Today page 32, tomorrow … the world!

So it came out today, i had no advance copy and i wasn’t sure how much i would be quoted. I found out because i got an email from The Ethical Slut (I just love her) telling me i was on page 32. I Jenny DeMilo have been quoted for the first time in a national publication. It’s the first step in my goal of conquering the media and sharing my expertise on the hooker and john… errr provider and hobbyist subculture i have found myself involved in for the last several years.

They used some good quotes from me and gave me the prestigious first spot…Upper left baby! I’d also like to say that i am the priciest girl in the mix and i also used the word “Pussy” in my first nationally published quote. Oh hell yeah why not start it off right and with a bang!

This is just the first thing I’ve been working on to come to fruition, I have many things in the cooker ready to burst out! I’ll keep you all posted as they trickle down the proverbial pike. This one hit the newsstands today April 25 2008.

Today page 32 in Radar Magizine… Tomorrow the world!

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