Inspiried to act

As the latest presidential election comes to the finish line, i reflect back on my own apathy and disillusionment with the US government and my place in it. There was a time when i was very politically active. I was involved and felt like my voice counted. Over the last 8 years i have felt lied to, helpless and as if my one little voice didn’t mean a thing. I was essentially told by my government that i didn’t matter and they didn’t care that i knew it.

This latest election i see people inspired to act. People who have very little giving anything extra, forgoing groceries and basics to help change the country they love for the better. Its brought tears to my eyes on a daily basis to see people pull together for the common good. To see people get out there and volunteer their time, to rally those around them to act and to be as inspiring as they are inspired. It chokes me up and makes me proud.

I’m an patriot, i always have been. I vote, even when i don’t want to get out of bed, i feel its an obligation as much as a right. I registered to vote on my 18th birthday because it was important to me. I’ve been involved in local politics and school politics. I served on my first school committee when i was only 9 years old. (yeah i went to one of those schools) and I’ve begun to feel again like i need to be involved and that my voice again could matter.

So i would like to say a personal thank you to Barack Obama for giving me back my hope and for helping me once again find my voice which has had a terrible case of laryngitis for 8 long ass years.