Taste the rainbow

Taste the rainbow? I'd rather fuck it
Its not exactly a secret that that i love glass sex toys. Okay love is an understatement, but you get the picture. Well imagine my delight when this months package arrived from the good folks over at Eden Fantasys and viola (yes that’s French) The Rainbow G Dildo by SSA Glass was waiting fr me to unwrap it and go to town.  It comes in a crushed velvet drawstring pouch, mine was red and its very cute in all its rainbow bumpy nubby goodness. Okay really its the primary colors red, blue and yellow but its still colorful and fun. They have two versions of this cute glass toy. A straight and narrow glass dildo and one with a curve or a twist which ever you wanna call. Its a fun little  glass toy with no too much girth, id put it on the “medium” scale for size. That’s good news because its not going to be to daunting if you decide its time for a little back door glass toy action. couple that with the pretty colors and who could  complain it might be too scary. with this cute colorful toy you just wanna go for it and i did cuz that’s the kinda girl i am. Its glass which makes care and cleaning a breeze which is always a bonus. Its a good addition to any sex toy collection especially if you like glass toys and well i do, i really really do.