Hit the road Jack

So i’m starting to think about touring for next year. Ive done a little bit in the past but usually its to Vegas, which I’ve pretty much figured out. After the winter thaw this next year I’m going to be hitting the road once a month and going on short mini tours to different cities across the nation.

I have a special needs pooch i have to send to “dog camp” while I’m gone so I’m not going to do any 2/3 week treks but i will go out for a 3 days to a week every month and try out some new cities and see what i can make of it.

I’m nervous because touring means financial investments as well as time away from your home market (where i do pretty good) and you never really know if its going to pay off. You kinda have to jump in blind with both feet, rely on your research and hope for the best. I know girls who clean up touring. However the economy is changing on almost a daily basis so working smart is essential. I can not afford to go to a city and have it be a bust (not literally! i screen to avoid that!) So in an effort to make sure i don’t screw it up and to waylay my touring fears i will throw myself into research and anxiety mode until March maybe April when I’m slated to begin city hopping once a month. That’s right i will trade fear for anxiety!

Some places I’m thinking about visiting:
New Jersey/NYC
Washington DC (and surrounding areas)
The Carolinas
there’s a few others but im still looking into them, if anyone out there has suggestions of good places to visit or touring tips and tricks… then fire away. I need all the anxiety relief i can get 😉