My blog is a dictatorship not a democracy

I welcome comments disagreeing with my point of view or taking exception to my thoughts, ideas, whatever. However if you trolls think i will approve comments where you call me a cunt or any other debasing name you can forget it. MAYBE i would have approved your little”anonymous” tirade if you had bothered to string a cohesive thought together and still called me names…. nawww, no i wouldn’t have.

So you tweaked out, never was, waste of silicone, why don’t you come back when you’re not smoking crack and try to put together comment stating your opposing views that doesn’t include flaming the blog owner (don’t be such a dumb bitch) and MAYBE I’ll approved your chicken shit, scared to post under your name, skeezed out, old hag, bony ass.


6 thoughts on “My blog is a dictatorship not a democracy

  • Jarl Mezentius

    Sounds like you got a brain dead asshole that (and this is only a guess) decided that since they couldn’t have any fun, no one else should.

    I get that occasionally with my sites.

    have to ask… religious nut, or HNG?

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Jarl: no not a religious nut, just some barely lucid crack whore 🙂

    thanks for the comment i hope you come back again!

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Val: you bet i will!

    Got another one yesterday. I wont approve their frothing at the mouth, drug induced ramblings but yet they cant stop themselves. If they want to disagree they are going to have to do it like adults or not get approved.

    really i could give a fuck. 🙂

  • Slutty McWhore

    Ach, you shouldn’t even give them the satisfaction of writing about them on your blog. You’ve wasted energy there that could have been spent on farrrrrrrrrrr better things. They’re not worth it. Just laugh inwardly at how some people are afraid of smart, sassy, sexy women.

    PS/ I just realized that I never added you to my blogroll! Shame on me! I thought I had. I’m about to do it now. I hope you didn’t think I was snubbing you.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Slutty: thanks for adding me to your blogroll, i love your blog and to be added to your list makes me giddy!

    I know i should address the sludge on my blog.. but sometimes i can’t help it.. 🙂

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