Southwest Companions Compromised


Another escort review/message board went down in flames yesterday. This time southwest companions. Though the site is still up and apparently live. The owner of the small board was arrested in New Mexico on 40 counts of promoting prostitution. The media is having a frenzy as always and calling it a “prostitution ring” Which of course the site isn’t. Its a review board and message board like so many across the nation.Southwest Companions was a private board, the general public wasn’t welcome. You had to be referenced in to get access to the message board, reviews etc. Just like so many smaller boards. Make no mistake about it southwest companions is a very small message board in the grand scheme of escort message boards.It serviced a small and targeted area.

The site is compromised, and im guessing it will go down as soon as Go Daddy who hosts it gets the correct paper work to take it down. In reading all the info i can and putting my feelers out it appears that a “trusted” member was not really so trusted but a member of law enforcement who infiltrated the site by being referenced in. Likely and according to the media someone busted, worked with LE to help arrest the owner by legitimizing a cop.  I’ve been a long advocate of not going by message board sanctions of who is “trustworthy” and this is just another example of how easy those boards can be compromised. You can not let someone else do your screening and that’s what all these boards calling people “trusted” does. A local board here in LA there was a brutal rapist listed as “trusted” a man currently in jail on federal drug charges and who was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder was a high level “trusted” member long after his incarceration. Ive written before about the long time reviewer in Moco county that flipped and granted his access to law enforcement to many different kinds of boards that served the escort community and that shut down working in that area for months.

Though message boards can seem to be safe places for people of like mind to hook up you can not rely on them and must screen yourself. Be you a client or a provider. The only person you can trust is YOU. Any system can be infiltrated. In this case they spent 6 months building a case, to take down a site/board owner of a small essentially “meet up” site. My guess is that if the owner gets a good lawyer and doesn’t buckle to the pressure to plead out that he will beat this case. Its not a “ring” its a virtual meet and greet, this guy didn’t run girls (to the best of my knowledge) he provided a place for people to make their own connections. Reviews have always been problematic and here’s another reason why I dont like them. They can and will be used against you in a court of law, they can and will be used to arrest you. In this case they were used to arrest a message board owner and arrest him on 40 counts.

You dont know

I have 100's of reviews

I know, you fucked some hookers. You’re an expert at finding some top notch pay for play pussy and you’ve minimized your risk to almost nil. You’re a message board regular, new dudes look up to you because they think you have the inside track on whore screwing and where to find the “diamonds in the rough” Why wouldn’t they, look at the plethora of reviews you have, hell you even go to those hooker/trick parties where everyone’s supposed to play nice (but rarely do) your a big swinging dick, a big man on campus, a master whore fucker.

yeah yeah yeah ….I get it.

But lets not kid ourselves you fuck whores you don’t have the inside track on whore business. Fucking escorts and knowing the intimate details of their business isn’t the same thing and i for one am getting pretty tired of seeing some dude who’s poked a few women act and spew like hes is all knowing about the back end of  whoredom. You only hear what they want to tell you and face it, were master liars. We tell tall tales, its our job to make you feel special and weave a portrait. So if we drop a few personal nuggets of the back end of the escort biz to you during pillow talk its likely not accurate or wholly accurate, hey we might even be seeing how much bullshit you will readily eat up for our own amusement.  I knew a girl who used to do this and then write about it on a ladies board “Omg you wont believe what crap he ate up this week”  don’t worry fellas shes retired.

This will illustrate how much i know

We will also use our intimate relationship with you to further our agendas to help steer the conversation the way we want to. Its true we will. I wish we didn’t have to but the advent of the message board made that an imperative. We cant just place ads, see clients and go on our way because there’s always some egomaniacal ass hat trying to stir up the shit with some girl or another to draw attention to himself, (the powerless always act like this) so we have to back-channel and do tons of reputation management. Some are more overt then others but we all do it to some degree.

