I do believe in fairies

Just like magic!

Its toy time again. I love it when i get sex toys in my mail, i love it even more when i get to try to them out then write about what i think. This times its the Eden Fantasys Fairy Wand Massager. Okay first off this is a plug in the wall type toy no batteries needed. When it arrived the packaging cracked me up. I’m not sure which foreign country this item is made but the pink box has pretty much no writing on it just a picture of the item with the word ” Fairy” Lets call this …errr ahhhh… minimalist!

When i plugged in the fairy wand (yes the toy is pink too, cuz its for girls!) and put this wand massager though its paces and my lady parts though there’s this is what i discovered. Its loud, but really i don’t care let my new noisy stupid neighbors here me vroom vrooming though the walls. Its got a dial not level switch so it can be a little trying finding your right speed. Its got power! This this revs like a champ id say the Fairy Wand is better then the Hatachi in that department. Its a definite keeper and my lady parts agree the fairy wand works just like magic and its now a permanent of part of my collection and lives in my drawer of sin. Its made a believer out of me . i do believe in fairies, i do, i do, i do.

I double dare you

pretty pretty

It was waiting for me when I returned from vacation. I love it when sex toys just show up! This one is glass. I have a long affection for glass toys. I threw out pretty much all my rubber ones a while back (my trash recyclers must have loved that) and decided to go with an all glass toy collection. Here’s the deal, glass toys last forever, they are easy to clean and keep clean.. oh and they feel great. Smooth, cool and hard. The Double Dare is no exception to the rule, plus … its pink! Its got some good girth to it and I’ve already talked about how much i like that, plus its got better then your average bear nubs on it. Lots of glass toys don’t take the nubs up a notch to 11 but this adorable glass dildo isnt shy about it, they are cranked up on high. gotta love that. When your building a collection of glass sexy toys the double dare is a good addition, It looks good and it feels better. I was alone but its the kinda toy id like to bust out with a friend. You never have to worry about your partner feeling intimidated with glass toys because as I’ve often said before.. They feel bigger then they are so a size queen like me can get away with a more normal size looking toy but still get the feeling of something larger and more … ummm…. fulfilling. I like to call that a win/win.

Naughty Distractions

What a way to spend the day

Being as The Supercrush (that’s code for my boyfriend) and I live in different states I often have long periods of time where I have to entertain myself in the sexy time department. Good thing the folks at Eden Fantasys were kind enough to send me out a little naughty distraction for my lady parts.

This time when I opened the mail it was the Evolve Diamante vibrator. First thing i noticed was the pretty awesome packaging. Metallic metal case much like a sexy purple lunch box! It’s so much nicer to get something packaged in something modern and cool instead of some brown paper bag or outdated graphics and photos from the 70’s (no one wants to see a 70’s stache on a dude holding a vibe on the box of their new sex toy)  Inside this nicely designed box was the toy its self (it doesn’t come with batteries so better have a few on hand) it’s big and being a size queen (shhh don’t tell)  i could feel a little tingle of excitement as most toys that say they are big, really are kinda average. This thing isn’t just a good size in length, its got girth! And is sorta a half hard plastic and half smoother rubber, woot! it also has several speeds that aren’t so loud you will wake the neighbors while you go to town on yourself .. it really feels like a dildo with vibration. Which is a nice little… errr big toy to add to your sex toy collection. (so much better then collecting stamps)

it does the job well and worked hard as a stand in for my regular fare… hot sweaty sex with the supercrush. Not quite a stunt cock but when you’re alone and looking for a little me time, the XX will treat ya right, it treated me right … twice!

Toys in the attic

It's Purty!

There’s nothing I like better then sex toys in my mail. Okay there’s a few things, like big fat stacks of cash, rainbows and sparkly ponies, but those doesn’t invoke the giddy response of “ohhhh Prezzies” like random free stuff does.  I was contacted by the folks at Eden Fantasys, they liked the honesty of my blog (i love it when people like me) and wanted me to do a little write up on one of their products. Gotta love folks who want you to speak the truth. I figured why not. I like writing and i like sex toys so it was tailor made for little ole me.

As i do with any of the product reviews I’ve written up i had this item sent over to Lou… My best friends furry tabby cat. I’ve written about Lou before and his relationship with the UPS/USPS/FEDEX people and since I’m lazy about the P.O. Box thing i like to have saucy mail sent over to his house because it makes me laugh. When the The Bnaughty Deluxe bullet vibrator arrived, I was really rather impressed by the packaging. Yes, i know I’m a design nerd. My background as an art director demands I pay attention to such things. Quality matte paper with spot color and varnish, they put some cash into it. When I took the bullet vibe out of the box it too had a sleek modern design. Looking good to the eye is a good first step I mean who wants to in the throws of passion whup out something that looks like it was conceived and made in some junk yard. Black and silver with an almost ergonomic shape to it. The cord from the actual bullet vibratie part to the controller could be a little longer but that’s really not much to complain about. This thing has several speeds. 1,2,3 are what you would expect  escalating constant speeds like most vibrators. Its when you get up to 4,5,6,7 that the fun begins. Low thudding vibration is first up on the menu, then some patterns of alternating pulsing and vibration in various combinations. Yeah that’s different and rather fun, my lady parts would have done a jig provided they had the ability to.

This little but powerful sex toy is best enjoyed with a partner cuz really when your alone you just need to get the job done and all those bells and whistles are not necessary. With a partner though, this could be a real sweet little addition to your toy chest. Looks good, fairly quit so you dont have to compete with the toys volume when you get vocal, with lots of speed, pulse and rhythm variation. Just talking about it makes me wanna bust the sucker out and go to town on myself…