File Sharing Myths

Look into my eyes.. hear the truth

As an adult content producer my work can and has been pirated, shared, traded and generally not paid for by people looking to get free stuff. Its par for the course and yes, it pisses me off. I’m a little guy not Warner Bros Records i don’t have their resources nor their cash flow and every dollar counts when it comes to making a living this way. I do my best to create quality content and as a result people like my work (you dirty perverts, i love you all) unfortunately there is an underbelly and they also love my work and love to rip me off to get it. They make up all kinds of excuses as to why they are entitled to steal from me..

Some misconceptions about selling adult content online.

1. Hypno-Dommes dont report their income and pay taxes

Yes we do! When selling content online you fill out tax ID information (which includes detailed identity information) and that information is used by the company’s processing your sales in their tax reporting.  I get W9s at the end of the year and trust me writing that check to uncle Sam at the end of the year hurts like a motherfucker but tax evasion is not an even an option when you have a paper trail for every… single… item you sell online. That’s worth repeating for the people who think adult content producers dont pay taxes or report their income. EVERY SINGLE SALE is documented. That’s how they got Capone and if they can get him you can be damn sure theyd get some piddly adult content maker.

2. No one would know about you if it wasn’t for file sharing

This is almost laughable. Its in fact the other way around one you’ve built a reputation and its solid then you start seeing your files up on sites being shared. I had been making content for 2 years before i had to start sending out notices and playing whack a mole with my work. But people love to take credit for your discovery when in fact you’ve been working in the business and making a living for years before you were brought to their attention.

3. I’m a greedy bitch

Yeah I’m a greedy bitch if by that you mean i want to get paid for working. This is my actual job just like you saying “would you like to super size that?” is YOUR job. You wouldn’t want to work for free and neither do i. I know it’s hard for some people to understand because they jerk off to what i make but this is my job. I do other things for fun and trust me making Mp3s about sucking cock, isn’t one of them. That my friends is a J..O..B…

Sending out notices to get files removed is part of the territory and i do it diligently. It does however take time away from making new content, which is how id rather spend my working time. It does in fact hurt business when my files get shared, that is a stone cold fact. When i have to send out another notice to get another file removed it truly ruins my day. It’s the part of being in this business i dislike the most, dealing with people who feel entitled to steal from me.

Goat Fucking Thieves

Stealing isnt nice

When people steal my content it hurts me. It hurts my bottom line and it hurts my creativity. It makes me want to raise my prices, to counter balance the money I lose on content thievery and it makes me want to stop producing content in certain niches where self proclaimed subs and slaves steal my content and swap it around like spit at a spin the bottle game. Telling me all the while how much they wanna you serve me and then steal from me at every opportunity. That makes you a goat fucking thief not a sub or a slave, or even a nice little perv who’s just looking to get his rocks off it makes you a thief and  you sure as fuck are not “serving” me when you steal my hard work. I don’t owe you jerk of material, in fact i dont owe you anything. I make a product, if your interested in it, buy it. Its quality stuff, I care, i put in the effort when i make it.

When you file share my work, I do find out about it, In a lot of cases I can trace back the specific file and I know which site it was bought from and get this my little goat fucking thieves most of the time, I can obtain your legal name. I have been known to send off a cease and desist letter to a goat fucking thief to their legal address and legal name, well… really to Mr and Mrs goat fucking thief. Maybe you don’t want your wife to know you love to suck cock,  how much you want to be pimped out like a whore or that you secretly shove giant dildo’s up your ass dressed up in frilly baby clothes. If you steal from me,if you take food off MY table, that might not be a secret I feel obligated to keep.

Admit it, youre a goat fucker

Keep that in mind next time you think hey no big deal if i give away to 400 people a 20.00 Mistress DeMilo  file. freeloading wanna be subs. Seriously how about I come to your place of business and take money out of your McDonald’s paycheck.

Oh and to my lovely wonderful considerate and helpful perverts who keep me in the loop on stolen files, you are my favorite little pets and i will continue to show you the attention and the occasional favor  you so rightly deserve for keeping me in the loop. You truly warm my cold black bitter heart.

That bitch stole my pictures

Dont tread on me

It happens to most of us one time or another. Some whore steals our photos and uses them as their own. I never really did understand that. Oh i understand someone not wanting to use their own pictures and using a close representation but to steal another well know escorts photos? Dumb move, inevitably she will find out and in many cases she will fuck you up. Our photos are a big part of our branding and for someone to ride in and steal them, it makes even the calmest among us blood boil.

