I double dare you

pretty pretty
It was waiting for me when I returned from vacation. I love it when sex toys just show up! This one is glass. I have a long affection for glass toys. I threw out pretty much all my rubber ones a while back (my trash recyclers must have loved that) and decided to go with an all glass toy collection. Here’s the deal, glass toys last forever, they are easy to clean and keep clean.. oh and they feel great. Smooth, cool and hard. The Double Dare is no exception to the rule, plus … its pink! Its got some good girth to it and I’ve already talked about how much i like that, plus its got better then your average bear nubs on it. Lots of glass toys don’t take the nubs up a notch to 11 but this adorable glass dildo isnt shy about it, they are cranked up on high. gotta love that. When your building a collection of glass sexy toys the double dare is a good addition, It looks good and it feels better. I was alone but its the kinda toy id like to bust out with a friend. You never have to worry about your partner feeling intimidated with glass toys because as I’ve often said before.. They feel bigger then they are so a size queen like me can get away with a more normal size looking toy but still get the feeling of something larger and more … ummm…. fulfilling. I like to call that a win/win.