Bondage for Beginners

To Domme or not to Domme
I love t when new sex toys arrive in my mail! I do, i really really do!

Its called a beginners Dominatrix kit but I’d call it a micro Dominatrix starter kit. It contains 3 items, stockings in the fishnet style, a mask that’s more like a cat woman mask and a  little black slapper for inflicting the discipline on your willing  submissive. So the stockings are always useful, these are not super awesome for wearing on your legs but they will make excellent items to tie someone up with. And if you cant untie them it wont break your heart to have to cut them off and ruin them for any kinda fun leg time wearing. The mask is adjustable and if you want to role play batman and cat women then you’re ready to make your first step in that direction. ( i like the Adam West and Eartha Kitt combo myself) The slapper is the most useful item in this bondage kit, its small and does pack a impact punch but remember this is a starter kit so go slow and work your way up to your new found sub taking the pain… Oh and remember to use a safe word… mine for this starter kit experiment was “Its only 15.99”