Availble for comment!

Sometimes its not easy being your own press agent, okay its never easy but it’s usually fun. So today i finish off my first press release. I’m in the process of putting together my mailing list; email, snail and fax. It’s an exciting time for me, i hope that my 100th press release will be as much fun putting together as this first one has been.

With the article i worked on for a major magazine (a well kept secret until it hits the news stands in a week or so) This is the perfect time to be “available for comment” well that and the whole sex for sale scandal all over the news (thanks NY Governor Spitzer for your love of whores!) the media is primed and ready to go. I’m taking the financial analyst approach to being available for comment… so maybe it will work and maybe it wont. ahhh who am i kidding of course it will work. Advertising and marketing was what i really excelled in before Blow Jobs and i did that almost as well 😉

I heard some people are quaking in their chicken shit boots at the thought of Jenny DeMilo as a go to girl for the media in regards to escort world. Maybe those same people should have thought better of calling me a cunt over and over and passing around my private info. It’s not my problem if they are all scared now that my platform is on the verge of being much broader and they didn’t have the forethought to not be the worst kinda escort world sludge. Oh well sucks to be them. People who have bothered to take the time to speak to me or who know me aren’t in the least bit scared. Why should they be… they have no reason to be.

I’m not afraid of anything.. My names Jenny DeMilo, I’m fearless and… I’m available for comment!

6 thoughts on “Availble for comment!

  • Bella

    MsJenny, I have adored you from afar – both as Dulce and as your own sassy, fark ’em if they can’t take a joke self on Troothsayerz.

    You aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and that is always a plus in my book.

    Go get ’em. girlie.


  • Sheri

    Go get ’em Jenny!
    I can’t think of a better spokesperson who will be honest and truthful, fun but not a smiley ass sugar coating foolish HO!

    You rock!

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Bella: thank you so much! Im really looking forward to my next adventure and broadening my platform. Its nice to hear there are chicks out there who like my bad attitude 😉

    Sheri: awwww youre the best girlie! i don’t sugar coat squat and i promise you i never will!

    Val: thanks! and thanks for the advice the other day, you helped me out more then you think you did!!

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