suffering until sufferage

Today is the last day to register to vote in California, the lovely state where i live. Its important to participate in this democratic process of ours in this great nation… for more then a few reasons.

1. its your responsibility as an American to vote
2. you don’t get to complain about election results if you don’t vote
3. wont be eligible for the ” i have voted” Jenny Special to be announced soon

Voting is Patriotic, its not just a right its a damn responsibility. Your vote can change the world and your voice needs to be heard. Your vote is the representation that this taxation gives you. So take the time today to go to the post office, libriary and fill out the little one page form or do it online if you cant get out an and register to vote. Then make sure you take the time to get off your lazy ass out on November 4th and vote your conscious.

The 19th amendment is one of my favorites because it gave women the right to vote. We’ve only had that right since 1920 when it was ratified on August 18 and that’s not even 100 years. Women such as Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and Dora Lewis fought long and hard and it was a tough battle to give me the right to vote these years later and to not do so is to dishonor those women. So keep that in mind if you decide to let this Nov 4th pass and not perform your civic duty.

let your voice be heard, register to vote and on November 4th get your ass to the polls!

7 thoughts on “suffering until sufferage

  • Lollie

    I just wanted to stop by, I haven’t been over in a while, but you are sending me lots of readers and I wanted to tell you thanks!!! I *heart* you! Happy Voting…

  • Anonymous

    until they add a “none of the above/ no confidence” choice to the ballots you can skip voting and complain about it. To go vote and actually have to choose between the lousy choices is not the patriotic thing to do. If they allowed a none/co confidence vote, then people in good conciosus vote.

  • Sabina

    Right, anonymous. Because if none of the candidates is perfect, they’re all exactly the same and voting for the better one is not possible. Please.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Lollie: Nice to see you here, im glad im sending you readers 🙂

    Anonymous: I think if you are an American and you choose not to vote you are spiting in the face of this great nation. voting makes us special. its part of the fabric of America, people die in wars to preserve that right. to not be a responsible patriot is unfathomable to me. Plus there are measures, propositions and other things on the ballet then the president, senator or local office holder.

    I suppose being a cynic is your right, but its my right to think/say in being so you’re just making excuses and being lazy.

    Speak your mind.. you seem to be able to do so on a blog. Now do it in a booth.

    Sabina: good point!

  • Anonymous

    I know that there are non-majors on the ballot but they are no good either. Being “forced” to choose between crap and shit isn’t a choice. Having no choice but the lesser of two evils is spitting in the face of the nation. This country needs politician who are looking out for the good of the country not themselves and their friends. McCain if he was younger might be ok, but with his age you are in reality voting on the VP and shes got less experience then Obama. Obama is like most democrats and saying what people want to hear, not what they need to hear, or the truth. Sure he’ll make the schools better and the medical system better (forgetting we already ahve the best one in the world, over proced but the best) and he somehow plans to do that without taxing us any more (not possible) He also wants to tax CO2 and have it regulated by the EPA as a dangerous pollutant like SO2 and CO, etc. thats only going to result in higher ulility costs and lower output by the power companies to try to keep from hitting the CO2 limits. Lowering output will result in too little being produced to accomidate everyone so you get rolling brownouts, sounds like fun. The president needs to go back to doing what the constitution set it up to be the CEO, not the creator of laws and judicial rulings like the current admin thinks it is.

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