I Dont Care!

Don’t tell me how cute you are! whats even worse, don’t abbreviate it in an email to VGL. Ugh i hate that.

I’m a freaking ESCORT. Do you really think that telling me you’re a hot guy will impress me? Maybe get you a discount? separate you from the crowd? because it doesn’t. It only serves to make you look like a tool when you come on to an escort that way. It always makes me dread further communication with you. reg flag, red flag!

If appearances mattered to me do you really think i could show up sight unseen on your doorstep and make sweet, sweet love to you? or fuck you 12 ways to Sunday? provided of course that was your preference 😉

Do you really think you’re the only attractive man to ever cross my path in my life as an escort? i have celebrity clients (we all do) Rock-stars pay for my time, Authors of best sellers, powerful men who run empires on occasion pay for a tasty bite of Jenny D. Never once have any of them felt the need to tell me how “good looking” they were.

What matters is how you TREAT me. Are you a nice guy, a respectful guy, a clean guy, a kind guy. Are you going to be respectful of my (very limited) boundaries? Are you going to be happy I’m there to share an intimate moment with you and looking to have a good time? or are you expecting me to put on the big show and be as fake as you are? i prefer REAL people not fake people and real people look all different kinds of ways. Fake people always gotta tell ya how hot they are.

I’m a GFE escort, a courtesan, a temptress and a muse. I’m in the happiness business. I do my best to make EVERYONE who crosses my path a happy, happy man, regardless of what the shell looks like on the outside. What you look like doesn’t matter, how you treat me does.

Appearances are deceiving and those that get too wrapped up in them are often deceived!