I write therefore I am

"I once saw a dildo .. this big"

As you may have noticed over the last year I’ve been writing sex toy reviews for Eden Fantasys. It’s been a really fun experience and I do love it when random sex toys show up in my mail (who wouldn’t). Actually I do love sex toys in general so toy reviews were a natural progression. After taking a break from toy reviews because of my cross country move and having no time for anything let along testing out and writing about naughty sex toys and after getting settled in to my new digs I was approached about writing other things that relate to Eden Fantasys, so I wont be doing the toy reviews any longer but writing about other sexy naughty informative sex culture things in sponsored post for the folks at Eden Fantasys. Instead of keeping the product I review, I’ll be receiving gift cards so I can pick out my own naughty toys and we all know how much I love gift cards… and naughty sex toys. Its a win win in my book and I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl, seeing how it goes and writing about all kinds of interesting and different things. But wait there’s more (said in my best  as seen on TV voice) this isn’t a program special just for me if you are a sexy writer (i know a lot of you write) with a readership above nil then this is open to you too. The official name is “Eden Loves Bloggers” and you don”t have to be an escort or sex worker to write for them they have options  for mommy bloggers too. I’ve been treated really well by them and have enjoyed the whole process  and I can recommend then and you should check them out  So there ya have it, a little whats new in the world of Jenny and a  little share the blog wealth. Tell um Jenny sent ya, ha!

The bigger the better

it glows!

Its always a surprise when I get my monthly package for the folks over at Eden Fantasys. This time when I tore open the plan brown wrapper I found the Jelly Royales Dong. Now this is a big sex toy and i just happen to be the kinda girl who likes her toys sizable. I suppose that qualifies me as a size queen.. so be it!

My preference is always that fake cocks look fake, even the “realistic” ones. I  want to make sure i remember its not a real boner i’m playing with! I like them in weird colors and  this one did not disappoint. Its a strange bluish color even though its supposed to be clear it almost seems to glow a little. Like i said its big, 9 inches and thick. oh my lucky lady parts. Its also made out of a flexible jelly like material so its bendable but keeps its hard thickness when you go to town on yourself or in my case when you let a partner abuse you with a giant 9 inch dildo that glows as it disappears inside you. Good times!  Being as big as it is, id hold off on any back door action…yanno unless you’re a greedy glutton for large cock in your ass.

You’re the tops

sexy time

I often feel like Steve Martian in the jerk when my new naughty toys arrive from the good folks at Eden Fantasys “The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here…. err sex toys are here” and this month was no different. When i opened the box i was greeted with an odd cone like vibration toy called “ The pleasure top” its pink! and what girl doesn’t want her futuristic cone like sex toy in pink, i know i do. So this strange little sex toy has two vibration points in the base (mild to weak) and on the clit stimulator (mild to medium) and its smaller then you think from the photos. Id call this a beginners toy, partly because of the size and partly because its mild in vibration. Don’t get scared and freaked out its not like a traffic cone you’ll be puttin up ya cooche regardless of how scary the photo its, its actually quite cute and easily usable and i did put it though its paces. i cant help it .. im like a goat!

I’m not really a beginner when it comes to unusual sex toys (or unusual sex for that matter) so this cute little pink vibrator will likely be something i put out for show and not a regular in my self lovin line up.

Taste the rainbow

Taste the rainbow? I'd rather fuck it

Its not exactly a secret that that i love glass sex toys. Okay love is an understatement, but you get the picture. Well imagine my delight when this months package arrived from the good folks over at Eden Fantasys and viola (yes that’s French) The Rainbow G Dildo by SSA Glass was waiting fr me to unwrap it and go to town.  It comes in a crushed velvet drawstring pouch, mine was red and its very cute in all its rainbow bumpy nubby goodness. Okay really its the primary colors red, blue and yellow but its still colorful and fun. They have two versions of this cute glass toy. A straight and narrow glass dildo and one with a curve or a twist which ever you wanna call. Its a fun little  glass toy with no too much girth, id put it on the “medium” scale for size. That’s good news because its not going to be to daunting if you decide its time for a little back door glass toy action. couple that with the pretty colors and who could  complain it might be too scary. with this cute colorful toy you just wanna go for it and i did cuz that’s the kinda girl i am. Its glass which makes care and cleaning a breeze which is always a bonus. Its a good addition to any sex toy collection especially if you like glass toys and well i do, i really really do.

Bondage for Beginners

To Domme or not to Domme

I love t when new sex toys arrive in my mail! I do, i really really do!

Its called a beginners Dominatrix kit but I’d call it a micro Dominatrix starter kit. It contains 3 items, stockings in the fishnet style, a mask that’s more like a cat woman mask and a  little black slapper for inflicting the discipline on your willing  submissive. So the stockings are always useful, these are not super awesome for wearing on your legs but they will make excellent items to tie someone up with. And if you cant untie them it wont break your heart to have to cut them off and ruin them for any kinda fun leg time wearing. The mask is adjustable and if you want to role play batman and cat women then you’re ready to make your first step in that direction. ( i like the Adam West and Eartha Kitt combo myself) The slapper is the most useful item in this bondage kit, its small and does pack a impact punch but remember this is a starter kit so go slow and work your way up to your new found sub taking the pain… Oh and remember to use a safe word… mine for this starter kit experiment was “Its only 15.99”