I know not YOU, you have “friends” that are escorts, they confide in you so you are sure you know the ebb and flow of the business. Where its busy, where its dead, who’s busy who’s not where are the secret money spots are how many appointments a day, week, month, year specific girls take… i got news for ya, you don’t know shit.

I saw it again a little while ago, another whore screw-er on another board announcing because he had “friends” who were escorts and hundreds of reviews and board posts that he know more about the business than the actual working escort he was debating on the subject. Of course he knew more he was the fucker.. she was just a whore and as all the big swinging dicks on the messages boards know whores are stupid. I mean if they weren’t then they wouldn’t be making several 100 dollars an  hour, running their own business and living an antonymous life of their choosing… cuz only stupid people do that.

No one likes this guy

Hobbyist need to get back to what they do best, paying to see girls and in the process they need to get their noses and out of the business end of escorting. Unless they are pimps or agency owners in which case they need to get a quick case of the fuck offs and dies  cuz that kinda scum isn’t welcome. So which is it whore fucker or whore know-it-all you cant be both and unless you wanna jump in the game and start sucking some dick for cash, i would suggest you chose the first.

To Tweet or not to Tweet, there’s a question?

All the best birds are there

It comes up often on the hooker message boards and it did again the other day. Someone posted a “Hey is anyone else on The Twitter” kinda post, in hopes of finding like minded folks to connect with and just as predictably some one chimed in with  the typical “Twitter is bad for the escort community” and the simple request for like minded peeps jump the rails into a heated discussion about the pros and cons of hookers Tweeting.

The general con thought is that Tweeting is indiscreet and that law enforcement can read your stream. Both have merit until you delve a little deeper.

By the hour of course!

Discretion, well that can mean a lot of things. Escorts often have to walk a line between being “discreet” and self promotion. We have websites that advertise our business. I supposed having a site announcing I’m an escort to some might be indiscreet but i have a business and i need to hang a shingle to make money. So in an effort to be discreet, i don’t put on my site that of you pay me 600 bucks I’ll fuck you silly. My website is “fuck you silly implied” So its about how you use the tools at your disposal. Twitter is one of the top 10 most visited websites out there, that’s a lot of potential for connecting with potential business. Major corporations have embraced twitter, reputation management companies regularly scan hash-tags to keep an eye on there customers thoughts of their business. So why shouldn’t you harness the potential like everyone else? You’d be crazy not to at least try.

Now thats how to take a mug shot!

Now the Law Enforcement issue can be scary to some. “OMG the popo can read your tweeting!” yeah true they can. They can also read the 100’s reviews you have where men said they put their dick in your ass, mouth, pussy for money. They can also read that post you put on that hooker message board or review board advertising you fuck men for money, or your paid ad on a mall site where you put your rates for your by the hour service. They sure can read it, but they have to catch you breaking the law to arrest you. So either don’t break the law or screen your clients so the  chance that you book a session with a cop is much lower. Twitter isn’t going to infringe on your ability to screen your clients.

Now pros of Twitter are many. More hits to your site if you link it, you can really get your name out there to a lot of people you wouldn’t normally, you can raise your profile and hopefully raise your business. You can help to polish your “persona” do you advertise yourself as a sex crazed nympho? Or a sophisticated educated courtesan? Either way you can help to solidify that image, shape and mold how you want people to perceive you.

Just a harmless social netowrking group

But the best reason for escorts to get on and use Twitter is to connect with other sex workers. True there are ladies boards, big ad small regional and national and its wise to be a part of at least some of them to help you stay safe but what they all have in common is there’s always some bitch being a asshole. You cant filter her and her dumb-ass out because those board are for EVERYONE and many have no drama policies.  With Twitter you build you own network, you follow ladies you like, you respect you want to interact with. You don’t follow someone who gets in your last nerve with their negativity and bullshit.

It’s no secret among women in this business that it can be very isolating. You lie to your friends and family about what you do. There is often no one to bounce ideas off with, or even just to vent about having a bad day to. You want to connect with other women who understand your very specific job and as a result you can (and i have) make BAD friendship choices because you get desperate to connect. Twitters a good way to avoid that, you can build your own network of friends specific to the sex business.

Now you might want to avoid tweeting about specific clients. Being a high profile hooker and Tweeter i have been accused of “twittering about my clients” However i don’t and i never have. I might tweet about guys i FUCK, cuz that’s interesting! I might tweet I’m going to an outcall, or that i have a new incall day. I do tweet about my business and try to make my stream interesting to my followers to read (they they follow a hooker they wanna know what life ls like for one). I don’t however tweet about my clients. Why? cuz I’m discreet!  So you lying sacks of hobbyist shit who are running around back channel trying to imply i will tweet about clients, umm yeah keep promoting me, i need to buy a new car an your tongue wagging only raises my profile and brings me closer to that new car smell!

I had to walk uphil, BOTH ways!

So is twitter for you? maybe, maybe not. But to dismiss it out of had is foolish and reeks of being reactionary. The technology age is moving forward at break neck speed, you don’t want to get left behind?  You don’t  wanna be left standing there shaking your fist screaming “get off my lawn” and “back n my day…” do ya?

Personal responsibility


Personal responsibility is in the news a lot. From the banking crisis to the oil spill. The cry from the more thoughtful among us is, “where  is the personal responsibility.” Would the country gotten into the money crisis it is in the bankers personal assets were at risk as they off loaded our risk in their casino style dealings? Doubtful. What about BP and the gulf oil spill. When testifying before Congress the mantra was “its not my fault” 11 people died in that man made disaster, it would be nice of someone sacked up and said “we fucked up, were at fault” it will never happen.

I do my best to be responsible for my actions. I’m not perfect but it is a characteristic that’s important to me so i try and do the best i can. Though outspoken and vocal I’m not a line crosser. I don’t identify the line then cross it on purpose and intentionally. I don’t think I’m often an unintentional line crosser. I’ve have crossed lines and when i do i always feel bad and do what i can to try to make up for it.

I was recently criticized publicly on a hooker message board, on private boards and back channel for my rather colorful dissertation of a hobby meet and greet i attended. The “types” i directly shone a white hot spotlight on recognized the behaviors in my writing and took offence to it. It went like this “how dare that whore not think were awesome. Doesn’t she know how entitled we are” okay so that’s me paraphrasing but it went on and on like that. blah bah blah.

It wasnt this cool

Me saying that my experience was terrible and reporting back on the abhorrent behaviour i saw isn’t crossing the line. Now if i had called out the worst violators by name/handle/halitosis (since i happen know the names being the one watching the spectacle) then ridiculed and mocked them personally that would have been me crossing the line. Instead i wrote in general terms about my personal experience as a whole and how the whole thing made me throw up in my mouth a little. My little post was a firestorm of controversy! I got “blacklisted” buy some assclown organizing a party in my city, it was a party i didn’t request an invite to but he felt it necessary to let me know i was “blacklisted.” because i wrote something he didn’t like.  He later had to cancel said party for “unknown” reasons. Good thing i never asked for that invite or i might have been sad there was going to be no hobby party for me to attend and be disrespected at.

Another strange occurrence is I received invitations to other parties, mostly on the other coast. I think this was because they wanted to show me that not every where was like i had experienced. At least that’s my impression of the why. I don’t travel as much these days so its unlikely attending any of these would be possible. Interesting juxtaposition of the two positions though. Ban me from parties or show me your party is a good one.


The organizer of the party I wrote about was naturally pissed at me for dissing his party but when i explained to him that i didn’t think he was responsible for other peoples behavior, he expressed concern for me and informed me that i was getting pretty heavily slammed on a escort reviewers only forum he was a member of. How sweet of him to be concerned that the old dogs were trying to tear me apart back channel. Well, it was sweet until i came to find out he was one of the slammers!  Yeah it only took a day before i was informed who was slamming whom and what exactly they were saying. So I’ve known all along, like i always do. Secrets on message boards? They never stay secrets for more then 2.5 seconds.  So i wonder what the other old dogs are going to think when they find out LA party planner is telling their tales out of school about private hooker board slammings (and not the fun kind!) oh well, i guess he should take some personal responsibility for that.

