Serious wallet rape.. err assault

So on occasion i do a little financial domination, mostly i keep it to hypnosis Mp3s. I am a money grubbing greedy whore but findom isn’t a specialty I indulge in very often. I was inspired to do a little wallet rape MP3 and actually call it Serious Wallet Rape” Wallet rape isn’t about rape, its about taking money from someone to dominate them not about sexual assault. However when you’re making fetish content many clip sites are hyper sensitive to certain words… even when they are used in a proper context to convey their alternative meaning.  As we all know words often do have two meanings. So though they MP3 is the same anywhere you get it, the name of the MP3 is different. When you buy direct from me its called “Serious Wallet Rape” when you get it from one of my many clip studios like Clippette  or Clips4sale you will see “rape” was replaced with “assault” Cie la vie .. I love both those clip sites and far be it for me to bring any unwanted heat to them because of one little word…

The tortoise not the hare

I’m slowly but steadily (yanno like the tortoise) adding all my clips to my fetish clips own site. Every day a few more are being added, little by little. In addition of course to my femdom erotic hypnosis Mp3’s (hot sellers they are) So make sure to check out my very on fetish clip site where you can purchase gems like “jerk off to my tits” oh what a masterpiece!

You know you wanna….

Living East

Im here!

I’m not homesick at all, I thought maybe i would be but it turns out so far I’m free and clear of that special emotion. Ive moved to Washington DC and i promptly got sick. Aww stress how you like to fuck with me. Even though this move was planned for months and i was well prepared, i tend t deal with stress in a very specific way. My body revolts. From my stress triggered complex and simple partial seizure disorder to the flu. When ever the big life changing event is over so is my bodies ability to adhere to it and i spend a few days in bed being sick as a dog. This move was no different.

I’m on the mend and looking forward to new adventures on the east coast. There is much to do to get my life in east coast order. I need to design and put together my new shoot room and get myself to the task of making clips and mp3s. As well as digging out a commercial DC metro area dungeon to rent on a per session basis also I need to hang my photographer shingle out in my new town and get some hot gils in front of my lens. All in due time, I’m in no hurry, I’m blessed with a partner who has no issues in letting me work it all out at my own pace and is always super supportive of what it is i do. I am, by any stretch of the imagination….a very lucky girl.


Bondage for Beginners

To Domme or not to Domme

I love t when new sex toys arrive in my mail! I do, i really really do!

Its called a beginners Dominatrix kit but I’d call it a micro Dominatrix starter kit. It contains 3 items, stockings in the fishnet style, a mask that’s more like a cat woman mask and a  little black slapper for inflicting the discipline on your willing  submissive. So the stockings are always useful, these are not super awesome for wearing on your legs but they will make excellent items to tie someone up with. And if you cant untie them it wont break your heart to have to cut them off and ruin them for any kinda fun leg time wearing. The mask is adjustable and if you want to role play batman and cat women then you’re ready to make your first step in that direction. ( i like the Adam West and Eartha Kitt combo myself) The slapper is the most useful item in this bondage kit, its small and does pack a impact punch but remember this is a starter kit so go slow and work your way up to your new found sub taking the pain… Oh and remember to use a safe word… mine for this starter kit experiment was “Its only 15.99”