Clients 1-8. Im hitting Albany 22-26th

I’m going back out on the road.

I’m trying to arrange my life so i don’t have to work here at my home base and by work i mean dirty, nasty, fuck and suck work. I’d like to do that just on the road and keep my time here at home in beautiful Los Angeles just me working on my photo career and then if escort work comes my way, so be it but i don’t want to have to chase escort work on my home turf anymore. Those are lofty aspirations i know especially in these economic times but they are my aspirations none the less.

I’m heading out to Albany NY, that’s right Spitzer country to see clients 1-8 and maybe 10-100 who knows… i could get lucky. I have never been to NY’s state capital before as the last time i was planning on going i had to last minute cancel for family reasons. I’m excited about the trip but not about the air travel. Seems unless you own your own jet air travel from LA to Albany SUCKS ASS. Yep layovers, bad airlines, long travel times. So i will travel at night, try to sleep with the aid of magic sleep inducing pills and hope for the best.

A friend of mine Heather should be close to the area during a couple days of my trip June 22nd-26th so i get to hang out with her, that should be fun as shes a rad chick. I’m also hoping for another friend to come visit though i think that ones a long shot because getting to me all the way in NY when hes no where near it will take much effort. So as much as id like to play a little on this trip i will be working most of the time. Its also supposed to rain the whole time i there. Just as it gets to look like summer here in LA i go to NY where is rainy and gloomy. it figures.

I’m planning some other new and exciting summer destinations, since those aren’t set in stone and will take a little funding and planning I’m not ready to announce it yet. But i will soon….

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  • Sabina

    Me too!
    On the bright side, if it's rainy and gloomy, people won't want to spend their time doing anything except have sex with you, right?

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