Tools of the trade

bra_rubber, originally uploaded by Jenny Demilo.

I went to Vegas to work for the first time this past October. I was very nervous as i usually stick close to my comfort zone and hence close to home, but it was time to branch out and try new things. so i headed to sin city in hopes of working my ass off (litteraly) and making a fist full of dough.

My trip was good, it was good enough that i will be back every couple of months. I was fresh meat,, the new face, the new girl on the block, i now understand why girls travel. you show up, you’re new and everyone wants to break off a piece of you.

who was i to deny them their fun.

since i was there to shoot pictures as well as bring smiles to strange men’s faces i had all my photo gear with me. I shot this bra and rubber picture as my clothes were laid out on my bed for my evenings adventure being a naughty, naughty girl and a dirty whore.

hot and sexy black bra to contain my luscious double D’s and lifestyle condoms or as i like to call them …

my tools of the trade…