You dont know

I have 100's of reviews

I know, you fucked some hookers. You’re an expert at finding some top notch pay for play pussy and you’ve minimized your risk to almost nil. You’re a message board regular, new dudes look up to you because they think you have the inside track on whore screwing and where to find the “diamonds in the rough” Why wouldn’t they, look at the plethora of reviews you have, hell you even go to those hooker/trick parties where everyone’s supposed to play nice (but rarely do) your a big swinging dick, a big man on campus, a master whore fucker.

yeah yeah yeah ….I get it.

But lets not kid ourselves you fuck whores you don’t have the inside track on whore business. Fucking escorts and knowing the intimate details of their business isn’t the same thing and i for one am getting pretty tired of seeing some dude who’s poked a few women act and spew like hes is all knowing about the back end of  whoredom. You only hear what they want to tell you and face it, were master liars. We tell tall tales, its our job to make you feel special and weave a portrait. So if we drop a few personal nuggets of the back end of the escort biz to you during pillow talk its likely not accurate or wholly accurate, hey we might even be seeing how much bullshit you will readily eat up for our own amusement.  I knew a girl who used to do this and then write about it on a ladies board “Omg you wont believe what crap he ate up this week”  don’t worry fellas shes retired.

This will illustrate how much i know

We will also use our intimate relationship with you to further our agendas to help steer the conversation the way we want to. Its true we will. I wish we didn’t have to but the advent of the message board made that an imperative. We cant just place ads, see clients and go on our way because there’s always some egomaniacal ass hat trying to stir up the shit with some girl or another to draw attention to himself, (the powerless always act like this) so we have to back-channel and do tons of reputation management. Some are more overt then others but we all do it to some degree.

I know not YOU, you have “friends” that are escorts, they confide in you so you are sure you know the ebb and flow of the business. Where its busy, where its dead, who’s busy who’s not where are the secret money spots are how many appointments a day, week, month, year specific girls take… i got news for ya, you don’t know shit.

I saw it again a little while ago, another whore screw-er on another board announcing because he had “friends” who were escorts and hundreds of reviews and board posts that he know more about the business than the actual working escort he was debating on the subject. Of course he knew more he was the fucker.. she was just a whore and as all the big swinging dicks on the messages boards know whores are stupid. I mean if they weren’t then they wouldn’t be making several 100 dollars an  hour, running their own business and living an antonymous life of their choosing… cuz only stupid people do that.

No one likes this guy

Hobbyist need to get back to what they do best, paying to see girls and in the process they need to get their noses and out of the business end of escorting. Unless they are pimps or agency owners in which case they need to get a quick case of the fuck offs and dies  cuz that kinda scum isn’t welcome. So which is it whore fucker or whore know-it-all you cant be both and unless you wanna jump in the game and start sucking some dick for cash, i would suggest you chose the first.

Jenny’s Mailbag

No stamp needed

The subject line said “Appt. Request” though i have a booking form on my website, sometimes people are not comfortable filling out a form blind and send me a direct email introduction. So it’s really not that unusual to get a request that didn’t go though my website booking form. Now, i will make them give me all the info that ask for on my form if its not in the email and if they want to see me bad enough they will provide the information i nee to be and feel safe. If not, they can move on to someone who doesn’t take the safety measures i do.

So i opened the email:

from: Jim XX <>
date: Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 8:03 AM
subject: Appt. Request

One of my fantasties is to be on top while a woman verbally encourages me to cum in her mouth and I shoot it in the open mouth and watch her roll it around her mouth with her tongue before she swallows it.  Is that something you would be open to?

Wow. I hadn’t gotten one of these in a long time.  In an effort to cut down on the bullshit, I’ve invested heavily in a pretty comprehensive website that give people not only a good idea of who i am but instructions on how to contact me. Its pretty clear that explicit emails are not going to get a favorable response. I also have reviews on multiple sites where people have written their accounts of our time together. Signing up for one of those sites could give you access to some more explicit details if that kinda thing is so fucking important to you to know in advance.  But this dumbass, probably saw my photos, grunted, scratched his saggy hairy balls and decided the best course of action in contacting a 600 dollar an hour escort was to not read her website but to send an email asking some very explicit questions and made sure not to include anything about himself. Hell he even chose to dumhuunmaize me by electing  to not include a greeting in his email. No “Hello”  no introduction,  just a request for information i state on my website he will never get. Information BTW  Einstein could have gathered if he took the time to do his fucking homework.

Not only is sending an email like this the best way to get an escort to tell you to fuck off in no uncertain terms but it could land you on any number of list as a questionable person  (IE possible law enforcement) since LE love to ask explicit questions in an opening email. Now i doubt this guy works with LE, i think he’s just a fucking moron who likely not only is stupid, but lazy. Oh take me away prince charming cuz i just love lazy stupid people. Yeah, they really yank my crank. /sarcasm >

Yeah he got a “fuck off” email from me. It also included a “never contact me again” Yes, I’m an escort, but contrary to this ass-hats perception I’m also a human. I real living breathing woman and that bit of entitled hullabaloo sparky chose to send out this morning disrespected me. Not only as an escort but as a women and disrespecting a woman is no way to get her to suck your dick.

