If you cant bribe your friends

lose lips... ruin lives

I have celebrity clients. I live in LA its almost a requirement to fuck famous dudes for cash here. I keep my mouth shut about who they are, why blow a good thing and besides I’m not here to ruin lives only to make them occasionally a little more exciting buy giving my famous clients a small bite of the forbidden fruit which is Jenny DeMilo. The first  famous guy i ever saw was a bit of a surprise as he used a pseudonym with me. So when he opened the door i was a little giddy because…

I had always been a fan.

I was amused at how by a strange turn of events i was naked on the floor being plowed rather expertly by someone who i admired. I did admire him all the more after he pounded me to high heaven but that’s neither here nor there. What i found interesting was that as i was leaving he stuffed wads of cash into my hand. I told him it wasn’t necessary, That he was too generous ( yeah i know, I’m a ho were all supposed to be money grubbing whores) he made me take the cash, looked me right in the eye and said and i quote…

“If you cant bribe your friends? Who can you bribe”

Bribery for all my friends!

He was right, that was my hush money. It made him feel better to know he sufficiently paid me to keep my trap shut about him having his way with me 12 ways to Sunday on his library floor, dinning table and hallway. And i was okay with that. The funny thing is we did become friendly after that. In fact he was the first to encourage me to start writing. So not only did i get paid, and expertly fucked by someone i was a fan of but i got encouraged to do the thing that as it turns out gives me a lot of pleasure.

it was by far one of the best appointments i had ever gone on and.. strangely i will always be grateful he picked me over the plethora of other dirty girls at his disposal. He did me a good turn and for that my lips will always be sealed.

8 thoughts on “If you cant bribe your friends

  • I live in NY and sell advertising to a “plethora” of working girls. It’s my job. First, I’d like to say I’ve NEVER heard an escort use the word “plethora” let alone use it correctly. Plus…you’re a good writer – and not just for an escort!

    Lots of my clients have “seen” celebrities. I view it as a perk of the business. Kind of like when I drove a cab and would occasionally pick up famous people. Who gets to interact one on one with a celebrity except another celebrity? Just cabbies and ho’s – or an occasional journalist.

    Anyway…I like your blog and your frontal endowment, too! (What the hell..I went there!)

    Check me out at http://www.dbspsychoroundup.blogspot.com. I write almost everyday about the trials and tribulations of dealing with working girls. I think I’d like to have a few more clients like you. It would make my job easier. Good luck and be safe – and keep satisfying those celebs!

  • Welcome Bill and thanks fore the compliments. Being a working girl and also working for them as a photographer… well Bill… i-feel-your-pain 😉

    I hope you come back and visit again!

  • I loved this story! So true, we do get paid for our silence! I wish my (semi) celebrity custy appreciated me this way. I was just venting to a girl friend about how I wish I could just call him out all over the net or tweet at his gf but I wont. It’s a rule to live by; everyone keeps someone’s dirty secrets.

  • You understand what a lot of women don’t seem to. If you’re an escort/mistress/chick on the side, keep your mouth shut, and play your position! Don’t go blabbing about the guy you’ve been involved with because he will never be demonized as much as you if it gets out. Also, being indiscreet is a hallmark of immaturity. You knew what you were doing getting involved with a man who’s married, in the spotlight, or both, and you knew it was supposed to be secret. Jenny- You could teach a class to some of these other hos who have diarrhea of the mouth…LOL

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