Being an escort i come in contact with a lot of line crosses and non responsibility takers. Maybe its entitlement issues, which is one of my pet peeves. Entitlement issues run strong in the hooker world. It’s the buying and selling of sex and the dehumanization of the person doing the selling by men who basically hate themselves and their life choices, that i think is a major contributing factor. (oh the dreaded hobbyist) It’s easier to take it out on the whores they pay to fuck then to be responsible for the choices they made that have lead them to be in a position to be fucking hookers in the first place. Oh there’s that personal responsibility thing again.

You gotta pay to play but you dont gotta be an ass

Now, i don’t think there is anything wrong with fucking hookers. I really don’t. I know the difference between love and sex. Friend and client. Lover and fuck buddy. I do think however that there is something wrong with thinking you’re entitled to be an asshole to hookers. I think there is something wrong if you think you’re special because you fuck hookers. It’s turned very adversarial, the “hobbyist” / provider relationship or interaction. Us against them seems to be the mantra from the hobbyist side of the fence. I feel resented, a lot. As if these men are forced to see hookers and somehow that’s my fault. They want to punish us, are jealous of us, resent us but… continue to use our services. I suppose me being outspoken, upfront and spilling the beans on the subculture to my small corner of the world doesn’t make men who aren’t self realized, self accepting of their choices to fuck hookers and be involved in a very detailed and time consuming way in the hooker subculture very comfortable.

Oh well… i can take personal responsibility for that.

On being valued

I roll, you die

I’ve been a pretty loud voice in my small community of sex workers. I’ve helped a lot of new girls, tried to give back to my community, use the reference system to help keep everyone safe and been burned by people i had once considered friends. That’s kinda how it goes.  I invoke a strong response in people. I always have. I started bucking the system when i was 7 years old. In my progressive private school i helped develop the curriculum.. yes, at 7. When i entered college at the age of 15 nothing had changed, i still was bucking the system. It was often a hard earned battle but my critical thinking skills were polished to a fine sheen, if even in the process my ability to pick my battles was a skill i left to to learn another day. I didn’t learn to pick my battles until i was a driving force in my chosen filed of advertising and really i never learned that well. I fought for everything i believed in, until one executive who i worked under really took me under her wing in that regard and took the time to help me learn not to expend my energy on all different directions but to prioritize my battles.

Is that a lance in your pocket...

It’s a consent struggle i want to fight for everything. I have an over developed sense of justice and I’m fearless (well almost fearless) i dive in headfirst and a beat my opponents to a bloody pulp.  It’s just kinda what i do. over the last few years i have been trying to pick my battles more carefully and to direct my energy in other areas. I don’t have to jump every time I’m poked with a stick, though the instinct is to jump and jump high.

I recently was pretty critical of a sex worker related third party service and my criticism was noticed and noted and the company recently reached out to me. Turns out someone there understood i do have my thumb on the pulse and that i do have valuable information to share. It was really affirming to have a lengthy conversation with this executive and not be treated like a dumb whore but a valued resource. I’m still in process with them but will be writing in more detail upcoming about my dealings with them.

You can't hate other people, without hating yourself

In contrast there’s a group of hobbyists who wont stop talking about, treating me and acting like I’m some kinda dumb whore to be harassed, ridiculed and made fun of. If you don’t like what i write stop hitting my blog 10 times a day. Sack up and talk to me if you’re really all that concerned about my views on the pay for play subculture. You all know me in real life, don’t be pussies. If you dont wanna be reasonable with me, then go live your life and stay out of mine. If you don’t have a life … go get one!

It was a really interesting day yesterday to view the contrast of the two situations being valued and not being valued. Wanna take a guess which battle I’m going to prioritize?

I think its a pretty obvious choice.