Personal responsibility


Personal responsibility is in the news a lot. From the banking crisis to the oil spill. The cry from the more thoughtful among us is, “where  is the personal responsibility.” Would the country gotten into the money crisis it is in the bankers personal assets were at risk as they off loaded our risk in their casino style dealings? Doubtful. What about BP and the gulf oil spill. When testifying before Congress the mantra was “its not my fault” 11 people died in that man made disaster, it would be nice of someone sacked up and said “we fucked up, were at fault” it will never happen.

I do my best to be responsible for my actions. I’m not perfect but it is a characteristic that’s important to me so i try and do the best i can. Though outspoken and vocal I’m not a line crosser. I don’t identify the line then cross it on purpose and intentionally. I don’t think I’m often an unintentional line crosser. I’ve have crossed lines and when i do i always feel bad and do what i can to try to make up for it.

I was recently criticized publicly on a hooker message board, on private boards and back channel for my rather colorful dissertation of a hobby meet and greet i attended. The “types” i directly shone a white hot spotlight on recognized the behaviors in my writing and took offence to it. It went like this “how dare that whore not think were awesome. Doesn’t she know how entitled we are” okay so that’s me paraphrasing but it went on and on like that. blah bah blah.

It wasnt this cool

Me saying that my experience was terrible and reporting back on the abhorrent behaviour i saw isn’t crossing the line. Now if i had called out the worst violators by name/handle/halitosis (since i happen know the names being the one watching the spectacle) then ridiculed and mocked them personally that would have been me crossing the line. Instead i wrote in general terms about my personal experience as a whole and how the whole thing made me throw up in my mouth a little. My little post was a firestorm of controversy! I got “blacklisted” buy some assclown organizing a party in my city, it was a party i didn’t request an invite to but he felt it necessary to let me know i was “blacklisted.” because i wrote something he didn’t like.  He later had to cancel said party for “unknown” reasons. Good thing i never asked for that invite or i might have been sad there was going to be no hobby party for me to attend and be disrespected at.

Another strange occurrence is I received invitations to other parties, mostly on the other coast. I think this was because they wanted to show me that not every where was like i had experienced. At least that’s my impression of the why. I don’t travel as much these days so its unlikely attending any of these would be possible. Interesting juxtaposition of the two positions though. Ban me from parties or show me your party is a good one.


The organizer of the party I wrote about was naturally pissed at me for dissing his party but when i explained to him that i didn’t think he was responsible for other peoples behavior, he expressed concern for me and informed me that i was getting pretty heavily slammed on a escort reviewers only forum he was a member of. How sweet of him to be concerned that the old dogs were trying to tear me apart back channel. Well, it was sweet until i came to find out he was one of the slammers!  Yeah it only took a day before i was informed who was slamming whom and what exactly they were saying. So I’ve known all along, like i always do. Secrets on message boards? They never stay secrets for more then 2.5 seconds.  So i wonder what the other old dogs are going to think when they find out LA party planner is telling their tales out of school about private hooker board slammings (and not the fun kind!) oh well, i guess he should take some personal responsibility for that.

Being an escort i come in contact with a lot of line crosses and non responsibility takers. Maybe its entitlement issues, which is one of my pet peeves. Entitlement issues run strong in the hooker world. It’s the buying and selling of sex and the dehumanization of the person doing the selling by men who basically hate themselves and their life choices, that i think is a major contributing factor. (oh the dreaded hobbyist) It’s easier to take it out on the whores they pay to fuck then to be responsible for the choices they made that have lead them to be in a position to be fucking hookers in the first place. Oh there’s that personal responsibility thing again.

You gotta pay to play but you dont gotta be an ass

Now, i don’t think there is anything wrong with fucking hookers. I really don’t. I know the difference between love and sex. Friend and client. Lover and fuck buddy. I do think however that there is something wrong with thinking you’re entitled to be an asshole to hookers. I think there is something wrong if you think you’re special because you fuck hookers. It’s turned very adversarial, the “hobbyist” / provider relationship or interaction. Us against them seems to be the mantra from the hobbyist side of the fence. I feel resented, a lot. As if these men are forced to see hookers and somehow that’s my fault. They want to punish us, are jealous of us, resent us but… continue to use our services. I suppose me being outspoken, upfront and spilling the beans on the subculture to my small corner of the world doesn’t make men who aren’t self realized, self accepting of their choices to fuck hookers and be involved in a very detailed and time consuming way in the hooker subculture very comfortable.

Oh well… i can take personal responsibility for that.

The Troglodyte Within

Hey, how much for a blow job

What is it about men that makes them act like fucking morons when sex enters the equation. Yes, I’m a hooker. I fuck for money. However that doesn’t mean that when you speak to me you are allowed to speak to me like a hole or with disrespect. I know there’s plenty of men out there who have no respect for women and it’s not uncommon to run across them in your daily lives. But it just fucking chaps my goddamn hide when i get a phone call to my VIP (ie 400 buck ad) on a fancy web mall site, with my professional photos and well crafted upscale ad copy and some douche bag from Bakersfield, yanno the punch line for LA, thinks he can within 2 minutes of a phone call bring up a fucking bukakke party to me on the phone.

