Kimberly Kupps Needs Your Help

Kimberly Kupps
You thought making porn was legal, I know you’re under the impression that its free speech to make porn, that it’s protected. Well think again. Kimberly Kupps a resident of Polk County FLA was arrested recently for making adult content and producing her own porn for profit. The reports were first that she was arrested for making clips for the popular do it yourself clip site Clips4Sale, of which i myself have a fetish clip studio and have now come around to say she was making porn for her own self run website. Miss Kupps and her husband are both facing obscenity charges. Seems Polk county FLA (it’s always FLA now isn’t it) has a hyper-religious law enforcement team who have decided to go after consenting adults making a living in private way and have declared a war on porn.


Miss Kupps isn’t the only one being arrested and prosecuted for obscenity. Here in LA (Pasadena) Ira Isaacs  a producer of very non mainstream fetish porn is in the middle of a long federal battle about sending some of his materials out in the mail. Then of course there’s Max Hardcore currently in prison serving a 46 month sentence. Now both Ira Isaacs and Max hardcore make a more extreme kind of adult material, so one might conclude that by the nature of the kind of work they produce that they are easy targets for religious zealots and porn abolitionist but miss Kupps? She’s just a MILF who fucks with big giant tits. Nothing extreme about that, nothing even slightly questionable about that kinda porn. Unless of course you live in Polk County.

Obscenity is an interesting angle because from my understanding that standard is set by “the community” and Polk county is alleging she violated “state law” but Internet porn is, well the community of the Internet. Which is everywhere. Not to forget that Reality Kings is based in FLA as well. There is plenty of porn in FLA being produced by large and small companies a like, why target a very small fish? Oh I remember why….Polk County.  I’m not sure how this case is going to twist and turn but I sure hope its twists to a big fuck you to Polk County and their over zealous crew of right wing political nut bags who seem to hate porn or anything adult oriented but are likely the types sit in dark rooms full of shame, hoping their apple pie wives, who hate sex cuz Jesus wouldn’t like it, don’t walk in on them tiny dick in hand and jerking off to it.

I urge everyone to support Miss Kupps in this her obvious time of need. Anyone who makes adult content on their own knows for most its a lot of work for just enough pay off to get by. I’m sure and have been told that Miss Kupps is not rolling in dough and now must fight a unjust case against her. I’m pretty sure she wont be making porn in uptight over zealous stupid Polk county while this is going on so how exactly is she supposed to earn a living and pay a lawyer.

I don’t personally know Miss Kupps at all, never met her, never talked to her online, never exchanged emails with her but she needs all of our help. There is a legal defense fund and I would hope that everyone reading this would give a few bucks to help Miss Kupps fight the good fight and beat this case. Seriously if you have 5 bucks, that’s 5 bucks she didn’t have before to help fight a case that could be stetting a standard and make the abolitionists and Jesus freaks bolder in other backwoods small towns. Who’s next?.. could be anyone.

Kimberly Kupps Defense Fund: