I have an illicit past

Jenny DeMilo, prostitution, sex work
You all already know about my past if you have been a reader here. Now you can read me on The Daily Beast. https://www.thedailybeast.com/sextember-jenny-demilo-says-the-first-time-she-got-paid-for-sex-she-did-everything-wrong?ref=home "I had booked hundreds of calls for other people. I had hundreds of conversations with sex workers about what to say, what not say, how to stay out of jail and how to keep themselves safe. All that flew right out of my head, and I did everything all wrong."
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Join Me On Loyal Fans

Femdom Hypnosis, Jenny DeMilo, sex work
Oh I went and did it, I started a fan club. See I actually do listen to you.... sometimes. You can now have direct access to chat with me, your divine Trance Mistress. Its a pretty nifty site and has a TON of features. The customer service reputation is A+ so its a great way to get in close personal contact with ME. As i'm just getting started there is no subscription price yet, just follow me for all the free content and exclusive offers etc. A subscription is coming at some point but get in now for all kinds of awesome stuff and the ability to chat directly with me. If you are a long time fan you know, i do not chat often  as i'm so busy making…
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Sensual Mistress Wants To Price Control Your Content

Femdom Hypnosis, Internet, Jenny DeMilo, sex work
I've been around the block a few times. I have my mp3 sessions available for sale in several places. I've opted to not put them on some platforms, I've pulled products and ended relationships with others if I felt they were being shady. I've always been very vocal about it when I feel a platform is not dealing with content creators fairly or ethically. I feel those people should be called out in hopes that others don't get taken for a ride and platforms will think twice about acting unethically. Enter Sensual Mistress. You might not know of them. They are a website that deals exclusively with Hypno-Dommes and Hypnosis Mp3s. When they first hit the scene I was reluctant to get involved. They are European-based and at the time…
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Interviewed for Vice

Jenny DeMilo, sex work
I was contacted by a reported who had a story in the works for Vice. He was writing about Erotic Hypnosis. Now thats an interview I happily agreed to do! Dominated by a Goddess: Hypnodommes and the Aural World of Erotic Hypnosis
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Featured on Sarah Does Phonesex

Jenny DeMilo, phone sex, sex work
I was lucky enough to be invited to answer a few questions for the PSO  spotlight feature on Sarah Does Phonesex. It was a lot of fun and Sarah is a cool chick who is not only a fun loving PSO but also very passionate about social justice. As a sex worker who often isn't shy about voicing her political beliefs, i love that Sarah is vocal about her own beliefs and shares them along with all kinds of naughtiness. Sex workers be they PSOs, Escorts, Dommes or Cam girls are full people and i personally love when they interject a touch of real life into their websites, twitter streams, tumblrs and whatnot.  Thanks Sarah for the write up... you rock!   Follow Sarah on Twitter Read the spotlight feature…
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