1. I’m not a goddamned porn star

2. I quite clearly advertise as a GFE

3. I don’t suffer fools and make no secret about that

So what kinda of moron would think that I would be the right girl to speak inappropriately to over the phone and talk about sexual services. Oh she’s the one i want me and all my buddies to jerk off onto in our thinly veiled homo erotic pleasure party. I know lets call Jenny. Shes known for being demure and compliant.

Jello salad for all my friends

First of what the fuck are you doing Bako talking about sexual services in the first place. Try Googling “how to hire an escort” it might clue you in on a little appropriate behavior in dealing with a sex worker. Or if “The Google” is to difficult for your troglodyte brain to wrap itself around before you call a girl click on her website, then … i dunno READ the fucking thing. It’s there for a reason, so you Neanderthals that only think with your tiny ill functioning cocks will come to what little sense you have BEFORE you make the call. Before i have to chew your fucking face off over the phone because you bring up your desire to engage me for a bukakke party.

There is NO reason for this, there is NO reason i should have to school a grown ass man oh how to be respectful to a women over the phone. Hooker or not. Do your goddamed homework, know who you are speaking to. Don’t just see a picture on a website, grunt, scratch your saggy balls and make a call. It will only get you smacked down by a pro or ripped off by a scam and in the process it will piss in this case, me off. I’m a hooker not a hole. So don’t treat me like one.

/End Rant

The personal DNS list

Getting on the road and getting naked

I was recently called a “veteran provider” I never really thought of myself like that but i supposed that’s an accurate description as I’ve been an working escort for a number of years, (think 5+) I live in Los Angeles and I’ve toured across the country to both large and small cities, selling a tasty bite of Jenny D. Even if you don’t live in LA there have been opportunities to see me in other parts of the country. Also I travel by request, the men with means have flown me to their city at their schedule when the mood has struck them.

I’m very careful about who I get naked with and have often been told I’m a tough screener. I’m all about the minimized risk and the feedback I’ve gotten from my upscale and in some cases high profile clients have all been positive, as it makes them more comfortable knowing that I’m careful. Being careful means there is less of an opportunity that I will get in to trouble and they feel that that’s good for them as well as me. Which can be comforting as prostitution is still illegal and every one’s got something to lose. No matter who you are.

Who's moderating this forum?

If you’ve been involved in the escort subculture for any number of years and by involved i mean INVOLVED, you post on message boards, you are member of several boards, you’re a reviewer with many reviews of the hookers you fucked under your belt, then you’ve probably heard of me. I either toured to your city and posted an ad you might have seen, or you saw some media I did about being an escort or maybe even you’ve seen a post or two from this blog posted on your men’s only site, or local hobbyist message board. I’m a little hard to ignore and I’m a pretty good marketer. There is also a good chance you’ve had an opportunity to meet me in person, to book an appointment, to do the do in a hotel room until you couldn’t see straight. If you haven’t seized upon that opportunity already for whatever your personal reasons are…. Not your type, out of your price range, you think I’m a big meanie, your intimidated, to short, or I’m too tall.. whatever it may be, then you’re probably never going to book me. Hey not everyone is every one’s cup of tea. That’s the beauty of it. We all have our personal preferences, I know I have mine.

When  people who have had opportunity after opportunity to see a provider and never do, then choose to run their fat mouths on a message board about hookers, talking about how that escort is now on their personal DNS list (do not see) when its obvious they never had any intention of seeing her, it kinda lays flat. Sure they might whip up their message board cyberlocker room “bros” a little but everyone can see how transparent that is. And really why are grown men making declarations on message boards about which hookers they don’t wanna bang. Is that really information people care about?

I don’t think it is. I don’t think who another dude doesn’t want to screw influences someone on who THEY do wanna bang. Its an exercise in self importance  to make proclamations on which hookers you don’t wanna screw and why. Especially when everyone knows its a rouse because you never had any intention of seeing them in the first place. Are the “hobbyists” who act out in such a way doing it because they really think that other dudes will follow their lead in hopes of detouring business from a provider they don’t care for? As if other dudes are the thing that influence their cocks and not the hot sexy bitches who provide play for pay companionship. Or is it because they think they have control over a hookers business as if they, a well known hobbyist could have any bearing on that business because their wield such influence that their dicks decide for everyone!

It not large or in charge

Men screw who they want to screw and some other dudes opinion of a women isn’t going to influence a man when he wants to fuck a woman. It especially isn’t going to influence some guy on who he want to pay for some pussy. So whenever i catch wind (and i always catch wind) of some loud mouth on a message board trying to use his “position” as a hobbyist to try to influence to a detriment a hooker who they don’t like and never would see but then has the audacity to think their position as a hobbyist could influence another mans cock, it leads me to fits of laughter. It comes clearly into focus that those guys, who try to go the “she’s now on my DNS list” route, not only have no understanding of the escort business but are so unaware if their own sexuality and sexual power (or lack there of) that he doesn’t even know how a mans dick works… when he owns one.