Break it on down

I get asked a lot “who sees escorts”? Most people think its what they see on TV streetwalkers like on HBO’s hookers on the point who see convicts who just need to bust a nut after being locked up for 7 to10. I guess thats one element but i’ve never experienced it.

In my experience it really breaks down like this …

90% are married or involved men. They are missing something in their relationships (intimacy, sex, variety maybe all of it) and they rationalize to themselves that it’s not “cheating” because they are paying for it.

The guy who’s crossing it off their list of things to do, like skydiving. If it were legal he’d go once in a while. He’s usually single and in a dating dry spell. The casual user 😉

The guys who would never get laid without it. Nice guys, NO game. They are uncomfortable around women; they don’t look you in the eye. They will never be the guys who pick up the tasty piece of ass at the bar. So he rents her by the hour.

Then there’s the ones that I do my best to screen out. They always need to tell you how attractive they are. They make a point of letting you know that they don’t “have” to pay for it and usually they’re right. They are good-looking guys with lots of game and plenty of charm. They could go out and pick up hot girls every night of the week. They talk the talk and walk the walk. They call an escort because they are lazy. As a result they are resentful they have a “service me” attitude they are lazy lovers and treat you like a whore. yuck.

They are your brothers, your husbands, your fathers, and your sons. They are rich, poor and everything in between. They are of every color of the human rainbow All kinds of men hire escorts.

If they didn’t… i’d be out of a job!

Tools of the trade

bra_rubber, originally uploaded by Jenny Demilo.

I went to Vegas to work for the first time this past October. I was very nervous as i usually stick close to my comfort zone and hence close to home, but it was time to branch out and try new things. so i headed to sin city in hopes of working my ass off (litteraly) and making a fist full of dough.

My trip was good, it was good enough that i will be back every couple of months. I was fresh meat,, the new face, the new girl on the block, i now understand why girls travel. you show up, you’re new and everyone wants to break off a piece of you.

who was i to deny them their fun.

since i was there to shoot pictures as well as bring smiles to strange men’s faces i had all my photo gear with me. I shot this bra and rubber picture as my clothes were laid out on my bed for my evenings adventure being a naughty, naughty girl and a dirty whore.

hot and sexy black bra to contain my luscious double D’s and lifestyle condoms or as i like to call them …

my tools of the trade…

How to get in my pants without paying

I get this a lot. “ Yo baby we should hook up” umm okay, pass my screening and how much time do you want to pay for? oh you don’t want to pay for my time? You just want me to give it away to you for free… Why, cuz you’re special?

Here’s a handy, dandy list to help you see if you qualify for a tasty bite of Jenny sans greenbacks.

1. You must host, at your home.
-There is no way i’m meeting you in some hotel/ motel, your “friends” house, your RV or your car. No we cannot go to my place. I don’t want you to know where I live.

2. Your place must be clean!
– If your place resembles a frat house, an outhouse or your mother’s basement or if you have posters haphazardly pined to the walls and dirty dishes in the sink … I’m out!

3. You must be tall
– I’m a tall girl, so you need to be taller then me. 6 foot to 6’4. I will know if your 5’9 pretending to be 6 foot tall. I always do.

4. You must be hung
– I’m talking big, fat, long, thick 8+ tasty cock. Oh and its got to be functional with no help for the little blue meanie. Viagra is cheating.

5. You must be hot.
I mean Mens Fitness hot. Not quirky hot, not once was hot, not on your way to being hot. I mean head turning hot. Oh and no tude, if you act like your hot and everyone wants you, I wont.

6. you got to be funny, I mean really funny.
-If you can’t make me laugh in between rounds of you making me squeal with delight then forget it. Nothing sexier then a man with a good sense of humor.

7. Over 30 but under 45
-I have found that as pretty as you youngsters are you just don’t know how to fuck yet. And older dudes as much as I adore you and your long practiced skills I really need a guy who is capable of fucking more then twice a day. No your mouth, hands, and collection of sex toys won’t do. I need cock.

there ya have it… the get it for free check list.

You must possess ALL these qualities. If you do then maybe you could have a shot at a free roll in the hay with Jenny. However… I cant think you’re an idiot and only an idiot would ask an escort to fuck them for free without knowing her …

Big Kiss,

I Dont Care!

Don’t tell me how cute you are! whats even worse, don’t abbreviate it in an email to VGL. Ugh i hate that.

I’m a freaking ESCORT. Do you really think that telling me you’re a hot guy will impress me? Maybe get you a discount? separate you from the crowd? because it doesn’t. It only serves to make you look like a tool when you come on to an escort that way. It always makes me dread further communication with you. reg flag, red flag!

If appearances mattered to me do you really think i could show up sight unseen on your doorstep and make sweet, sweet love to you? or fuck you 12 ways to Sunday? provided of course that was your preference 😉

Do you really think you’re the only attractive man to ever cross my path in my life as an escort? i have celebrity clients (we all do) Rock-stars pay for my time, Authors of best sellers, powerful men who run empires on occasion pay for a tasty bite of Jenny D. Never once have any of them felt the need to tell me how “good looking” they were.

What matters is how you TREAT me. Are you a nice guy, a respectful guy, a clean guy, a kind guy. Are you going to be respectful of my (very limited) boundaries? Are you going to be happy I’m there to share an intimate moment with you and looking to have a good time? or are you expecting me to put on the big show and be as fake as you are? i prefer REAL people not fake people and real people look all different kinds of ways. Fake people always gotta tell ya how hot they are.

I’m a GFE escort, a courtesan, a temptress and a muse. I’m in the happiness business. I do my best to make EVERYONE who crosses my path a happy, happy man, regardless of what the shell looks like on the outside. What you look like doesn’t matter, how you treat me does.

Appearances are deceiving and those that get too wrapped up in them are often deceived!