Its been on the upswing and i don’t really know why, i just know I’ve been giving out lots of advice recently on how to get your photos off a site when they’ve been stolen. As a photographer I’m familiar with the official practice of a DMCA take down notice. Being the copyright holder on photos I’ve had to send out these take downs from time to time when someone uses my work without permission. So here it is, a quick break down of how to get a picture stealing Ho to stop using and take down photos that are of you.

Only the copyright holder or someone authorized to act on behalf of the owner can do these so you might have to get your photographer involved. I do them for the girls i shoot and if your photographer wont help you or doesn’t know how to do these then, find a NEW one for the future. All pros should know about and do these.Period!

A DMCA fling is a pain in the ass however think about it, these companies are doing the right thing by requiring you to officially notify them of an copyright infringement. They need to cover their asses and really, do you want anyone to be able to ring up a website and say “hey those photos are mine” and the website removes them? You’d have all kinds of people doing that just to fuck with other people. A  take down notice is an official notice and you swear under penalty of perjury.

1. Email or call her

This can be hard because you are pissed off  and you want to tear the bitches head off but you need to first try the “more flies with honey “ approach and see if you can reason with her and sweet talk her into just removing them. Point out everyone in the industry knows you, that it will be obvious that shes using photos not of herself, that she could get branded a rip off,  point her in the direction of a local photographer if you have to. If that doest work move on.

2. Find the hosting company

If the stolen photos are on her personal website, do a whois and a whoshostingthis search.

3. How to send the filing

Look though the hosting company’s legal they will have a section with how contact them if you feel your copyright is being infringed. They will lay out how they accept DMCA filings. Read it carefully, bookmark it so when you do your filing you can make sure you include ALL the info they want. All of this is required…

  1. A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive copyright that is allegedly infringed.
  2. Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed, or, if multiple copyrighted works at a single online site are covered by a single notification, a representative list of such works at that site.
  3. Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to locate the material.
  4. Information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to contact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number, and, if available, an electronic mail address at which the complaining party may be contacted.
  5. A statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
  6. A statement that the information in the notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

Present it to them how they want it.  In some cases you need to snail mail them, in others you can fax them, some people take it via email.  They make it difficult because they don’t want to deal with you or the issue. So give them what they want and make it easy for them to do what  you want them to do. If you do not give them all the required elements they will not remove the infringed photos.

If the photos are on an ad site such as Backpage, or Eros then read their legal and see how they accept take down notices. You will often have a little more wiggle room with one of these companies because they care about their reputations. I’ve had great luck with Backpage and the folks at Eros are really helpful about this kinda stuff. Not everyone is though so you might have to go to THEIR hosting company if they refuse to deal with you. Again give them what they need to legally remove the stolen photos.

4. Follow up stay on top of it.

Give them some time to get back to you don’t expect an instant response  but follow up. If you don’t hear back in 72 hours send another email. Give them a way to contact you for further clarification, go over their heads. If you are dealing with an Ad site and they don’t get back to you go to their hosting company. Stay on it and move up the chain of command. Be diligent but polite, eventually you will get what you want. You are in the right and your copyright is being infringed but its a process and takes time.

Its never fun when someone steals from you, we all work hard on establishing ourselves and when some skank walks in thinking she can just freely take what you not only worked hard at developing but paid good money for its infuriating which bring me to the last point…

5. Expose her as a theif

If she refuses to be reasonable and you’ve given her every opportunity to remove the stolen photos then show her to the escort world for what she is. A picture stealing ROB. If she  has reviews or is active on any boards then sign on to those boards and post in the ladies sections about what shes doing. Be careful about attacking her openly and in public you have to be clever about it. Remember you are in the right, it wont take much to get public support on your side. If she doesn’t have reviews but has a backpage ad consider taking out an ad in her city. on YOUR ad stating that youre the “REAL” person and that you would love to travel  to meet new people. If you blog, then blog about what it feels like to have someone steal your hard work, and call her what she is a bait and switch rip off. Hobbyists love to talk and this is a juicy story they will spread the word. This is where you can polish your back-channel skills. Take care not to too angry even though you’d love to rip her fucking face off,  you want public opinion to be on your side and even though shes thief shes got friends somewhere who will come to her defense ( they all do) so be smart about exposing her tactics and fake pictures because you don’t want any backlash.

Its time consuming and can be a long process but this is your business how you earn a living and put food on your table… protect your assets.


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