Slut Walk Re-Cap

Slut walk was by all accounts, a success. Could it have been more successful, yes but cant things like this always be? I went to work the SWOP-LA table and help spread the word about sex worker issues. Being as the point of Slut Walk is to bring attention to and stop victim blaming and slut shamming they would be by all accounts a receptive audience. Sex workers are often the targets of slut shaming and are often maligned as well as often being targets of violence and sexual assault. Why? Because people forget were human and think because in many cases the sex work we do is illegal we wont go the authorities to report crimes against us and if we do.. were often not taken seriously. Yes, this still happens and yes this is the 21st century not the dark ages were living it. But i digress. I was happy to speak to as many people as i could about SWOP-LA and what they/we are working towards, about sex worker rights and also to help promote the next SWOP-LA event. Yes, i was fund raising too at Slut Walk and SWOP-LA did rake in a few bucks which should help offset some costs. I personally wet out of pocket on  flyers and so did a few others. I was working the SWOP-LA table along side Jessie Nicole SWOPs director and Serene Sin a BDSM educator and professional Domina. Other SWOP members and supporters showed up notably Mistress Justine Cross. I met Mistress Sativa, Porn Star Jessica Drake, and lots and lots of really nice interested and motivated young people. I even had a nice chat with the lady from NOW who hopefully will table at the next SWOP event. That’s a big deal as NOW hasn’t always been the most receptive to sex workers in general. All in in all it went well and us ladies of SWOP-LA rocked it. You should have been there.

I do believe in fairies

Just like magic!
Its toy time again. I love it when i get sex toys in my mail, i love it even more when i get to try to them out then write about what i think. This times its the Eden Fantasys Fairy Wand Massager. Okay first off this is a plug in the wall type toy no batteries needed. When it arrived the packaging cracked me up. I’m not sure which foreign country this item is made but the pink box has pretty much no writing on it just a picture of the item with the word ” Fairy” Lets call this …errr ahhhh… minimalist!

When i plugged in the fairy wand (yes the toy is pink too, cuz its for girls!) and put this wand massager though its paces and my lady parts though there’s this is what i discovered. Its loud, but really i don’t care let my new noisy stupid neighbors here me vroom vrooming though the walls. Its got a dial not level switch so it can be a little trying finding your right speed. Its got power! This this revs like a champ id say the Fairy Wand is better then the Hatachi in that department. Its a definite keeper and my lady parts agree the fairy wand works just like magic and its now a permanent of part of my collection and lives in my drawer of sin. Its made a believer out of me . i do believe in fairies, i do, i do, i do.

Slut Walk LA June 4th 2011

647 N. San Vicente Bl West Hollywood June 4th 12pm
Have you heard of slut walk? Its a phenomenon that started in Canada and has spread world wide. Its a movement to reclaim the word “slut” and to try to end “slut shaming” In Canada an officer of the law was speaking to some students and said “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized” That’s an all in one statement. It slut shames and it victim blames. Its a double whammy and coming from a person in a position of authority in law enforcement well no bueno, really, really no bueno.  OK the officer was reprimanded and sent back to where ever they train to get well, retrained but it was the spark that started the slut walk protests. People taking to the streets to stop slut shaming our girls… all over the world.

Los Angeles is now in the mix and they have a slut walk planed for June 4th, 2011 in West Hollywood, CA and I will be there. Yes, I’m a slut. Well, I was a slut before a i was a whore. I suppose some people would still call me a slut. I’m also a female who doesn’t feel  like the shirt i chose to wear or the skit i pull up over my hot ass should be responsible for the violent act of rape.  Slut shaming needs to stop, its prevalent in or society and its hurting our girls.

I will be at slut walk LA  on June 4th to show my support and to work the SWOPLA (sex workers out reach project LA)  table. Please if you’re there come by and say hi, sign up for the SWOPLA mailing list and take to the streets and let your voice be heard… You don’t have to be a slut to participate.

Slut Walk LA:

Join us June 4th at 12pm in West Hollywood Park for a Rally and Walk


Stop Slut Shaming