Break it on down

I get asked a lot “who sees escorts”? Most people think its what they see on TV streetwalkers like on HBO’s hookers on the point who see convicts who just need to bust a nut after being locked up for 7 to10. I guess thats one element but i’ve never experienced it.

In my experience it really breaks down like this …

90% are married or involved men. They are missing something in their relationships (intimacy, sex, variety maybe all of it) and they rationalize to themselves that it’s not “cheating” because they are paying for it.

The guy who’s crossing it off their list of things to do, like skydiving. If it were legal he’d go once in a while. He’s usually single and in a dating dry spell. The casual user 😉

The guys who would never get laid without it. Nice guys, NO game. They are uncomfortable around women; they don’t look you in the eye. They will never be the guys who pick up the tasty piece of ass at the bar. So he rents her by the hour.

Then there’s the ones that I do my best to screen out. They always need to tell you how attractive they are. They make a point of letting you know that they don’t “have” to pay for it and usually they’re right. They are good-looking guys with lots of game and plenty of charm. They could go out and pick up hot girls every night of the week. They talk the talk and walk the walk. They call an escort because they are lazy. As a result they are resentful they have a “service me” attitude they are lazy lovers and treat you like a whore. yuck.

They are your brothers, your husbands, your fathers, and your sons. They are rich, poor and everything in between. They are of every color of the human rainbow All kinds of men hire escorts.

If they didn’t… i’d be out of a job!

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