I do believe in fairies

Just like magic!
Its toy time again. I love it when i get sex toys in my mail, i love it even more when i get to try to them out then write about what i think. This times its the Eden Fantasys Fairy Wand Massager. Okay first off this is a plug in the wall type toy no batteries needed. When it arrived the packaging cracked me up. I’m not sure which foreign country this item is made but the pink box has pretty much no writing on it just a picture of the item with the word ” Fairy” Lets call this …errr ahhhh… minimalist!

When i plugged in the fairy wand (yes the toy is pink too, cuz its for girls!) and put this wand massager though its paces and my lady parts though there’s this is what i discovered. Its loud, but really i don’t care let my new noisy stupid neighbors here me vroom vrooming though the walls. Its got a dial not level switch so it can be a little trying finding your right speed. Its got power! This this revs like a champ id say the Fairy Wand is better then the Hatachi in that department. Its a definite keeper and my lady parts agree the fairy wand works just like magic and its now a permanent of part of my collection and lives in my drawer of sin. Its made a believer out of me . i do believe in fairies, i do, i do, i do.

One thought on “I do believe in fairies

  • Reminds me of Golden Girls when Dorothy says to Blanche, “I do! I do believe in sluts!” Is there something wrong with me that I can relate everything back to Golden Girls? LOL

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