Southwest Companions Compromised

Another escort review/message board went down in flames yesterday. This time southwest companions. Though the site is still up and apparently live. The owner of the small board was arrested in New Mexico on 40 counts of promoting prostitution. The media is having a frenzy as always and calling it a “prostitution ring” Which of course the site isn’t. Its a review board and message board like so many across the nation.Southwest Companions was a private board, the general public wasn’t welcome. You had to be referenced in to get access to the message board, reviews etc. Just like so many smaller boards. Make no mistake about it southwest companions is a very small message board in the grand scheme of escort message boards.It serviced a small and targeted area.

The site is compromised, and im guessing it will go down as soon as Go Daddy who hosts it gets the correct paper work to take it down. In reading all the info i can and putting my feelers out it appears that a “trusted” member was not really so trusted but a member of law enforcement who infiltrated the site by being referenced in. Likely and according to the media someone busted, worked with LE to help arrest the owner by legitimizing a cop.  I’ve been a long advocate of not going by message board sanctions of who is “trustworthy” and this is just another example of how easy those boards can be compromised. You can not let someone else do your screening and that’s what all these boards calling people “trusted” does. A local board here in LA there was a brutal rapist listed as “trusted” a man currently in jail on federal drug charges and who was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder was a high level “trusted” member long after his incarceration. Ive written before about the long time reviewer in Moco county that flipped and granted his access to law enforcement to many different kinds of boards that served the escort community and that shut down working in that area for months.

Though message boards can seem to be safe places for people of like mind to hook up you can not rely on them and must screen yourself. Be you a client or a provider. The only person you can trust is YOU. Any system can be infiltrated. In this case they spent 6 months building a case, to take down a site/board owner of a small essentially “meet up” site. My guess is that if the owner gets a good lawyer and doesn’t buckle to the pressure to plead out that he will beat this case. Its not a “ring” its a virtual meet and greet, this guy didn’t run girls (to the best of my knowledge) he provided a place for people to make their own connections. Reviews have always been problematic and here’s another reason why I dont like them. They can and will be used against you in a court of law, they can and will be used to arrest you. In this case they were used to arrest a message board owner and arrest him on 40 counts.