The bigger the better

it glows!
Its always a surprise when I get my monthly package for the folks over at Eden Fantasys. This time when I tore open the plan brown wrapper I found the Jelly Royales Dong. Now this is a big sex toy and i just happen to be the kinda girl who likes her toys sizable. I suppose that qualifies me as a size queen.. so be it!

My preference is always that fake cocks look fake, even the “realistic” ones. I  want to make sure i remember its not a real boner i’m playing with! I like them in weird colors and  this one did not disappoint. Its a strange bluish color even though its supposed to be clear it almost seems to glow a little. Like i said its big, 9 inches and thick. oh my lucky lady parts. Its also made out of a flexible jelly like material so its bendable but keeps its hard thickness when you go to town on yourself or in my case when you let a partner abuse you with a giant 9 inch dildo that glows as it disappears inside you. Good times!  Being as big as it is, id hold off on any back door action…yanno unless you’re a greedy glutton for large cock in your ass.