when I have… Internet rumors!