Jenny’s Mailbag

No stamp needed

The subject line said “Appt. Request” though i have a booking form on my website, sometimes people are not comfortable filling out a form blind and send me a direct email introduction. So it’s really not that unusual to get a request that didn’t go though my website booking form. Now, i will make them give me all the info that ask for on my form if its not in the email and if they want to see me bad enough they will provide the information i nee to be and feel safe. If not, they can move on to someone who doesn’t take the safety measures i do.

So i opened the email:

from: Jim XX <>
date: Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 8:03 AM
subject: Appt. Request

One of my fantasties is to be on top while a woman verbally encourages me to cum in her mouth and I shoot it in the open mouth and watch her roll it around her mouth with her tongue before she swallows it.  Is that something you would be open to?

Wow. I hadn’t gotten one of these in a long time.  In an effort to cut down on the bullshit, I’ve invested heavily in a pretty comprehensive website that give people not only a good idea of who i am but instructions on how to contact me. Its pretty clear that explicit emails are not going to get a favorable response. I also have reviews on multiple sites where people have written their accounts of our time together. Signing up for one of those sites could give you access to some more explicit details if that kinda thing is so fucking important to you to know in advance.  But this dumbass, probably saw my photos, grunted, scratched his saggy hairy balls and decided the best course of action in contacting a 600 dollar an hour escort was to not read her website but to send an email asking some very explicit questions and made sure not to include anything about himself. Hell he even chose to dumhuunmaize me by electing  to not include a greeting in his email. No “Hello”  no introduction,  just a request for information i state on my website he will never get. Information BTW  Einstein could have gathered if he took the time to do his fucking homework.

Not only is sending an email like this the best way to get an escort to tell you to fuck off in no uncertain terms but it could land you on any number of list as a questionable person  (IE possible law enforcement) since LE love to ask explicit questions in an opening email. Now i doubt this guy works with LE, i think he’s just a fucking moron who likely not only is stupid, but lazy. Oh take me away prince charming cuz i just love lazy stupid people. Yeah, they really yank my crank. /sarcasm >

Yeah he got a “fuck off” email from me. It also included a “never contact me again” Yes, I’m an escort, but contrary to this ass-hats perception I’m also a human. I real living breathing woman and that bit of entitled hullabaloo sparky chose to send out this morning disrespected me. Not only as an escort but as a women and disrespecting a woman is no way to get her to suck your dick.