Do Your Homework!

Escorts get researched. Experienced clients spend a little time and effort and there are resources available to them to research a potential escort. Message boards, review sites, websites, blogs. Often he can contact her previous clients and get the real lowdown. Is she’s really what he’s looking for? Is she legit, does she have a reputation, is it good or bad, is she flaky, outspoken, fun or crazy. Is she independent, work for an agency, does she up sell, is she a GFE, a Pump and dump, or a high dollar hottie. He can view pictures, read accounts of trysts with other clients, etc, etc. Goggle can really be your friend on this one, there is a wealth of information to be had out there when you do you homework.

Escorts are a big ticket item, clients are laying down a pretty penny on the table, so you have to do your homework. It’s is a common recurring theme, especially in this failing economy when you want to get the most bang for your buck. You hear it repeated over and over… DO YOUR HOMEWORK…. Some might call it a vetting process.

All of that got me to thinking about McCain and the GOP’s selection of Sarah Palin, Gov. of Alaska as his Vice Presidential running mate. When the announcement was made the nation and the media was taken by surprise. Sure she was on the list but way, way down on it and the idea of a little know extremely inexperienced small town mayor and current Gov of a low population state was never taken seriously by any one with critical thinking skills. The general consensus was she was a far right wing fundamental Christen and that her inclusion on the list at all was to appease the fundie Republican base. “See we care about you, we included this far right fundie” so when the announcement was made, it made the Medias head explode (mine too i might add) no one knew anything about this person. So the press did what the press does.. They vetted her on their own.

Websters defines vetting as: “to evaluate for possible approval or acceptance”

I saw Tim Kaine Gov of Virgina on the Daily Show make a passing remark about the Dem’s vetting him for possible inclusion on the Obama Ticket. He said they wanted to know everything about him, even to the point of the middle name of his first girlfriend. It sounded like a grueling but necessary part of the political process. It makes since though, much like how you want to minimize your risk when hiring an escort to make sure you make the correct choice, a political party wants to do the same thing in a VP pick. Only it’s turned up to eleven!

So the Mainstream Media and the not to main stream began to Vet Gov Palin. One would think that McCain and the GOP would have already picked apart Gov Palin, from her personal life and her family life, to her record as a politician and previous work history. That they would leave no stone unturned, that they knew everything there was to know about Gov Sarah Palin. That they would be strongly prepared for her critics on any number of subjects because they already KNEW about any hiccups in her career or personal life. That they would already know about any possible weakness and be able to counter questions and reassure the nation that they knew she was the right choice.

No one lives a a perfect life and when the stakes are this high, when the future of the nation is at stake you would think that the McCain camp and the GOP would have done their due diligence on such an important matter. So that when the Media went to town to find out all could find out about this virtual unknown, that they were prepared to answer to their selection.

one would think…. that’s not what happened.

It appears as if the GOP didn’t vet Gov Palin at all. Sure maybe they “did a Google” but she’s got a much more checkered political record then anyone would have thought. She’s got family issues most notably with her unwed pregnant teen aged daughter, an ongoing ethics investigation into abuse of power allegations as Alaska Gov, she’s connected to a Pentecostal (ain’t they they snake handlers?) almost radical church that believes in the Rapture and advocates converting gays into heterosexuals though the power of prayer, shes NOT highly educated (5 colleges in 6 years) and is very inexperienced when it comes to politics. The GOP seems to be unprepared to answer to any of these inquiries. In fact in a 60 day campaign McCain spokes people have said she will not be speaking to the press for at least 2 weeks (they are spending this time to teach her the basics of foreign policy, OMG)

It seems as if McCain didn’t “do his homework” he didn’t vet his running mate and it’s biting him on the ass on a daily basis. What scandal will come out today, about Gov Palin that the McCain camp wont know how to answer to because they are finding out just as you and i are.

A curious potential client would do more research on finding the right hooker then McCain did in selecting the person to be a mere heartbeat away from the presidency.

You gotta love the GOP

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9 thoughts on “Do Your Homework!


    I became a "hobbyist" 'bout 4 years ago.At the time I knew to use the review sites…but occasionally I would take a chance on a great pic and a two minute phone chat."Vetted" providers always came as advertised…but to my credit I made only two bad calls on a non-reviewed girl in four years.Even now I chalk that up to the fact that both bad calls happened in Vegas.(upsellers)
    Total losses:300 each girl.
    It's THE WORST place on Earth to purchase services.(Orange County is the best)Knowing the game better now I don't even get cheated there when I decide to "go blind".Of course nowadays when money is a tad tighter…I do prefer to get a good scouting report before I call someone up to the big leagues.:->
    As for gov.Palin I'd give her trailer park MILFy ass a good thumpin'…but I don't want her running my country @ that level.I say this as someone who leans conservative on most issues.Not sure what to do about election day.

  • Anonymous

    You’re awesome! I think this “pitbull” has already turned on it’s owner and the GOP are getting mauled.

  • collegehookerboy

    Jon Stewart did an amazing job at pointing out all the hipocrasies by showing two different clips of different republicans contradicting themselves. My favorite was when Boll O’Reilly said that teenage pregnancy is not a problem, as long as “we” aren’t helping pay for the mothers, and that young birth is not the fault of the parents (ie Palin)

    Then they cut to a clip of him a few months ago attacking the parents of Jamie Lynn Spears for being “so incompetent and ineffective at raising there kids. This is the fault of the parents and the parents only.”

    Nice blog.

    And review sites are important, but they are easy to manipulate (people write their own reviews), so people often don’t trust them. I have no problems finding guys and there are only two or three reviews of me.

  • Phearless

    Not highly educated? She went to FIVE colleges! How many colleges do most people go to? Zero or one! Palin went to FOUR MORE THAN THAT!


  • Jenny DeMilo

    Alpha: If you do your homework LV can be a great place to see providers, if you take your chances with a B and S agency or a bar girl odds are good you would be wasting your money. There are great GFE flat rate escorts in LA, Many are my friends!

    Alexa: thanks, that’s how it struck me. I bet McCain does do more vetting of hookers to gobble his knob, cuz you know Cindy’s done with that!

    Anonymous: thanks!!

    CHB: I have to agree with you on Jon Stewart Hes doing an amazing job pointing out the hypocrocies.

    Sabina: Oh yeah the countries in the toilet for sure and McSame just seems to be making all the choices to keep us there. sad.

    ES: i second that!

    Phearless: College hopping doest make you more educated, Its not like when you go bar hoping and you get more drunk.

    She has a BA, in communications from the University of Idaho. (It appears that McCain and the GOP didn’t ask for those college transcripts before announcing her on the throe)

    Maybe you are okay with having someone as dumb as you or dumber running your Country I prefer to have the best and the brighest running mine.

  • Edward

    Of course they knew about Palin’s life – in fact, they chose her because of her life. Everything that is controversial about Sarah Palin ignites the culture wars that the GOP strategists leverage to win elections.

    For example: if anyone points out that her unwed, pregnant underage daughter is the laughable case again the abstinence-only sex education Palin supports, the right will kick and scream, quote the bible, and dredge up opinions from dubious sources which, ultimately, fortifies their bases’ preconceived notions.

    It’s not about being correct, it’s about appealing to the ingrained ‘values’ of the poor and backwards in America in order to distract them from the economic agenda they ushered in that aids only the richest – a classic bait and switch which is unstoppable. For more information see Thomas Frank’s past two books.

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